Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Prophetic Dream?

I've been resisting doing this for a variety of reasons, one of which is this concept of removing anything pointing to me personally from this blog. That comes from the sense of wanting to point to prophecy and prophecy related news only, and not making this about me - a trap that I have witnessed too many times. My job is very simple - to spread the news about the fact that we are indeed in the last generation and make sure as many people as possible are prepared spiritually for what is coming. 

However, I believe I have had my second prophetic dream (the first one was when I was a child, and it clearly showed me a picture of the gathering up of the Church Saints. Perhaps one day I will detail it, but I don't feel any need to share it, plus it is very long and detailed, but I believe it was solely for me personally). The second one occurred about 3 weeks ago and I believe I am supposed to share it, as it serves as a warning that is supposed to be shared and it will hopefully allow the readers of this blog to be aware of something that may be coming prior to the gathering up. I can relate to Perry Stone sharing his dream about a tsunami on the west coast - I can recall him saying that not sharing his dream would be disobedient to God as he felt the urgency to share it. I feel the same way, so with some degree of reluctance (reluctant due to the reasons above) I feel that I have no choice but to share this. I know the dream was prophetic without a doubt. In addition to being firm in this conviction, like the first prophetic dream, this was very very different from any other dream (btw, I rarely dream anyway) - these dreams are very detailed, in vivid color and more like watching a movie than a typical dream. So below is the dream, followed by my interpretation:

* The dream began with me on a spaceship with approximately 7 other people (the number is insignificant, so lets go with this number for the sake of brevity). The group seemed divided up by 6+2, with me and one other man vs the other 6. This other person seemed to be someone I could trust (fellow Christian?).

* This was an expedition to Mars - we would be the first humans on the planet.

* We arrived on Mars and quickly began exploring. For some reason, the two of us broke off from the other 6 and he and I were exploring independently from the rest of the group. We quickly realized that the atmosphere was like Earth, so we removed our helmets. 

* We came over the crest of a hill, and looking down we saw what appeared to be a small town (uninhabited) which looked like a small U.S. town in the 1950's (based on the cars). We immediately knew that this was "staged" and not "real" but someone had obviously been there before us and staged this to appear as though life had arisen on Mars, but we knew this had  to be a deception.

* Soon after seeing this, the rest of the group arrived and quickly escorted us away from the area, as we were forced into a vehicle and taken away. We began asking questions about this "town" but no one would answer. It seemed clear that the other 6 were involved in this deception. 

* As we were riding in the back of this vehicle we all saw a woman walking down this path. My friend and I wanted to talk to her as she obviously knew what was going on. The vehicle stopped and we began asking her questions. Just as she began talking, a few guys from the 6 quickly escorted her away and obviously took her to be killed. 

* We returned to the rocket/spaceship and unexpectedly began to return to earth. The 6 were in a front compartment and my "friend and I" were't allowed in. They were obviously plotting something sinister and obviously had concerns that we had discovered the fake town. We knocked on the door asking questions about what was going on but they refused to talk to us. 

* End of dream.

I feel like we are on the verge of a big deception involving the whole UFO/Alien/Life on other planets story, possibly specifically involving Mars - or perhaps more in a general sense.  If you are unaware, there have been a lot of rumblings on this topic - with stories ranging from an upcoming announcement from the Vatican, based on their astronomers and observatory, and stories like this: Astronomers Think They Have Just Discovered Messages Sent from Aliens....I believe this will be used to disprove the biblical story of creation and the bible. It could be used to somehow explain the gathering up as well. The dream could also mean that everything we are seeing these days in the news is "staged" and we can't believe anything we are told by the media particularly the MSM - if this is the case, it would include the UFO/alien story but not limited to it. I just don't know. 

The woman who was taken away and presumably killed may represent what happens to people on the inside who may be vulnerable to spreading the truth, or simply people who have the knowledge of what is really happening with the deception.

So the bottom line is - if we see some big news about alien life or life - perhaps involving Mars - perhaps not specifically - then I will see it as a deception and part of an overall agenda. This may apply more generally, I just don't know, but I believe it will be obvious when the times comes. I also believe it's possible project bluebeam will be activated in conjunction with a deception on this topic. 

OK, I've done my job and shared this, so now its back to the news and away from "me", but I do take comfort that now with this information, at least the readers of this blog will have this information if needed. If something happens after the gathering up, perhaps this note will be found by some people who God wants to receive the message. Who knows. 


Scott said...

By the way the "town" was uninhabited. Whatever we were seeing was seemingly still being prepared for the deception to come

WVBORN56 said...

Scott thanks for sharing and obeying the Holy Spirit. I'm sure God will use this as he intends! You are greatly appreciated! Blessings,

Unknown said...


I understand your reluctance of speaking your dreams and I am glad and thankful that you have shared it.

Thank you brother !

Scott said...

another typo. It should read "just as she began talking" not "just as he began talling". It was a woman. Just for the record. Ill fix that when i get s chance

Gary said...

Scott, what I don't understand...why would an individual...individuals...a government... create this scenario?
I understand their motive would be to fool people. But why would an individual, individuals, a government do this? Would they have to be possessed?

