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The 'Restrainer': Still Here - Preventing Globalism From Completing Its Agenda...For Now

It is becoming more and more clear that "the agenda" of the coming antichrist cannot come to completion until the Restrainer is removed. 

Sometimes, in the process of covering so many things and in the attempt to provide as much information and commentary as possible, we simply are not able to provide all that we wish to do so to the public.
However, that does not mean other stories and commentary are not important.  In fact, many things coming out of alternatives media today are vitally important for those coming off the government-controlled media.
One of those items that didn’t hit the mainstream media, and sadly didn’t hit much of the alternative media, was the opening statement of Cliven Bundy’s son, Ryan, as the trial of the century began nearly two weeks ago.
In light of that, I’ve been meaning to post his opening statement because it is certainly on that Americans should familiarize themselves with and quite possibly, should a fair history book be written, may go down in a Patrick Henry-esque fashion.
So, without further ado, here’s Ryan Bundy’s opening statement (H/T Gary Hunt) that was delivered to the jury in the Bundy Ranch trials on November 15, 2017.
Read and remember.

Editor's note: Below are the video and transcript to remarks given by Katie Hopkins at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 2017 Restoration Weekend. The event was held Nov. 16th-19th at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Hopkins is a British firebrand columnist and broadcaster whom the politically correct despise for her truth-telling about Muslim migrants, politics, and more.

Katie Hopkins: Hello. Thank you very much for having me here.  It's such a pleasure to be – I don't know – amongst people that are prepared to fight for their country, and I really appreciate the opportunity to be here.  A couple things I should clear up, really, before I start.  First up, I'm not Milo, and neither, slightly more offensively, am I Milo's mother, and also, for the record, some people on the democratic side of things say that I'm a crap Ellen DeGeneres.  I'm not her either.  Actually, I'm not even gay.  I just have short hair.  Those are two different things.  I am a straight, white, conservative female with one husband and three children under 13, and where I come from, back in Blighty, that virtually makes me an endangered species.  I'm on the extinctions list, the list of animals that are due for extinction.  I'm up there with the black rhino, and he has an advantage because he's black.  Black lives matter, people.

In fact the threat against me has become a little bit more real of late.  I've been kind of under attack myself, I suppose, as so many of us have.  Only last week a lovely lady called Madihah ****; if I got that wrong, I don't apologize, and her partner – they're British, of course – ****; they were in court and they were found guilty of conspiring to commit acts of terror against citizens of the UK, one of which was to decapitate me.  Yes.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Islamic Extremist 2017 had been romancing a jihadi, and as her wedding gift, she wanted my head on a plate.  I was at the top of her list because I am the biggest bitch in Britain.  Yes, I am.  She bought him a hunting knife.  She bought him a plastic dummy to practice his stabbing skills on, and they chatted about the glorious day on WhatsApp, and in a rare example of the British police actually doing the job they've been paid for, instead of placating the mostly mafia or police in my Twitter, she has been found guilty and sent down.  All right.  She is going down and she better get used to that in the slammer that she's been sent to.

And I live to fight another day, and so here I am, and my message to you resonates with what the boys were saying.
 I was thinking they're a bit like the three wise monkeys, those guys, aren't they?  Except they do hear it, they do see it, and they do say it, so thank God for them; but my message is simple.  Do not let this great country become the United Kingdom. 

Do not allow America to fall as Europe has fallen.  Look at us, let us be a warning; be better than us.  I've watched my country fall apart and I want to warn others before they let their country do the same, and believe me, I love my country.  I'm not quick to talk it down.  I was sponsored through university by the Intelligence Corps.  I passed out of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to serve my country as an army officer.  We went in as a troop of 32 girls; we came out as 8 more-or-less men.  Oh yeah.  It's still there, but doesn't work that much, and I wanted to become the first female general, but my epilepsy put paid to that.  It's why I have short hair too, actually, but it brought me to the media, and so my fight goes on, and this fight is real.
The UK today is a place few of us recognize.  I get letters and emails – really upsetting ones – from 60 and 70 year olds struggling to make sense of the country they love.  Like my mom and dad; they ask me, "Has the world gone mad?  How is this all going to end up?  Where does this stop?"  Some of them email me to say that they're glad they're old because they will be gone soon, and they won't have to wait for the time they see their country fall.  These are hard messages to read, and they're really hard messages to respond to, and believe me, I am wary of painting too depressing a picture.  I have not come here to be part of the fear.  I have not come here to talk my country down or to fail to see the good in Britain, but there are some blunt truths I believe it is my duty to tell.  You are more likely to be raped in London than in New York.  You are more likely to be attacked with acid from a guy on a moped in East London than in Islamabad, and when it comes to terror, the head of the UK MI5 said the risk is now impossible to contain or to control....

