Monday, March 29, 2021

Bill Gates Now Wants To Block The Sun's Rays Via 'Solar Geoengineering'

Bill Gates backs plan to blot out the sun

Billionaire magnate Bill Gates, along with other super-rich donors, are backing a study by Harvard University in what they are calling "solar geoengineering", which would involve partially blocking the sun's rays from the Earth.

Geoengineering means actively altering the Earth on a massive scale, and solar geoengineering means altering how the Earth and the Sun interact. 

According to Popular Mechanics, the most popular theory being studied right now involves ejecting by aerosol large amounts of particulate matter into the stratosphere.

This is shocking to some, as particulate matter is a big part of what is polluting the air worldwide, and nobody understands yet how we could be sure that this matter wouldn't eventually settle back down to the Earth's surface, for example.

Naturally, because of issues such as these, not everyone is on board with this idea; many people are suspicious about the many possible horrible outcomes of such a scenario. Some people have even said it sounds like something a James Bond villain would do. 

Here are some choice tweets on the subject:

"Bill gates wants to control vaccines, agriculture, and now block the sun with man made sprayed chemicals in the sky and no one sees a problem with this."

"You've had your vax, you've got your vaccination passport, you're all set for your foreign holiday...but Bill Gates is launching large amounts of chalk into the atmosphere to block out the sun."

"Imagine being so blinkered to think humanity needs central planning Imagine being so arrogant to think you're the man for the job Imagine being so selfish you think conscience is weakness Imagine being one of these schmucks: @ProfKlausSchwab@BillGates@georgesoros"

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