Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rumors Of War

[The accuracy of these articles (or any such articles that are coming out now, on a daily basis) isn't the prophetic issue right now - just the fact that "imminent" war is being discussed constantly gives us the "rumors of war" fulfillment.]

Pat Buchanan Asks "Is Trump Assembling A War Cabinet?"

The last man standing between the U.S. and war with Iran may be a four-star general affectionately known to his Marines as “Mad Dog.”
Gen. James Mattis, the secretary of defense, appears to be the last man in the Situation Room who believes the Iran nuclear deal may be worth preserving and that war with Iran is a dreadful idea.
Yet, other than Mattis, President Donald Trump seems to be creating a war cabinet.
Trump himself has pledged to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal — “the worst deal ever” — and reimpose sanctions in May.
His new national security adviser John Bolton, who wrote an op-ed titled “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran,” has called for preemptive strikes and “regime change.”

Trump’s favorite Arab ruler, 32-year-old Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, calls Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei “the Hitler of the Middle East.”
Bibi Netanyahu is monomaniacal on Iran, calling the nuclear deal a threat to Israel’s survival and Iran “the greatest threat to our world.”
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley echoes them all.

A war, which would involve U.S. warships against swarms of Iranian torpedo boats could shut down the Persian Gulf to oil traffic and produce a crisis in the global economy. Anti-American Shiite jihadists in Beirut, Baghdad and Bahrain could attack U.S. civilian and military personnel.
As the Army and Marine Corps do not have the troops to invade and occupy Iran, would we have to reinstate the draft?
And if we decided to blockade and bomb Iran, we would have to take out all its anti-ship missiles, submarines, navy, air force, ballistic missiles and air defense system.

Ever since President Trump introduced tariffs on Chinese products, the Chinese have greatly increased their naval presence in the South China Sea. Countries from Vietnam, to the Philippines, to Taiwan and Australia are fearful of China’s next move. China is in a similar position as to what Japan was in during the period from 1929-1941. They need natural resources to cover their expanding industrial base and the US is blocking them at every turn just like the US did in the 1930’s. Prior to WW II, the US created something called the 8 point plan (MCollum Memo). Eventually, this caused Japan to respond to the interference with its trade and attack Pearl Harbor. Is this what the Trump administration is doing? Is Trump still in charge of his administration. A decided shift occured when Bolton joined  the Trump adminisration.

Rather than imposing a trade embargo with on China as FDR did with Japan, tariffs are being used to unseat the Chinese economy. As in 194
Without going into laborious detail, President Trump has done exactly the same thing to modern-day China. The US has violated, with its ships every precept of Chinese claims in the South China Sea (go to the search engine on The Common Sense Show and put in “South China Sea” as a search term to see all of the articles I have written on this topic covering the past several months). For example, we have sent an aircraft carrier to Vietnam. We have moved massive amounts of shipping across the Pacific to Japan and South Korea and even Australia. The bulk of our carrier fleet and nuclear submarines are in Asia. And as stated, we are now looking at a desparate China because of the tariffs.

Has there already been a coup against Trump in order to facilitate this plan? Only a few weeks ago Trump was championing peace between the 2 Koreas. Talks of a nuclear free Korean pennisula and a reunified Korea were a definitte possibility. Then all hell has broken loose. Trump appointed the supreme war hawk, Bolton. He angers the one nation that is needed to facilitare peace in Korea, China, with trade wars and, as stated, he appoints an advisor who only has one solution to all conflict, and that solution is war.
If you don’t think that North Korea has not noticed the shift in US policy, think again. Kim secretly, or at least intended it to be secret, just went to China. Why? Because he is looking for allies wherever he can find them. He notices the sudden and dramatic shift in US foreign policy and he knows he’s about to get nuked. He needs China’s help. This is just one more reason that China has to add to its list on why they need to attack the US. War is coming. Who is really in charge in the White House? Or, like 1941 Nazi Germany, does Russia have a weapon, or is developoing a weapon that would change the course of human history and Trump has no choice?

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