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Things To Come: Tyranny, Totalitarianism - Many People Are Begging For It And It Will Come

Rally of Liberal Gun Control Pawns

I am a firm believer that there is always more than what you see on the surface. I also believe that the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions. Sometimes the evil is in the motive behind what is going on, and sometimes the evil was not in the motive but the path something takes once it takes hold. What we must realize is that nothing is ever what it seems. What we see now may not necessarily be what it will be tomorrow. Therefore, careful attention must be paid in everything we do. The Founding Fathers realized this when they wrote the United States Constitution. They recognized the importance of our individual Natural Rights, and the danger of allowing the federal government any opportunity to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.

History is filled with examples of innocent populations raising the flag of tyranny themselves

History is filled with examples of innocent populations raising the flag of tyranny themselves. Populations, properly guided by tyrants, eventually begin begging for their leaders to take away their rights. History has numerous examples of a people willingly participating in genocidal tyranny without even realizing that it was going on. In fact, evil is so good at disguising itself, I believe that even the worst characters in history believed deep down that they were doing was a good thing.

In April of 1967 at Ellwood P. Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California, teacher Ron Jones began an experiment. It was called “The Third Wave,” and it was put into place in order to teach high school students a lesson about the rise of tyranny, and how a people can easily be fooled into not only participating in tyranny, but that they could even be convinced to embrace and encourage it.

During the experiment, of which three of Jones’ classes originally participated (30 students per classroom, 90 students in all), the response was pretty typical of what we see in countries when tyranny is working its way to the top of the food chain. Some were active Third Wave members, many simply went along with it or stayed out of the way, and a few performed acts of resistance (resistance groups were secretive because of the reactions of the “secret police” to those who stood against the movement). At the final “rally”, about 200 students participated.

In The Wave, in order to explain how the German populace could accept the actions of the Nazi regime, the teacher began an experiment called “The Third Wave.” Mr. Jones began with simple things like classroom discipline, and managed to meld his history class into a group with a supreme sense of purpose. He named the movement “The Third Wave,” after the common knowledge among surfers that the third in a series of ocean waves is always the strongest. The students were told that the members of The Third Wave would revolutionize the world - after all, nothing is more important to the younger generation than changing the world, right? The experiment wound up taking on a life of its own, with students from all over the school joining in. At a final rally, after the movement had more than doubled in size on campus, the students, in a nationalistic fervor, became excited when they learned (based on the words of Mr. Jones) that their movement had exploded, was becoming a movement among young people around the country, and a national leader had risen and was going to address them as a body.

The kids behind the “March for Our Lives” movement, which held marches across the country, and on Washington D.C., Saturday remind me of the kids in “The Wave.” They have been waiting for their own movement. They have been taught by the public school system that they need to bring about a revolution (and that they can change the world). They have been indoctrinated with leftist propaganda that advances the anti-gun agenda, the gay and transgender agenda, illegal immigration, anti-Americanism and hatred of tradition. They have become the Democrat Party’s “Hitler Youth,” “Brown Shirts,” and Bolshevik revolutionaries.

The similarities to tyrannical movements is striking.

I feel like saying to the marchers, “Oh, you foolish children, you would have made great Nazi supporters. While there is nothing wrong with condemning and screaming at the politicians who run our country, for that is the kind of revolution that forged our country into existence in the first place, what you are doing is begging them to take away our rights, and our liberty. 

While the liberal left propaganda machine has convinced you that President Trump and Republicans are bigots, Nazis, and fascists, in truth, the monsters who are demanding tyranny are actually you

It is you who have decided to reject all opposition with pious fervency. It is you who are willing to call for the removal of people’s rights. 

It is you who are calling for a revolution that is designed to fundamentally change America, and turn our system of liberty into something that gives all power to government. 

You are asking for limitations to be placed upon our ability to defend ourselves (the right to keep and bear arms) against oppression by demanding that it is done through government dictate - the very government that the Second Amendment was written for to defend us against.”

The Founding Fathers did not include the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights with caliber or capabilities of firearms in mind. They wrote the Second Amendment with the reality that tyranny rises when a public cannot physically defend itself against it. 

