Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hezbollah Sending More Fighters To Syria, Putin Vows To 'Choke' NATO If It Continues Encirclement Of Russia

Hezbollah Sending More Fighters to Syria

Hezbollah is sending more fighters from Lebanon into Syria, according to the Russian paper Izvestia.
At the moment, there are 5000 Hezbollah terrorists fighting for Assad in Syria, this latest batch raises that number to 7000, and the plan is for that number to soon go up to 10,000. These terrorist are part of a light division deployed on 4x4s, just like ISIS.
The move is in preparation for a crucial ground battle by Syria against the rebels in Aleppo. After Aleppo, they’ll move on to Idlib.
Hezbollah have taken a lot of casualties in Syrian fighting, and this could hopefully bring them more damage. The downside is that it also means more Hezbollah terrorists get real-world fighting experience which they’ll eventually use against Israel.

During a live question and answer session, Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to “choke” NATO if it continued to encircle Russia by interfering in Ukraine and Georgia.

Although many are expecting an easing of tensions between the United States and Russia after the election of Donald Trump, Putin made it clear that there is no love lost between Moscow and the NATO alliance.
Putin was asked a question by TV host Dmitry Kisiliov, the man who previously expressed his fear that Donald Trump would be assassinated before he became president. Kisiliov also asserted that the Obama White House may stage a provocation to go to war with Russia and Syria.
“I feel like out country is encircled within a ring, I personally feel a certain suffocation, like someone is strangling me, I feel it is NATO,” said Kisiliov.
Claiming that NATO was “spreading like a cancerous tumor” and was preparing to swallow up Ukraine and Georgia, Kisiliov asked Putin, “So where is the red line? How do you feel about it?”
“We can choke everyone, why are you so afraid?” responded Putin, to widespread applause from the audience.
“We are not fearful, I have no fear and nobody should,” added the Russian president.
Putin’s statement follows a fiery exchange between U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby and RT reporter Gayane Chichakyan during which Kirby asserted that he was not, “going to put Russia Today [RT] on the same level with the rest of [the journalists] who are representing independent media outlets.”
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded by calling the incident “outrageous” and “revolting”.

In one corner we have Oathkeepers, Bikers and patriots of all stripes and in the other corner we have unemployed (unless they are being paid by some George Soros organization), howling protesters, many of whom are college-aged children who are being given coloring books, plah-doh, stuffed bears and therapy dogs to cope with a the results of a presidential election..... when the bell rings and the groups all meet in the center of the ring, who would you place your bet on?

Last week it was reported that massive protests were being planned for January on Inauguration day, in the nation's capital, by those protesting the presidential election results. Groups like the anti-war group, ANSWER, which announced their plans on their Facebook page on November 10, 2016, show that nearly over 9,000 people claim they will be attending, with another 30K listed under the "interested" category. A pro-Clinton group named “RoaRR 4 Hillary” is  also planning a "Million Women March" on Jan. 21.

Anyone that has been watching the news of late knows that the protests since election night have spawned riots, violence, injuries and even shootings, so it is not unreasonable in the least to expect some type of violence, and authorities are planning accordingly.

By November 17, 2016 another group decided to create an event, this one to celebrate President-Elect Trump's inauguration, and to counter the liberal cupcake protesters. The event was created by 2 Million Bikers 2 DC, as being called the "2 Million Trump Supporters To DC. Inauguration Day."

Details of their event state the following:

The Pipe Dreamer is at it again. Dc bound. Details are in the works. But we want to be there to welcome President Donald Trump and to stop the libtards from ruining the welcoming event. These libtards need to be shut the hell up. This is not only a biker event but it is a Trump Supporters event. We are many and varied but we unite as one. Christian, Veterans, Bikers, Truckers, Steel workers, Coal worker's, Preachers, Fast food workers, all Colors on the human race, if you are a working class American and you support Mr President Donald Trump then we would love to see you there. Our main objective is to show our Love for our new President and unite as one in a collective effort in Solidarity Brotherhood and Unity. God Bless America.

In less than 48 hours since their announcement, 1.3K Facebook users have said they are going with another 6.5K users interested.

