Saturday, February 24, 2018

Earthquakes In 'Diverse Places': UK Has 21 Quakes Across Country In 50 Days

UK earthquakes: 21 quakes across country in 50 days

SHOCKING figures show there have been 21 earthquakes in the UK in the last 50 days, including the biggest in ten years, with the majority striking Wales.

The news that Brits are living on shaky ground comes after a 4.6 quake struck in Wales last week, and was reported to be the strongest to have hit the UK in 10 years. 
The British Geological Survey has registered the specific location of the quake to be the village of Cwmllynfell near Swansea.
BGS figures show that four others struck in Cwmllynfell the same day.
The 4.6 quake at 2:31pm was followed by a 1.8 quake at 2.35pm, a 1.2 quake at 3.09pm, a 1.5 quake at 4.27pm and a 2.2 quake at 11.17pm.

The most recent quake to send shockwaves across our shores struck in Llanfechell in Wales on February 18.
It measured just 1.1 on the richter scale.
Out of the 21 quakes 10 of them were in Wales, with an assortment of villages that make up the area of Llanwenog feeling a 0.9 magnitude quake on January 11, and the village of Llangybi experiencing a 1.0 earthquake on January 6.
There were three earthquakes in England with Shropshire feeling a 1.5 quake on February 10, and Cumbria feeling a 1.0 quake January 29.


Scotland felt six earthquakes in the last 50 days.
A 0.5 magnitude quake struck in Dundonnell in the Highlands on January 10, and Invergarry, also in the Highlands, experienced a 0.6 quake six days later.
A 2.2 earthquake, the second strongest in the last 50 days, struck in the Irish Sea on February 2.
UK earthquakes are usually very weak, with the BGS saying 20 to 30 are felt by British people each year.

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