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Weaponized Consensus By The Collective

Weaponized Consensus by the Collective Establishes Counterfeit Premises to Control Contrived Contingencies

The term Orwellian is derived from the writings of George Orwell (1903-1950), specifically “Animal Farm”, a satirical fable written in 1945 that described the events which preceded the Russian Revolution of 1917 where many in The Collective were deemed more equal than others; and “1984”, a 1949 novel depicting a dystopian future where government monitored and controlled every aspect of human life.

The protagonist of Orwell’s latter novel is Winston Smith, a middle-class member in the Outer Party of INGSOC, a totalitarian regime led by the figurehead known only as “Big Brother”.

Winston worked in the Records Department of the “Ministry of Truth” where he revised history on behalf of the Party while under constant surveillance both at work and home. He acquired a diary and began to record what Big Brother and the INGSOC party (i.e. The Collective) condemned as “crimethink” and “thoughtcrime”. Smith was eventually mentally and physically broken by means of torture under the auspices of an evil government operative named O’Brien, whose duties were similar to those of a modern presidential special counsel investigator.

In many ways, the writings of George Orwell proved prophetic.  For example, “1984” described three world super-states all engaged in eternal warfare that assured the continuance of their respective regimes.  

In 2018, however, there is another Orwellian Trinity that also coordinates in unison to control the collective minds of their subjects.  The Orwellian Trinity today consist of the Political Left, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Corporate Media Messengers, all of whom conspire together to weaponize public consensus via the establishment of counterfeit premises which are, in turn, used to control contrived societal contingencies.

Feigning love and concern for the citizenry, the modern day manifestation of the INGSOC party, led by loyal Democrats, have sought to control private lives, consolidate power, and restrict personal freedoms by weaponizing healthcare, welfare, FISA Courts, illegal immigration, and anti-gun initiatives.  Using Orwellian terms like Hope and ChangeElection HackingBlack Lives MatterNo Justice No PeaceNo Trump No Wall No USA at AllHands Up Don’t Shoot, #MeToo, #OneLess, and No More Guns, the Orwellian Trinity of the new Millennium marches in lockstep toward a predetermined future.  By way of the Hegelian Dialectic they progress.  First they create a problem; then they sow seeds of discord before finally demanding solutions designed to augment and centralize their political power.
For healthcare, The Orwellian Collective prevented insurance companies from selling across state lines. Then, when their control measures eliminated free markets causing premiums to rise and the entire system to falter, they sought to nationalize one-sixth of the American economy; or 16% of America’s gross domestic product.

Through Cloward-Piven inspired burgeoning domestic welfare programs, ever-increasing deficit spending, economic malfeasance, and wars abroad; the global elite powerbrokers have bankrupted the United States and destabilized nations around the world.  At the same time, they have created a mass migration crisis that is purposefully subverting many previously prosperous societies throughout the northern hemisphere.  Globalists, like George Soros, have also financed color revolutions around the globe as race-baiting leftist politicians, the Hollywood entertainment industry, and the American Sportsball Complex further incite hatred and divisions far and wide.

From a positive political standpoint, the Orwellian Trinity has nothing to offer so they have, instead, established a false Russian Election Hacking scheme, a hypersexualized #MeToo guilty until proven innocent campaign, and have, most recently, commandeered emotional and traumatized school children in a shameless effort to override the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.

This is exactly what deep state operatives Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein do as well; they investigate others for crimes they themselves committed.  Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller as special council signed off on at least one of the misrepresented, and therefore illegal, FISA applications to spy on Donald Trump.  Moreover, it was Rosenstein who advised President Trump to fire Robert Mueller’s close friend and associate, James Comey; an act for which Mueller hopes to bring an obstruction of justice charge against Trump.

Mueller was also former president Obama’s director of the FBI when the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation received $145 million in Uranium One payments for selling twenty-percent of America’s uranium deposits to Russia.  And, who led the investigation into the Uranium One sale? It was Rod Rosenstein, the same Orwellian troll who hired his best friend, Robert Mueller, to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

And why not? Mueller had quite the resume when it came to covering the multitudinous previous crimes of the Orwellian Trinity.  When Mueller was FBI chief he had achieved numerous unsuccessful prosecutions, including:

The IRS targeting of Christian, Tea Party, and politically conservative organizations

The Fast and Furious government trafficking of guns into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals

The Department of Justice spying on AP reporters

The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server

The HSBC money-laundering scandal.

Mueller also bungled the 2001 anthrax letter attacks that killed five people and infected 17 others,“bent over backwards to please radical Islamist groups and caved into their demands”, and made devilish deals with the brutal Boston butchers Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi.
If only the Parkland shooter, Nicholas Cruz, would have shot as many blanks.
Now Mueller and Rosenstein are pointing their crooked fingers at Donald Trump?  Instead of being judged by a jury of one’s peers it’s more like being audited by a ring of racketeers.
How do they get away with this?
Again, it is because, the Orwellian Trinity, consisting of the Political Left, the Military Industrial Complex, and their Media Messengers, accuse their political opponents with the exact crimes they, themselves, have committed.  When you fight dirty, and control the nation’s institutions of law enforcement and justice, it becomes difficult to lose.

Moreover, because they collude in harmonic unison, the Orwellian Trinity creates an illusion of widespread consensus.  This manufactured unanimity is then, in turn, used to coerce their challengers into accepting whatever basic premises are set forth by the Messengers.  These erroneous suppositions are conveyed via hypnotic introductory phrasing like:
Experts agree…,

Sources say….,

Polls show…,

Military intelligence indicates…,

Lawmakers recognize…

Witnesses claim…

Then, the Orwellian Trinity utilize their vast propaganda networks to spread their orthodoxies in ways that transition diplomacy into war and political correctness into Orwellian newspeak faster than you can say: “Big brother is watching you”.
In the same way the antagonist O’Brien, in Orwell’s “1984”, tortured the story’s protagonist Winston Smith – while fully aware of what he was doing, so does the Orwellian Trinity relish in the sweet, succulent seduction of power.

We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.
 – Obrien, ”1984”: part 3, chapter 3

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