Sunday, November 12, 2017

Running Straight Into Worse Case Scenario: Ponzi Scheme Coming To An End

Running Straight into Worst Case Scenario

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino is nervous about the distortions in the markets that are breaking records. Mannarino contends, “It’s going to come down very, very, very rapidly.  There is not going to be any slow burn here whatsoever.  It’s going to be every man or woman for themselves.  Everyone is going to run to the door at the same time.  At some point, nobody is going to want to buy anything.  This is a worst case scenario.  In a managed market like we have right now, I cannot imagine a way we are not running into a worst case scenario.”

Mannarino said the markets would go up right after Donald Trump was elected. Mannarino said the election of Trump was a “game changer.”  So, what’s got Mannarino spooked now?  Mannarino says, “The sell-off in the bond market last Thursday and Friday says there is something here that we have to pay attention to.  Not only bonds sold off, but we saw the bond market sell off at the same time the stock market was selling off.  That is unusual in this environment.  We have not seen this type of action as far back as I can remember.  When you see a simultaneous stock and bond market sell off, that should make people stop and say whoa, because you’ve got cash leaving two markets, and where is it going?  . . . Cash came out of the bond market rapidly.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “What does it mean to the guy or girl listening to this right now? It means interest rates are going to spike rapidly.  If this happens, and we’ve seen this before, rates will go up and stocks will sell off like we are seeing now, but much more violently.  Then, that cash is going to move into other assets. . . . This whole Ponzi scheme of debt being borrowed into the system in greater and greater amounts has to come to an end at some point.  I think we are starting to see this right now.  The debt can never be paid back, and the fiat currency, the dollars, are part of that debt.  It is a frightening prospect here to put this into perspective.  We might be seeing a little darkness with Venezuela defaulting on its debt here.  This is going to sweep the globe . . . . We are now under an umbrella of debt, which can only get worse.  It can never be paid back.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger.  There is going to be a moment of implosion when the debt based economic model cannot function anymore.  Then everything grinds to a halt.  That’s it, it’s party over.”

Mannarino says don’t expect the Fed or any other central bank to come in and blow another bubble when this one pops. Mannarino warns, “This time the Fed cannot do anything.  There can be no bailout, there can be nothing.  The money they lose this time will not come back in their lifetimes.  Maybe the next lifetime in whatever system evolves out of this, but in this lifetime, the money people lose this time is never coming back.”
Mannarino says, “Gold should be a $8,000 per ounce and silver should be a $500 per ounce but they are openly rigging those markets.”

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