Saturday, November 5, 2016

The U.S. May Soon Face An Apocalyptic Seismic Event

The US May Soon Face an Apocalyptic Seismic Event

Today, an ever increasing number of earthquakes in the United States may soon bring the country to ruin, as geologists, journalists and politicians say.

The University of Washington has already presented seismological charts showing a gigantic geological rift that stretches across the central states of the US from north to south, and marks the region of a possible split of the North America continent in two. As it has been reported by geologists, for the first time this anomaly was discovered in 1960’s, when scientists found a strange underground rupture along the Lake Superior that would run south. The discovery surprised American scientists back then since there were no mountains in that area. Following studies showed that this anomaly was stretching across the whole continent, resembling in its form and shape the giant cracks in the east of Africa.

It’s been reported that the tectonic plate beneath the southeastern regions of the United States is being fragmented by the layers of earth above it, which may be the cause of future earthquakes in the Washington area and other cities on the east coast, where basically no preconditions for the emergence of aftershocks, according to Live Science.

According to Berk Biryol from the University of North Carolina, in recent years the Washington area and the areas around other large cities in the east of the country faced a pretty intense seismic activity, which at first puzzled seismologists since the east of the country is residing on a stable continental crust that must prevent any earthquake from occurring.

But the split in the United States is not being predicted by the USGS alone, since the recent seismic political events aggravated the growing discord within the US society in the wake of the US presidential campaign.

Western journalists are sounding the alarm – America’s youth is now fascinated with the concepts of socialism and communism. According to the poll conducted by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a half of all Americans under 35 years would love to be represented by a socialist president. Politicians who profess capitalist views do only receive the support of 42% of the younger American generation. This explains the spectacular rise of DNC’s Bernie Sanders which would most certainly become the next president, if Hillary didn’t use her wealth and connections to replace him as the sole Democratic candidate.
The German newspaper Tagesspiegel points out that this election campaign “undermines the belief that most Americans share the idea about living in a democratic and constitutional state.” The newspaper notes that there’s been a lot of speculations about the possible armed resistance to the “US corrupt government system” lately, no matter how unlikely the future post-election violence may look now.

The latest poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University shows that only 40% of potential voters strongly believe in the peaceful transfer of power after the US presidential elections. With six in ten viewing the candidates unfavorablyClinton andTrump are the two most unpopular presidential candidates in ABC/Post polls dating to the 1984 electionThis ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,165 likely voters.

The level of antipathy towards the two main presidential candidates in terms of party affiliation has also been at staggering level, with 97% of Trump supporters despising Hillary Clinton and 95% of Hillary’s loathing the Republican presidential candidate.

It’s no wonder that there’s been a rapidly increasing number of petitions on the separation of various states, which refer to the Declaration of Independence, where the Founding Fathers explicitly stated that “any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it” To date, the petitions on the separation from the US have been filled by a total of 40 states. Texas that is viewed as the last bastion of conservatism has already gathered more than 100 thousand signatures under its petition for obtaining the status of an independent state. Behind it are Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Therefore, aside from the major geological rift that may soon hit the US, there’s a deep social and political rift to be observed, which may, in case of loss of all confidence in the existing political system result in a major outbreak of violence.

Earth has already witnessed the existence of two supercontinent – Rodinia and Pangaea. First, the former continent formed about 800 million years ago, until the latter one appeared some 600 million years later. Scientists expect that in the future a new supercontinent will be formed that has it own name already – Amasia. This continent will be formed out of the modern North America and Asia, notes the Nature.
Who knows, maybe before Amasia even emerges we will witness a new state or even two that would replace the US?


Mrs.C said...

Hmmm...this article is from question that fracking causes earthquakes in some areas. I always believed that oil in the ground, was Gods way of keeping the ground lubricated down deep in the ground. Forced water into the ground, to replace shale, oil, introduces a property of chemical compound in a specific area that wasnt there before and changes the dynamic of whats occurring deep underground. Faults cover the U.S., like a spider web. When you see "foothills" inc CA for example, a thrust fault is the cause. In desert out there, you can see with your eyes the enormous power that had been released causing whats called "folding" of the rock formations jutting towards the sky. Decades ago, my brother used to say that the San Andreas isnt as much of concern, as the Inglewood-Newport fault line which is a strike-slip fault.That It has been jammed for decades, and is just waiting to go. With an enormous amount of populous built on top of this fault, sure death and destruction is to come. When you know that earthquakes can be felt strongly in other neighboring States when they occur, there is no question to me, that on a large enough quake, and set off quakes in near-bye States that have either established faults, or even unknown faults.
The concern, and knowledge that when even a small fault erupts, it can trigger an even larger one, is pretty nerve racking to say the least. Without question, large earthquakes are a coming to our country...its not a matter of IF, but when...and I always used to feel sorry for folks in the East that could possibly suffer through and earthquake in the worst situation...a brick house, or un-reinforced building, bridges etc., yet here I am in a brick house in the East! lol...who'd a thunk...:)

Mrs.C said...

Brother Scott, where did my post go here from this morning ? :)

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I thought i had posted it - i have no idea what happened - ill go see if it ever confirmed it. Weird. Thats been happening lately - i just need to remember to check the confirmation

Mrs.C said...

Thanks Brother :) but we know what happened...dont we?......


Scott said...

Well of course - they have hacked every computer in america!