Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Dangerous Campaign Against Russia

What Underlies The Concerted Hate Campaign Against Russia

Russia has done nothing to deserve its appalling treatment by Western powers and their totally controlled and subservient media - the only thing Russia did was to move into the Crimea, an area smaller than the island of Taiwan, which suited the people there as most are Russian speaking, and the reason they did that was to protect their naval base at Sevastopol after the Western inspired coup in the Ukraine. Apart from that they have done nothing and reports that they are planning to take back parts of Eastern Europe are pure fantasy.

Russia has been subjected to an intensifying and coordinated hate campaign that has become hysterical in recent days. The politicians engaging in this and NATO etc are corrupt unscrupulous opportunistic lying scoundrels who have their own agenda. A particularly odious example of this is Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, the toothless lion. 

Mrs May, a weak and insipid leader, who looks like she would be more at home pushing a trolley around Safeway, has seized upon the Russia business as an opportunity to grandstand on the world stage, and level scurrilous and totally ungrounded accusations against Russia in the most insulting manner imaginable, which is a pretty dumb thing to do when you consider that Russia has the capacity to reduce Britain to a smoking ruin in a matter of minutes.

One of the odd and distasteful aspects of this episode is the way that most Western countries have ganged up on Russia like a bunch of schoolyard thugs who have selected their victim and are enjoying putting the boot in – but they will be laughing on the other side of their faces if they push Russia too far, since it has the power to physically destroy them all, although of course it wouldn’t survive either.

So what’s the agenda – why are they doing this? 

There are several interlocking reasons. A core reason is that the US Neocons are running out of time to bring to fruition their grand plan, the “Project for the New American Century”, which is a plan for world domination – two countries stand in the way of achieving their dream, Russia and China, and in just a few years China, which is growing rapidly in strength, will overtake the US as the dominant world power. 

This means that in order to achieve their objectives, the Neocons have to overcome and subjugate Russia and China as quickly as possible. Another factor making the situation even more urgent is that debt-wracked Western economies are teetering on the verge of collapse, they have to do this very soon while they still have the power to, and having an enemy means you can deflect blame for the economic turmoil on to them. Still another factor is that they need an enemy of size, a bogeyman, for the Military – Industrial complex to justify sucking $1 trillion a year out of hapless US taxpayers, and the little tin pot dictatorship of North Korea just doesn’t cut it.

Although Russia has an impressive military, its economy is much smaller than that of China, so for this reason they have decided to take down Russia before they turn their attention to the ultimate prize – China. If they succeed in taking down Russia, China will be the next target and their crowning glory. 

This is why they have the South China Sea lined up as their excuse for a conflict with China, so it’s a shame really that China and Russia have developed hypersonic missiles that can sink aircraft carriers in minutes.

The preparations for an assault on Russia go back a long way. A big reason that the Neocons instigated the coup in the Ukraine and installed a puppet government there was to enable their war machine, NATO, to move military equipment and forward missile bases as close to Russia as possible. 

Now they are preparing to attack Russia on two fronts - in the eastern Ukraine, what is called the Donbass, and a head on clash in Syria, which they are preparing for by moving forces close to Syria and carriers into the Eastern Med. etc, and they will possibly attack on a third front – from eastern Europe. Once you know all this the reason for all the anti-Russia hysteria and propaganda becomes clear – they are preparing the gullible public mind for this offensive. 

This latest hyped up hysteria about Russia poisoning a retired spy in England is clearly a total fabrication. As Putin just said, it is not logical for Russia to do such a thing just ahead of the election in Russia and the football World Cup there. Perhaps the most astounding thing about it is that it happened just up the road from Porton Down, the top secret government center for developing biological and chemical weapons, which I happen to know about as I grew up in that area. 

Scientists used to spend countless happy hours torturing animals there as they developed very nasty substances, and clearly unless proven otherwise, that is where this nerve agent came from. It is a measure of how stupid they think the public is that they believe that they can pull a stunt like this about 10 miles from where the stuff was produced, and then blame it on Russia! It was a truly revolting sight to see the boring grey painfully middle class chickenhawk British Prime Minister from suburbia grandstanding, without any evidence whatever, and level false accusations and crude insults against a true Statesman and dignified strong man like Putin and against Russia. 
What is the reason for this spy poisoning story and blowing it out of proportion? It is part of an ongoing campaign to demonize Russia in the mind of the susceptible public, and make them more accepting of future military action against it, and it will be used as an excuse to impose tough sanctions on Russia with the aim of grinding it down.

If this situation wasn’t so dangerous it would simply be farcical and funny, but it now looks like the West is going to ramp up the military provocations against Russia until it escalates into a World War.

This they will do by taking on Russian forces in Syria and by trying to invade eastern Ukraine. At some point Russia will have no choice but to react, which is what they want – they will keep poking the bear until they get a response. They seem to think, however, that a “1st strike” is their prerogative, but what if Russia decides to get in first and “take out” all the missile batteries aimed at it in eastern Europe and sink the missile bearing US carriers in the eastern Med first, which although clearly dangerous, actually makes sense militarily? 

Then what? – if the US / West responds by escalating, possibly with nukes, then Russia may feel it has no option but to make the aggressor pay the ultimate price, and could nuke cities like London and Washington, which it has the power to do. You think it couldn’t happen, right? – just go ask the people of Dresden and Hiroshima or Nagasaki whether their ancestors thought in 1935 that their cities would vanish within 10 years.

If the West keeps the war against Russia at the conventional level, they should take heed of what happened to Napoleon and Hitler when they tried to march on Moscow. The Russians are fighting for their survival, which is why with a relatively small outlay they have created weapons that outclass what the US military has, because most of the defense budget in the US disappears down a black hole of corruption, graft and kickbacks.

Perhaps the most frightening and depressing thing about this situation is that it is all completely unnecessary – the majority of people in all countries just want to go about their lives in peace. Like Genghis Khan and Hitler they can only be stopped by force, but unfortunately there is likely to be a lot of death and destruction first. The current situation feels almost identical to 1913 or 1939 – you can see it coming but there just isn’t the will to stop it. The death toll in the last war was about 50 million. This time, if it ends up going nuclear, which it probably will, it will likely end up in the hundreds of millions or even billions if there is a nuclear Winter.

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