Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dangerous Volcanic Activity Around The World

Dangerous volcanic activity around the world: Kawah Ijen releases toxic gases injuring 30 in Indonesia, giant cracks opens up in Kenya's Rift Valley, Ambae eruption has destroyed crops in Vanuatu, Kanlaon inflates in the Philippines in videos

Kawah Ijen in Indonesia released toxic gases on March 21, 2018 from 19:00 to 21:00 (local time) injuring 30. Kenya’s Rift Valley is moving again with the formation of new cracks in the Earth on March 19, 2018. The Ambae volcano in Vanuatu poses problems as ashfall has destroyed crops and polluted water and grass for livestock. Finally, the Phivolcs encourages residents on the slopes of Kanlaon to prepare for any eventualities, due to volcanic inflation of the volcano.

About 30 people were poisoned by gas released during an explosion at Mount Ijen in Indonesia. 24 of them were treated at Ijen Puskesmas, 4 at Tlogosari Health Center and 2 transferred to Koesnadi Bondowoso Hospital. Residents of three hamlets near the crater, Margahayu Hamlet, Watu Capil and Dusun Curah Macan, were evacuated to Puskemas Kecamatan Ijen.

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The Ijen crater is closed due to toxic fumes. It is forbidden to approach the crater base although a the ‘normal’ status at the volcano. The gas was released by a phenomenon called ‘bualan’, an explosion, or a sudden release of gas by the crater lake, caused by an overpressure mainly due to an accumulation of CO2 and H2S in the acidic lake.

The explosion was accompanied by two deep volcanic earthquakes VA, 19 superficial volcanic earthquakes VB, and one episode of tremor.
Meanwhile, in Africa, Kenya’s Rift Valley is incredibly active with some several kilometers long cracks, measuring in some places 15 meters deep and more than 20 meters wide, fissuring the country side. Although located near Suswa Shield Volcano, this phenomenon appears to be related to an active fault. Heavy rains may have leached lands revealing crevices in the subsurface. Some families, living near these chasms, are evacuating.
People returning to theirs farms and villages situated around the Ambae volcano in Vanuatu are devasted. Ashfalls have destroyed crops and plantations. Ash is all over, covering water tanks, roofs , nature and the rare grass so important for feeding livestock. Emergency food resources will be sent from Port Vila.

ambae volcano eruption march 2018

The Phivolcs in the Philippines encourages residents on the slopes of Kanlaon to prepare for evacuations since the volcano shows signs of inflation… Similar to those reported before the eruption of Mayon volcano about three months ago. Yesterday, only one volcanic earthquake was recorded before a moderate steam emission that rose 400 meters above the summit. The last phreatic eruption of Kanlaon was in December 2017, while the last magma eruption occurred in 1902.

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