I would suggest the anti-Trump protesters keep to running their mouths and not attempt any violence because throwing their binkies and diapers at bikers and patriots are liable to put them in a bad mood.

Yesterday ANP reported that members of the Michigan Electoral College were being threatened with death for nothing more than planning to do their constitutional duty to cast their vote for Donald Trump, but we see the problem is far more widespread as electors in GeorgiaIdaho,  TennesseeArizona and Iowa are also receiving threats, after the #NotMyPresident Alliance, a national anti-Donald Trump protest group, published a spreadsheet which included the personal phone numbers, addresses, religions, races, genders, and candidate preference of the electors.

Enter the Oathkeepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders,  who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic," have sent out a Call To Action"  and issued a standing offer of protection to "Electoral College Electors who may feel threatened or in danger from leftist radicals attempting to coerce them into changing their vote as Electors."

Any Elector who wants our assistance may contact us at:

Please feel free to repost this notice online, or to pass on to Electors who may need our help. However, Electors are encouraged to initiate contact with us through the above email address only and to be wary of anyone contacting them through other means, claiming to be from Oath Keepers. If in doubt, email us to verify.

That protection can be overt or covert, or a combination of those two postures, at the discretion of the Elector after consultation with our security team leaders, and will consist of our unpaid volunteer retired police officers and experienced combat veterans with personal security detail training and experience. We can, and will, provide this protection from now through their vote on December 19. 2016, and even thereafter if they still feel threatened by terrorists seeking reprisal and punishment for the Electors not bending to their will.

Several electors to the Electoral College who are set to cast their vote for Donald Trump are now claiming they are being threatened over their vote.
One thing to keep in mind is that Donald Trump is consider the president-elect, but until the votes are cast at the electoral college in December, that is not set in stone. This is not to call into question whether he won the votes or not, but whether or not there will be attempts to turn electors to Hillary Clinton via threats, and this seem to be the case in a couple of instances.

This is one of many reasons we face some bit of dangerconsidering the anti-American sentiment from many in the US, especially those who have supported Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and Hillary Clinton.

Since the election of Trump, there are 38 Texans who represent the State of Texas at the Electoral College. In Texas, as well as several other states in the union, they are not required by their states to vote for whomever won the vote in their states.

Now, there is a push to sway electoral votes in the direction of Hillary Clinton.
First, take a look at this report from KXAN:

One of those electors is Alex Kim. He told KXAN that he is constantly responding to emails from those who seem to be threatening him if he votes for Donald Trump. However, he is unmoved.
"I reject the Democratic Party principles and I reject Hillary Clinton," Kim said. "I'm actually the person who casts the vote for president of the United States. When people ask me to vote for Hillary Clinton, there's no way."
Kim is surprised that people are actually attempting to sway his vote.


Gary said...

I'm a little depressed...confused with the election of Trump. I thought with Clinton being elected that her administration would push for a 2 state solution.Relations with Russia would worsen. And with that, the quickening of prophecy. Now, it appears that everything is "peaches & cream." And, the brakes have been applied as far as prophecy goes.

foretastes said...

Gary... Trump's not in office yet. So much can happen between now and January. And the fact remains that the world is continuing it's downward spiral. Evil is increasing. The NWO remains bent on its devious plans. And Jesus is still coming soon! I know, not soon enough. But keep looking Up, not around. The distractions around us are increasing as well. God's peace be with us!

Gary said...

Well Dave, I hope you're right. I get excited when I think He will come soon...and depressed when it appears that it will be years away. I just thank God for Scott and this forum. It's the most important thing that I read every gives me hope.

Lance said...

Thought and felt the same Gary....not that I wanted bad things to happen, I'm just down with this place. Ready to go....NOTHING has to happen for the rapture to occure. If anything, I think Trump's election could force the globalists hand. Nothing will stop what has been prophecied. Hang in there.


Unknown said...

The good news is we'll have more freedom to preach the goods news of the Gospel !!

foretastes said...

Also, the longer He delays the more opportunities there will be for the lost to be saved.

Scott said...

Yea Ray- thats been my overriding thought