Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Russian Carrier Group Arrives Next To Syria, To Launch Strikes 'In Hours', Powerstation Explosion Near Naval Base In Russia

Having travelled for the past three weeks from its base in Severomorsk, the Russian naval group in the Mediterranean, headed by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, dubbed by Reuters the "Largest Naval Force Since The Cold War" has arrived in Syria, and as RT reports, is preparing an offensive against militants on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria, according to reports citing a source in the Defense Ministry.
The strikes will be launched "in the nearest hours" and will target the distant outskirts of Aleppo, the source said, adding that there are no civilian-populated areas nearby.
Jets from the Admiral Kuznetsov, the Peter the Great battle cruiser and other military ships in the battle group equipped with precision weapons will take part in the operation, Interfax and Gazeta.ru reported on Tuesday, citing a source in Russia’s Defense Ministry.
The reported operation is aimed at preventing more militants from entering the city, which has become a terrorist stronghold in Syria, Interfax quoted its source as saying.

The most advanced weapons, including Caliber cruise missiles, might be used, Gazeta.ru reported. The missiles will probably be launched from Russian submarines that could also be in the area, it added. 
Ahead of the battle group’s arrival into the waters close to Syria, Russia increased its reconnaissance in the region, the source said. Drones and radio intelligence, as well as data gathering from satellites have reportedly been intensified, allowing the exact locations of the terrorists to be determined, as well as their planned routes to break into Aleppo. 
The Russian and Syrian Air Forces have not launched airstrikes on militants in and near Aleppo since October 18. Terrorists have used the humanitarian pause to try to fortify their positions and strengthen their presence in northern Syria, Russian military officials have warned.

Attack aircraft of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov get ready to strike terrorists' positions in the vicinity of Aleppo, sources at the Russian Defense Ministry said, RBC reports. 
"Insurgents' attempts to break into Aleppo from outside are meaningless," the source said. 
The main task of the aircraft carrier aviation group is to strike missile and air blows on the terrorists, whose goal is to enter Aleppo. "After the attacks on terrorists' positions, one will have to forget about the support for insurgents from the outside," the source said.  
The Russian group in the Mediterranean Sea consists of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Pyotr Velikiy (Peter the Great) and large anti-submarine ships Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov.
Russia has increased intelligence activities in Syria to establish the areas, where terrorists are concentrated, as well as the routes that they use to move from one area to another. "The militants took advantage of the humanitarian pause and regrouped their forces to prepare for a new breakthrough into the eastern part of Aleppo," the source added. 
According to the source, Russia will use new weapons during the upcoming attacks on terrorists. It was said that the Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea will launch "Caliber" cruise missiles, although it was not specified which ships would be responsible for the launches. 

Something serious appears to be happening in Russia, as well as at the Russian Consulate in New York.

Speculation abounds as multiple events taking place in the last few hours indicate that either a very coincidental set of circumstances just happened, or an attack has been initiated against Putin’s government.

Here’s what we know right now.

On the heels of a previously announced pre-positioning of cyber warfare assets last week and some 300,000 NATO troops preparing for battle in Europe, we learn this morning from RT that a massive blast at an electrical substation in Murmansk, Russia has left part of the region without power.

What makes this outage particularly interesting is that Murmanks is the main administrative base for the entire Northern Russian Fleet.

The northern Russian port city of Murmansk, with a population of 300,000, has been partly left without electricity following an emergency at an energy facility. Eyewitnesses captured a bright flash, after which the lights went out.
There have been eyewitnesses’ reports of a “huge blast” at one of the city’s electrical substations, according to SeverPost news agency.
There is apparently no electricity in government headquarters in the city center, FlashNord reported citing its correspondent in the area. Lights have been off in both central areas and in the outskirts, according to SeverPost.
An incident happened at one of the facilities of the Kolenergo regional energy company, its press service told RT, without specifying what exactly happened.
The causes of the “incident” are now being investigated by a special commission, the company said, adding that specialists are now working on damage control and recovery.

While no information has been made available about the cause of the blast, there is speculation that the explosion and subsequent outage may have been the result of a virus or trojan similar to the Stuxnet hardware virus that took down Iranian nuclear reactor centrifuges. 

A similar cyber warfare tool could be used to take down electric power stations much like the cyber attack on a U.S. water treatment facility in Illinois several years ago.

In and of itself that event would normally be dismissed as just a power outage, except just a few hours ago numerous helicopters landed on city streets in the Baumanskoj suburb of Moscow. Witnesses are reporting a huge police presence in the area:

And even that wouldn’t necessarily be all that suspicious as a stand alone event, but since it’s election day and the Obama administration has threatened Russia with a significant responseshould they be found to be meddling in U.S. elections, the fact that a dead man with head trauma was found at the Russian Consulate in New York City this morning gives us a hat trick of very odd events occurring at exactly the time when U.S. elections are taking place:

Police are investigating after a 63-year-old man was found dead inside the Russian Consulate on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Tuesday morning.
Authorities say they found the man unconscious and unresponsive at the location on 91st Street just before 7 a.m., reports CBS New York.

