Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Coming Mark

Mark Of The Beast In Our Faces

Susan Duclos 

[Just to be clear - the actual "Mark' Can't occur until the Tribulation and the AC has to be in place...However this is a large step in that direction] 

Revelation 13:17 - "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

We were warned back in 2020 that while Big Brother wouldn't physically force the COVID vaccine on the population, the fact that airlines, sports events and other places were groups gather, would require proof of 'vaccination' before allowing entry, was a huge red flag over where this was all going.

In February the European Union decided to have "digital verification passports" in order to travel, and again, Revelation 13:17, shown above, blared like flashing neon light to those that knew this day was coming.

Greece, Spain and Italy, Germany, and Israel are just some nations that will require the "mark" aka proof of vaccination in order to do a variety of things.

It is now March 2021, and there is a battle raging throughout America over the much-talked about "vaccine passport," which would allow Americans "access to certain activities, buildings or events," as reported by The Hill:

Requiring vaccine passports could allow industries that have been closed off for much of the past year to reopen while minimizing the risks of spreading the virus. And proponents say virtual passes would speed up the verification process.

In New York, which last week became the first state to formally launch a virtual pass, the voluntary information is being touted as helping the state boost businesses that faced some of the toughest restrictions during the pandemic.

It is noteworthy that the excused being used as well as the threat of forcing businesses to stay closed is that reopening with a "vaccine passport" would risk a rise in cases of COVID, yet Texas has reopened totally, schools in session and their infection rate has not risen because of the reopening, without the Mark of the beast aka the "vaccine" passport.

The COVID cases in Texas have actually declined. That decline has the so-called scientists that predicted a new "surge" in cases if Texas reopened, scratching their heads bewilderment.

Back to the battle raging between those that favor the Mark of the Beast aka Democrats and those battling against the vaccination passports aka Republicans.

States run by liberals are planning so form of vaccine passport, while states run by conservatives are setting governmental functions to prevent their constituents from being forced to obtain a vaccine passport.

A comment on that piece over at The Hill stated :"This is a giant step to the mark of the beast. You must take the mark to buy or sell. We are now fulfilling prophecy marking signs of the end of time. The Bible has said this will happen, and now we see it in real time."

Conservatives by and large have made it clear that this will not just be used sparingly during the pandemic, but that everyday purchases from stores, grocers, and other retailers would soon require the "Mark" (passport) in order to do any business at all.

Even RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) such as Justin Amash, are pushing back against the media propaganda regarding these passports, stating "Let’s get the terms clear: A ‘vaccine passport’ is not ‘what we already do.’ It’s not proof of vaccination for internat’l travel or schooling. It’s proof of vaccination for everyday living—groceries, restaurants, movies. It’s disingenuous to conflate the former with the latter.

Conservative firebrand congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has made it very clear that this no less than "Biden's Mark of the beast" the Bible warned of.


Anonymous said...

What a mess! Garden, can/freeze, hunt, have other people take your list for toilet paper, LOL, etc., exercise and be happy, joyful, content! Circumvent the pitfalls, and have fun dong it, but this whole Biden pipe-dream might get crushed, in my opinion!

Some states/populace, will do their own thing regardless of what Biden & cohorts want.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I for one will Not allow any experimental gene editing treatment to be tested on me. 1 in 4 Americans won’t take the vaccine? I bet it’s more like over half! Almost everyone I talk to agrees! Now 100 ppl in Washington test positive for “ the bug” AFTER being vaccinated!?! Brother JD is correct! This is the precursor to the mark! Be strong hold tight to your faith keep looking up! Don’t be afraid brothers and sisters in Christ!! We know the signs... because God told us what to watch for. They’re all around for those of us that have eyes to see and ears to hear! Now we must be bold and confident in our commission- Save as many as we can!
Ty Scott for your tireless dedication! May the love and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all