Sunday, February 25, 2018

'Napoleon 2.0': What Does Macron's 'United States Of Europe' Push Entail?

'Napoleon 2.0': What Does Macron's 'United States of Europe' Push Entail?

In his article, published by RIA Novosti, Russian blogger Ivan Danilov specifically focused on French President Emmanuel Macron's transparent plans to take control of the European Parliament, which he suggested may be followed by the establishment of a "United States of Europe."

Danilov recalled in this regard that it was mostly US journalists who drew parallels between Macron and Napoleon due to the French President's push for "preparing to challenge the whole of Europe," which they warned is fraught with grave consequences.

"The fact is that in order to gain control over EU structures, Macron needs to be in charge of the European Parliament, which, in turn, will give him a serious lever of influence on the European Commission — the structure that plays the role of 'the EU's  government.' Moreover, Macron himself cannot and does not want to leave his presidential post, which means that he needs to 'hack' the EU's political system," Danilov pointed out.

He referred to the statements of the so-called European working group "created by the ambitious French President to penetrate the political systems of European countries." Danilov said this indicates that "Macron is preparing to become a pan-European political puppeteer."

Apart from money-related issues, Macron may face the main problem, pertaining to the fact that his plans run counter to those of the German political elite, which is seeking to create a European federation under Berlin leadership, according to Danilov.

"'The European Reich' does not need an ambitious banker with the habits of Napoleon, which means that the new German government will seek and finally find the necessary political and administrative levers to sabotage Macron's attempts to put the European Parliament under his control," Danilov stressed.

He did not rule out reaching a consensus between Berlin and Paris, which Danilov suggested will most likely be clinched after "a serious fight which may unfold in the political and media space in the near future

The French President addressing to the participants of the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos said that the European Union should be changed to be able to compete with China and the US.

The EU needs to reform itself this year to be able to compete with big powers like China and the United States, French President Emmanuel Macron said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, adding that "the less ambitious [countries in the EU] should not block the more ambitious in the room."

Macron also said that the countries that share the euro currency should agree on a "much stronger" and "much fair" system. The French President believes that European countries should coordinate their tax policies "because otherwise, talents will disappear."

Emmanuel Macron also called on the WEF participants to harness the negative effects of globalization.

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