The Second Amendment was written so that We the People, if the need arose, may be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government that is using a standing army (military) and/or the law enforcement against the people to control them, remove their liberty, and turn them into subjects. 

Therefore, a key component in the Second Amendment is that the civilian population must have firepower as great, or greater, than the firepower of the government. In other words, even the fact that automatic firearms have been banned is an infringement on our right to keep and bear arms, and gives government an opportunity to be in a position of superiority over the people when it comes to firepower.

What they are doing is a step by step strategy of creeping incrementalism. They are removing our ability to fight back one piece at a time. They say they don’t believe in gun confiscation, but they do. They just know they are not ready to confiscate all of our firearms at this moment; so, they’ve tailored their argument against particular firearms. The AR-15 is the flavor of the moment.

After tyranny rises, and we lose our liberty, will the children participating in the March for our Lives rallies say, “Oh, gosh, we didn’t know.”

The liberal left media and Democrat Party politicians are excited. They have finally started a youth-led Marxist revolution, like the one they tried to initiate through the hippie generation and anti-Vietnam war demonstrations. It is reminiscent of the kind that emerged in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Finally, the hard left Democrats believe, they have their own revolution to change America away from the principles of its founding, and into something the Framers of the U.S. Constitution never intended.

And, it turns out David Hogg is an angry, racist leftist . . . exactly what the liberal left has been searching for. He hates the older generation, hates the idea that we are supposed to be a republic (and embraces pure democracy), and is angry that the revolution has taken so long.

Spoken like a true communist anti-capitalist, and he sounds exactly like the fascists who killed millions during that last century. Remember, Hitler’s top two agenda items when he ran for President of Germany were free health care for all, and gun control.

Hogg’s latent racism has emerged, as well, making him a perfect fit in the Democrat Party . . . you know, the leftists who believe people of color are not capable of taking care of themselves so they need welfare, and they are too stupid to know where the DMV is so making them get an ID to vote can’t be allowed.

Nonetheless, the youthful pawns of liberal left propaganda turned out by the tens of thousands screaming for government to institute gun control.

The NRA was among the targets of the hate being put out by the marchers. Do they not realize that the NRA not only exists to help defend among our most important rights, but fought to defend the rights of blacks to be armed while vicious Democrat and KKK mobs were threatening to kill them during the 1800s?

In the final scene of The Wave, after revealing there is no national leader, and putting up an image of Adolf Hitler, the teacher proclaimed, “There is your leader” . . .

Teacher: “There is no national movement. You thought you were so special. Better than everyone outside this room. You traded your freedom for the luxury of feeling superior. You accepted the group’s will over your own convictions, no matter who you hurt. Or, you thought you were just going along for the ride, you could walk away at any moment. But, where were you heading? How far would you have gone? Take a look at your future. (image of youth saluting Hitler comes on the screen) Yes, you would have all made good Nazis. You would have put on the uniform, turned your head, and allowed your friends and neighbors to be persecuted and destroyed. 

 Fascism isn’t something those other people did. It’s right here, in all of us. You asked, ‘How could the German people do nothing as millions of innocent human beings were murdered? How could they claim they weren’t involved? What causes people to deny their own history?’ Well, if history repeats itself, you’ll all want to deny what has happened to you in the Wave. But if our experiment is successful, you’ll have learned that we’re all responsible for our own actions, and that you must question what you do rather than blindly follow a leader. And that for the rest of your lives, you’ll never allow a group’s will to usurp your individual rights. I know this has been painful for you, it certainly has been for me, but it’s a lesson we’ll all share for the rest of our lives.”

David Hogg and the marchers on Washington wish to deny our individual right to keep and bear arms.

The purveyors of hate speech on our college campuses and in society in general wish to deny our individual right to free speech.

The supporters of the Fairness Doctrine wish to deny the freedom of the press.

When you begin losing access to your natural rights, even if only partially through things like gun control laws, hate speech laws, and using lawsuits to put out of business a baker because he won’t make a cake with a message that violates his religious beliefs, at what point is the line crossed? How far are the supporters of the Democrat liberal left agenda willing to go? How much freedom will the marchers be willing to lose for the ability to feel important in their new revolution? 