Sandra said...

Hi Scott,

Thank you for sharing your dream...what is very interesting is that God is showing there is only a remnant, only two out of eight people are not part of the deception coming. Sad when you realize earth's population and maybe only 1/4 will be not deceived. I think we are about leave and go home!.

foretastes said...

Thanks for sharing your dream Scott. The next few days, next couple of weeks will be... who knows what?!! But we, the awake and longing for Jesus ones, are sitting on the edge of our seats, believing something is coming down the pike very soon. It's all coming together. I continue to pray for some last catastrophic event to awaken the lost before we're taken Home. Maranatha!!!

David Armstrong said...

To all my brothers and sisters in America I pray the lord that the right person gets into the presidency. Even here in Australia I can sense the future status quo of the world will remain or be changed (from bad to worse) from the results of the next days. Every American I've spoken to over the last few years has an uneasy expectation and concern as to where America is headed and also a perplexing wonderment as to what's gone wrong and how did we get hear, but mostly whats going to happen next.

So from the bottom of my heart I hope in the Lord all the best for you all and hope to see you all very soon.

Try and remember Colossians 3:1-4, "Since then you have been raised with Christ, set your sites on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Sets your sites on things above, not on things on the earth, for you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life is appears then shall you also appear with him in glory."

If I fear it's because the love of God hasn't been perfected in my heart. But if I keep my eye's on Christ, on whom my faith depends from start to Finnish, then I will behold his glory and become more and more like him and reflect his glory/love even more.

Take care all.

Dave. A.

Lance said...

I have always wondered how the rapture event would be explained away. Will it be a catastrophic natural event, alien event, or otherwise??? It will be undeniable, and I think it has the potential to be the single biggest evangelical event ever. Hoping we don't have much longer to wait!!!


Scott said...

Hey - I'm just getting back to this after a long day. Many thanks for the kind comments.

I have often believed that this scenario would be used as a deception in terms of explaining the rapture, which makes this dream perplexing. If we aren't here for that, why the dream? I felt that this is a heads up for the church so it won't be deceived. Perhaps some "early" information will come out while we are here and then it will be later used to explain the rapture...But I can't escape the notion that we'll see something along these lines...It may have nothing to do with Mars per say (although it could) - but I am pretty certain it has to do with the UFO/Alien thing and used as deception.

we shall see (or somebody will! )

Sparky said...

Scot , I had a vision about this , I keep it quiet but your spot spot on bro , as you say , it's hard trying to get the info out to people without trying to highlight yourself or make it look like you are , it's almost impossible , cheated Lawson does a great sermon on this , to believe a lie u f o , this is one of Satans MASSIVE end times planned deceptions !

Sparky said...

And I can relate to the vivid colours , I had Berra enough the same experience , I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW THE COLURS WERE SUPERNATURALLY ENHANCED ! I will share the vision , I was standing behind a glass wall , u f o crafts starting appearing there were loads of people in the room with me , everyone in the room was falling for the deception , I kept shouting to everyone that this was a deception , and not to believe it , then ( and this is the truth , and I've had this literal weather people believe it or not ) but I turned around and Satan was standing behind me laughing , in the vision , I turned around and walked over to kick him , as I went over to confront him he turned into a vapour and disappeared under a door in the room , that was in the vision , I've had literal experiences like that , and I know I have more to come , it's my specif calling when he does eventually put in his appearance , God gave a prophescy to glynda about this on wings of prophescy , the post is called I am looking - my army ! I'm not saying this to highlight myself, I'm just saying I KNOW MASSIVELY ABOUT THIS ARMY , and like any captain , gods Hong to keep his army informed , so this dream for you scot WAS DEF FROM GOD , I've NOT ONE SINGLE DOUBT ABOUT IT

Scott said...

Thats fascinating and very consistent with the content of mine - thanks so much for sharing that, and continue to do so !

GG2013 said...

Hi Scott~

Thank you for sharing that special and timely dream. It certainly seems to pertain to a lot of what we are dealing with as a nation and what is soon to come. Your description was as if we were walking with you. So very grateful you shared this with us.

It's eye opening and humbling to think that soon many will have that eerie feeling daily. One will walk around with blinders and false hope in the midst of the lies and deceptions. The people around them, the people of authority they thought were good, will turn out to be their biggest nightmare. That is bone-chilling to say the least. I can see more and more why God wants us to lean in and rely on him always. One wrong step off the path of truth and justice, will cause the greatest demise one could ever imagine.

Also, you hang in there brother. Soon we all will be together and sharing in something so much better than all of this.

God Bless!!


Sparky said...

Also bro for your piece of mind , Google " wings of prophescy - other world " God gave her this prophecy a few weeks ago , bro I get things from God and am always being put down , mostly by Christians , cause I'm big Ugly with tattoos ,, as if God would speak to someone like that , so I've learnt to stay by self now , but I assure you your dream was from God , and that Google of wings of prophescy will confirm it for you bro

Scott said...

Will do mark- many thanks brother - see ya soon. Dont let them get you down Jesus knows your heart