Walking in a Winner Wonderland.  Oh yeah, the New York Times writes about the bloated bureaucracy and career diplomats being removed from the U.S. State Department as if it’s a bad thing.  The condescending DC elites cannot fathom why they are unable to stop Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from cutting the rust out of the enterprise and streamlining the mission.

No-one, repeat NO-ONE, could have pulled off what T-Rex is accomplishing except T-Rex himself; with the full support of President Trump, of course. The former leader of the worlds largest private business, Exxon-Mobil, is now systematically bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the worlds largest public institution, the State Dept.
One fundamental question: “what is your specific and quantifiable value to the core DoS mission; and how do we measure your effectiveness therein”? The lack of reasonable answers within the bureaucratic ranks is leading to massive downsizing.
Making America Great Again means Making Interventionism Irrelevant Again – The New York Times outlines why the diplomatic retention of irrelevant snobbery is vital to those within the State Department’s cocktail circuit influence network.  At the rate Tillerson is going he might even eliminate the entire staff for the Assistant Cultural Ambassador to the U.N. Center for Biodiversity and Southern Hemispheric Aquatic Species Rights. That’s the threshold where things are really going to get ugly:

"The elites of Mecca would use every possible measure to coerce or contain Muhammad's call for change within specific parameters.  Those parameters would permit the changing of anything that did not threaten their system and infringe on their power. But this message is not here to integrate. It is here to dominate. Islam is here to dominate! This was an ideological struggle, the sole purpose of which was to organize Man's affairs in accordance with a system revealed by Allah." -Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir

A recent report from Rabwah Times documented a recent event in which Muslims in Virginia calling for infidels (non-Muslims) to "accept the holy book [the Koran]" or "they have to be forced."

Ehsan Rehan reported as his team went undercover to the event:

Pakistan born Islamic cleric Rafiq Khan defined America as “The land of Infidels” at a fundraiser for his Islamic charity this Saturday. The event which was held at a Holiday Inn in Springfield, Virginia attracted over 100 participants. Speakers included an Islamist from Pakistan as well as radical Imams from the states of Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. The conference revolved around the topics of Jihad, Infidels and what can the American Muslim community do to counter conspiracies against Islam.

“They are ignorant and there is no need for dialogue with them, God has given them two options, one is the holy book and one is the stick [Force] and if one does not accept the holy book they have to be forced."

Ludhianvi also urged American Muslim Lawyers to use the American Justice system to restrict the religious freedom of Ahmadis:

“Have all Muslim lawyers died, why cant they learn and understand U.S. laws and then go present their case in front of the judge and explain that Qadianis [Ahmadis] are disrespecting Islam……..Islam is our faith and they [Ahmadis] are portraying their religious beliefs as Islamic beliefs ……. it should be made criminal for them to do so.”

Two graduates from Jamia Binoria Islamic seminary also spoke at the event:  Mufti Qareeb ur Rehman, an American Imam, and Imam Shazad Hussain of Springfield’s ‘Noor Mosque’.
The Jamia Binoria seminary is the source of many extreme Islamic teachings which include support for Suicide attacks and the death penalty for apostates. Other Fatwas issued by Jamia Binoria include:

The Fusion GPS mess just keeps getting messier. New court filings show that the opposition research firm that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee hired to dig up dirt on Donald Trump also paid at least three journalists. For what? Was it part of a Democratic plan to spread fake news about Trump?

It may be that people are becoming jaded about the news emerging on Fusion GPS. But, increasingly, it appears to be the nexus of a massive campaign by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for a post-election investigation into Trump's supposed "ties" to Russian officials.

Now come two stunning revelations that only make the Fusion GPS picture sleazier, if that's possible.

  • The Washington Examiner reports that Fusion GPS paid three journalists between June 2016 and February 2017. It came in an affidavit filed by Fusion GPS co-founder Peter Fritsch, who noted that the House Intelligence Committee had sought information "related to transactions between Fusion GPS and certain journalists.
Did Fusion GPS intentionally mislead Congress? It seems like a real possibility.
Meanwhile, as has previously been reported, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department have been able to "verify or corroborate" the allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump that came from the Trump dossier.
More and more, it looks like a giant setup, intended to trap then-candidate Donald Trump into implicating himself in a plot to undermine the U.S. election. But it was Clinton and her bought-and-paid-for lackeys in the DNC who were in fact colluding with Russian officials.

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