How much collectivism will they give into despite the fact that it denies the individual rights of their friends and neighbors? Maybe they believe it can’t go any further, that it won’t come to a uniform or arm bands, or the murder of millions of innocent people. Maybe they are telling themselves it can’t happen in our society, that in America we would never blindly follow a tyrannical ideology or allow a group to usurp our individual rights beyond a certain point. Perhaps they are convinced it could never happen here.

The useful idiots who called themselves The Brown Shirts were later killed by Hitler, and replaced with the “SS”. The Bolshevik revolutionaries, and the minority groups they claimed to represent (including gays, and racial minorities) were slaughtered once the communist powers were in place after the Russian Revolution. They were discarded because they had only really been useful pawns for the purpose of allowing the communists and Nazis to achieve their power. They had been merely tools and instruments needed to push those societies away from their liberty towards a willingness to accept tyranny, and a willingness to throw away any chance of defending themselves when they willingly turned in their firearms in the name of peace and safety.

The rally participants of the March for Our Lives would have all made good Nazis.

They want a national movement. 

They think that they are special, that the older generation doesn’t know how to use the system we inherited from our own parents and grandparents. They believe as a youth movement they are better than everyone else. David Hogg said so. Their will must be achieved despite the individual convictions of those who disagree with them. How far are they willing to go? Where are they heading? They need no uniform. Their actions are enough. Their speeches drip of tyranny. They would be willing to turn their heads while the opposition is persecuted and destroyed. It’s already going on. 

The IRS under Obama targeted the Tea PartiesRiots and violence have emerged when conservative speakers have been invited to speak on college campuses. A student had to be escorted out of his dorm room for his safety against an enraged mob because he dared to disagree with them on the issue of marriage. The younger generation, after a lifetime of indoctrination by the liberal left agenda, are willing to take away the rights of those who disagree with them, calling opposing speech “offensive,” and “hate speech.” Those who support the Climate Change myth are calling for punishing those who dare to disagree with them, calling those people “Climate Change Deniers,” language similarly used to ridicule those who deny the Holocaust.

How ironic.

How could the German people allow what happened under the Nazi Regime? Today’s leftist youth movement is showing us exactly how that could have happened, and how it is happening again, but this time, in the United States of America.

History repeats itself when history is denied, statues are toppled because you think they offend you, and history books are rewritten to fit a particular agenda. We are being told that individual rights no longer exist, that to disagree with the thinking of the leftist establishment is offensive and should be criminal. The marchers on Washington D.C. have proclaimed that they want government to usurp your individual gun rights - a right that exists for the purpose of an individual people to be able to fight back if a tyranny arises.

The March for Our Lives marchers follow the same ideology that brought Hitler to power, and the same big government thinking that led to the Russian Revolution, both of which offered free gifts from the government treasury in exchange for loyalty, and the willingness to shout down anyone who dared to disagree. Yes, the marchers on Saturday are foolish children, mesmerized by a litany of lies, and a bunch of promises that may look good on the surface, but beneath them exists a road to hell paved with the promises of the best of intentions. They don’t recognize the evil because they have been taught that liberty is evil, and free speech is evil, and Faith is evil, and guns are evil. They don’t realize that what they see is not what it seems.

I do not believe the younger generation is stupid. But, the reality is, and the speeches of David Hogg and his friends confirm this, they don’t have the wisdom to realize they are being used as tools for a political agenda. They are the puppets they claim others to be.

History is filled with examples of innocent populations raising the flag of tyranny themselves, begging for their leaders to take away their rights, and participating in genocidal tyranny without even realizing that it was going on. Evil is so good at disguising itself, I believe that even the worst characters in history had convinced themselves deep down that they were doing a good thing.

Saturday’s anti-gun marchers in the March for Our Lives rallies would have made good Nazis, and good communists, and good mindless automatons behind any tyrannical leader. Their gullibility was on full display. I just hope they open their eyes to their blindness before it’s too late.

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