The victim, who has not yet been identified, appeared to have suffered head trauma, police said.


Sparky said...

In glynda lomas ( wings of prophescy ) vision , huge end time battle coming , there are 2 sides , 2 lights ! Jesus said ( John 8:12) I am the light of the world , whoever follows me will never walk in darkness , but will have the light of life , then you have the other side , the enemies people ( illuminati ) they too follow a light , they seek it , 2 Corinthians 11:14 and no wonder , for Satan masquerades as an angel of light , this coming anti Christ is coming as the light ! But it's the light of lucifer , NOT OUR KING ! Carter colon does a good sermon on this called the real Jesus of the last days , just wanted to add that one last thing , so so many are going to be decieved by this , the pope at the moment is making statements about all religions worship the same God , and his hope for a new world order , the last pope resignation was BY DESIGN, the Vatican and the illuminati have very close financial ties , but I'm not going to go into that , but that why the 1st commandment is what it is , YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BUT ME ! Abba father doesn't just say theese things for no reason , and I just want to say my most favourite scripture ! And Jesus spoke to them and said , BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS , I AM ! Jesus is the great I AM , not trump or any coming false messiah !

Sparky said...

Do check out that post thou , very very VERY PROPHETIC " prophescy in the making , trump says I am who I am three times ! Good good solid post , do check it out guys if nothing else

Sparky said...

Just another thing , I'm sorry guys , but I can't help it , it's God , not me , there a post on wings of prophescy today , scot , this backs up your dream , my vision , I've been telling people for last couple of years that this mark of the beast withh have satans d n a in it , people think I'm crazy , but I spent a whole day a few years ago listening to God , he spent all day downloading to me , this was one of the things I got , I've tried to mention it before , I just get mocked , like a lot of other stuff I've tried to mention , so I've learnt to wait for other prophets and watchman to come out with the same info , and today , once again , God has confirmed what I've been trying to warn people , that the mark of the beast WILL HAVE DEMONIC D N A IN IT ! This is serious stuff ! I'm very excited about this , God is confirming so much for me lately , I now know to TRUST EVEYTING HE HAS GIVEN ME AND NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO SAYS IM DECIEVED , I did post a few months ago on here that they are planning to change our d n a , and not to take vaccines , chips , implants etc etc etc , they intend to deploy plagues and then offer the vaccines to the plagues that they have created , truly truly the evil being planned is beyond mosts mind , I'm so glad God is talking to others about it now , and we are not crazy , this is real , VERY REAL ! As I've stated before , God has built up his own army , do you think he would keep us informed !!! Check out todays wings of prophescy post , sorry to keep posting , but God holds those he has chosen accountable for not doing what they are called to do , so once again I'm just doing what God has called me to do , and i am trying to do it humbly and with humidity , but still with UTTER DETERMINATION !

Sparky said...

Soon as God gave me this info that wings of prophescy has posted today , I started to research it , great book to read about this is beast tech by terry l cook / Thomas horn ! This is real guys , be warned

ally said...

Mark, it's very difficult when you have been shown something you know you need to share. All of us have different jobs and being a watchman, im ok with it. It doesn't matter if people don't listen, the day is coming where is going to be so obvious they have too. And it's coming soon indeed. Hang in there.
Scott is so amazing and gentle, I'm more careening around wildly lol. Yes people are going to be shocked at what's getting ready to happen, just remember look to Jesus! I've been shown incredible things, unfortunately I've never been shown happy things really. Ok yesterday election day was different. :)
The day is coming where people will flock to believers because no one can give them answers or hope except fir believers. You will see it very very shortly. Then we are out of here. Just in the nick of time. Like Noah, or Lot. But we are going to see some incredible things happen first, very quick succession.
No one knows how long between the rapture and the beginning of the trib but it's not going to be very long between the two events. The rapture is going to set off the events that lead to the trib.
So next question guys, you think Trump is going to make it till Feb? Not in a living sense but will we in America make it till the inauguration? The NWO is not going down without a fight, and puppet obongo only has 3 months left to usher in hell so any guesses guys?

Sparky said...

Amen ally , Scots posts are spot on that's why I follow his posts , but sometimes we need a nudge , trump is a major major illuminati arch mason , these evil elites love putting what they intend to do in films / cartoons , sounds crazy , but they do , trumps rise was predicted in a Simpsons cartoon years ago , same 911 etc etc etc , they love boasting about people's lack of knowledge ! Trump is not the anti Christ , he's the one they have placed in power to create the chaos ! THEN THEY WILL PRODUCE THIER ANTI CHRIST , I tell you this truly , the anti Christ will be a 99 th degree mason , I know most think there is only 33 degrees ( mocking Jesus death ) but he will be a 99 th degree physcic intruction hybrid , did Jesus not say , as in the days of Noah " I say it will love , but I only me honed what I know because trumps win was already pre planned Years and years ago , but they have one more throw of the dice up thier sleeve after trump - the anti Christ , if you google the coming anti Christ / alpha news , the bible clearly states he's does not require women , trump is a sex pest to the fullest , the reason why the anti Christ won't desire women is because it's not human , that's why it goes STRAIGHT INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE !