Monday, March 29, 2021

'Hot Zone America' Would Be The Final Nail In America's Coffin As Globalists Initiate Final Lockdown

While Covid-19 has filled the news headlines for much of the past year+, and Americans quickly grow weary of the endless lockdowns, the dehumanization of mask mandates and 'social distancing', we've warned in past stories that we should get ourselves prepared for 'the next big deal', with globalists endlessly scheming the best way to complete their 'end game', the complete takedown of the American Republic and all of our God-given Rights that are merely 'protected' by the US Constitution.

So with one US state after another bringing an end to some part of their 'Covid-controls', many ANP readers have recently brought up in several different ANP comment sections what appears to be 'the next big thing' on the horizon, and if they're right, America is about to enter a completely different 'ballgame'.

While over the past many years, America has seen an occasional 'ebola-scare', what's happening now in one state after another hints at what may be ahead, with the state of Washington monitoring at least 23 people for ebola following travel to countries with outbreaks, joining the states of OhioOregon and now Kentucky as states monitoring people following visits to countries hard-hit by ebola. 

And while all of these potential ebola cases could very well just be 'coincidences', as ANP reader 'OkyDoky' had pointed out inANP's breaking news comment section in a response to 'Deplorable Susie'"What a coincidence, all at the same time." 

As Susie had pointed out in her comment, "A group from Ohio were missionaries/volunteers helping with medical and agricultural efforts, I think? They simply came home when their "time" was up - no one brought them here!! Unfortunately, they were not "checked" when they arrived back in the states - or at least, no one showed any symptoms then?"

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