Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Is A Phase Two Coming?


 Dave Hodges

My sources are telling me that covid is not the real threat to the people of the United States and the world. As I suspected and wrote about in 2014, the real threat to the population levels of the world is Ebola. 

The world has overreacted to covid as it only impacts a small percentage of the population. We know something is coming and one does not have to be psychic. Yesterday, the CDC `Director made the most unscientific statement I have ever heard from a public health official. Citing no data, no pre-emptive cause, she said "I feel a sense of impending doom." Why would a person in a position of trust make such an unfounded statement which could have caused widespread panic? Why would Biden, in the face of America reopening, tell the 50 governors that they should reinstitute the mask mandate? The answer has two possibilities. First, the answer seems, on the surface to be simple, they know something big is coming are personally frightened. The second possibility is that these officials are not concerned about health but about subjugating the masses. The lockdowns are failing, or are being removed. America is slowly leaving the status of being under house arrest while our economy was purposely destroyed and fake covid numbers justified how widespead the infection rates were. I have said all along that the real purpose behind the plandemic was to get as many Americans into camps as possible in order to purge the populists who supported Trump because they are a danger to emerging communist takeover of America. 

I firmly believe that a killshot is still coming our way, probably Ebola. However, purging America's resisters to a new world communist order, is the near-term objective and I have the proof for what is being claimed here. My state of Arizona, has the ability to take you off the streets in the name of a pandemic, real or imagined, where you might not be heard from again. The legislation is modled after Human Health Services protocols for dealing with a pathogen like Ebola. One day before Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey lifted the state-wide mask mandate, he sent $41 million in covid aid to 100,000 people of Mohave County. Doesn't that seem strange to you? From my discussions with trusted insiders, I have come to the conclusion that mass incarceration is near. Home confinements will reinstituted in some cases where demand for covid exceeds supply. 

Presently in Airzona and I presume in your state, as well, the state can imprison you for "suspected" symptoms and they can forcibly vaccinate force other treatment upon a person or persons. In short, governors are granting themselves the authority to have complete control over your freedom, your body and even your life. 

Excerpts from Arizona statue are listed below relative to the topic at hand. My responses to individual parts of this tyranny are listed in the documented in bold print. 


Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-787. Public health authority during state of emergency or state of war emergency


B. In addition to the authority provided in subsection A of this section, during a state of emergency or state of war emergency, the governor, in consultation with the director of the department of health services, may issue orders that:

1. Mandate medical examinations for exposed persons.

2. Ration medicine and vaccines.

3. Provide for transportation of medical support personnel and ill and exposed persons.

4. Provide for procurement of medicines and vaccines.

C. In addition to the authority provided in subsections A and B, during a state of emergency or state of war emergency in which there is an occurrence or the imminent threat of smallpox, plague, viral hemorrhagic fevers or a highly contagious and highly fatal disease with transmission characteristics similar to smallpox, the governor, in consultation with the director of the department of health services, may issue orders that:

1. Mandate treatment or vaccination of persons who are diagnosed with illness resulting from exposure or who are reasonably believed to have been exposed or who may reasonably be expected to be exposed.

You don’t have to be exposed, the Governor’s people only say you might be exposed before being taken to a FEMA medical martial law camp. Further, there is no exception listed for people who may have a pre-existing medical condition that would contraindicate any treatment.

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So the camps are for the illegals coming here sick? Just asking!