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Is 'Plan B' On The Horizon? Internal 'Counter-Revolution' Taking Place In The U.S.? Crimes And Corruption Exposed

End Game closes in on the Clintons

END GAME closes in on the Clintons as the deep state turns… massive collection of criminally damning evidence about to be revealed that will bring down the Clinton crime family forever

My fellow Americans, we are watching history unfold before us with such sound and fury that we are likely to never witness comparable events again in our lifetime. As of today, I am now convinced that the deep state has turned on Hillary Clinton and will unveil damning evidence in the next few days that will end the Clintons’ reign of terror over America and collapse her bid for the presidency.

The mainstream media, of course, will never report this news for the simple reason that they are the propaganda arm of the criminal Clinton cartel. As such, they will lie to the public to the bitter end, even as the Clinton Titanic sinks with all of them on board (in deep, frigid waters, no less, with no more lifeboats to be found).

The so-called “deep state” — the powerful insiders who really run the intelligence services and inner layers of untouchable bureaucracy — has decided Hillary Clinton is too damaged to defend any longer. Even if she were to win by stealing the election, she would be so mired in criminal investigations and political illegitimacy that she would rip the nation to shreds while fighting for her own political survival.

It has now been decided, I believe, that Hillary Clinton will be taken out of power by releasing criminally damaging emails which have long been held by the NSA and FBI. This will likely happen before the coming weekend. Once that is accomplished, the next goal will be to wait for President Trump to take office, then destroy the U.S. economy through a controlled, global debt collapse so that Trump can be blamed for the near collapse of western economies. (Remember: The deep state isn’t pro-Trump. They’re still all about defending the establishment. But Hillary is one bridge too far for even the statists to stomach…)

Instead of allowing Hillary Clinton to take power and destroy America from the top, in other words, deep state power brokers have reverted to “Plan B” which is to let Trump take the White House, then destroy America through the controlled demolition of its currency and economy. This is simpler than it sounds. Bringing down the debt pyramid of a nation carrying nearly $20 trillion in national debt isn’t exactly rocket science. All they have to do is stand back and stop manipulating the markets and stop printing new money for a few months while raising interest rates. Monetary gravity will do the rest…

In the mean time, Hillary Clinton and a long list of her co-conspirators are going to find themselves charged with obstruction of justice, lying under oath, destruction of evidence, conspiracy, corruption and other serious charges that will lead to serious prison time for many.

The criminal racket of the Clintons is about to implode. The participants will be charged under the RICO Act for “racketeering” activities, for which ample evidence already exists.

In this video, intelligence insider Steve Pieczenik lays out how high-level intelligence insiders are now working in concert to “reverse the Clinton coup” that’s attempting to take over America and destroy it from within.

Even if you don’t believe Pieczenik — and I fully realize he’s controversial in his own way — this short video is a very important “must watch” explanation to know what people in the intelligence community are doing… “we’ve initiated a counter-coup…”

If the vote is stolen for Hillary Clinton, all hell breaks loose

Should the globalist Soros operators manage to steal the vote, bribe the electoral voters or rig the black box voting machines sufficiently to place Hillary Clinton in the White House, all Hell breaks loose across America:
• The FBI goes into full indictment mode to push criminal charges for the Clinton criminal regime.
• Donald Trump launches a massive legal challenge to the election outcome, dispatching an army of lawyers to level a vast assortment of charges involving coordinated voter fraud, the rigging of voting machines, the attempted bribery of Electoral voters and so on.
• The U.S. military revs up its plans for an armed military coup to depose Clinton and restore democracy. This one should be especially entertaining to watch unfold if it gets activated… (and yes, YOU will beg for a short-term military dictatorship as long as they promise to depose Clinton and restore open, fair and free elections).
• Armed U.S. citizens prepare for a massive march on Washington to take back their democracy and restore a lawful society where the political elite don’t get away with corruption, fraud and murder. Expect this march to be joined by police officers and federal law enforcement officials of all kinds.
• The NSA likely goes into “full dump” mode to unleash every scrap of damning criminal evidence against Hillary Clinton. This will likely be joined by CIA assets who already have the goods on the Clintons and their “Lolita Express” pedo joy rides.

Bring out the marshmallows and weiners, folks: This is going to be the most bizarre campfire front row seat to U.S. history that anyone has witnessed in over 200 years. Try not to trip and “face plant” into the flames as all this unfolds. It might be a smart idea to have some preparedness supplies at the ready, since no one really knows just how nasty this is all going to get. (And thank God Hillary doesn’t have her fingers on the nuclear launch codes, or she’d probably launch them just to change the narrative…)

As for Mainstream Media bias: Bernie was fortunate to only be blacked out, Soviet style; Trump has zero MSM newspaper endorsements and has been subjected to MSM bias that is laughably ham-handed, reminiscent of old-style Communist “running dogs of Imperialism” propaganda.
By the established rules of politics as usual, it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Hillary went out early and raised millions of dollars, the acme of campaigning success in politics as usual. Having banked millions for advertising, she was supposed to cruise to victory.
Instead, Bernie happened.
A mainstream blah-blah-blah Republican candidate was supposed to emerge from a bloodless primary, and the two Party insiders were supposed to engage in the usual polite jousting of an election that was pre-ordained to change nothing in the political, economic and social orders.
Instead, Trump happened.
Hillary’s disdain for average Americans of all genders and ethnicities is not an outlier; it’s the unspoken norm of the Ruling Elite. In politics as usual, Party bosses (backed by big-money contributors) ordain the candidate and then send down the order to the little people to support the candidate.
Accustomed to passive, unthinking obedience, the Party Establishments are recoiling in enraged horror that the little people are refusing to follow their orders. The Ruling Elite considers themselves the betters of the the little people, and their disdain for the “deplorables” (i.e. the bottom 95%) has sunk from mere loathing to barely-concealed hatred. How dare they reject Hillary and Jeb in favor of Bernie and Trump!
As G.F.B. observed, technology has leapfrogged the parties’ reason to exist and the Mainstream Media’s role of coronating the parties’ candidates and policies.The political parties arose to fill critical financial and communications needs: a mechanism was needed to aggregate campaign contributions and to distribute party platforms and narratives to far-flung voters.
The parties took on a larger role after World War II, which transformed the U.S. from an industrial trading nation wary of foreign entanglements into an interventionist global empire. The foreign-policy differences between the Democratic and Republican parties shrank to semantics, as both party Establishments embraced the globalist agenda and narrative.
In the postwar era, the Mainstream Media of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcast the Ruling Elite’s narratives and agenda. Broadcast blanketed the nation, and dissenting views were relegated to the margins: I.F. Stone, Ramparts magazine, etc.
With the rise of the Internet and social media, broadcast propaganda is now competing with narrowcast: blogs, Twitter and Facebook enable self-organizing tacit tribes (G.F.B.’s term) with their own networks of communication, narratives and agendas.
Bernie Sanders’ campaign showed that candidates no longer need the Party Establishment to raise substantial sums of cash. Stripped of the power to control the flow of contributions from millions of individuals, the parties have been reduced to bastions of everything that is corrupt, venal and backward-looking about politics as usual: big-money contributions from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma, Saudi princes, etc.

Tens of millions of Americans are rejecting both the parties’ Ruling Elites and their globalist, interventionist consensus. The technology of micro-payments has leapfrogged the party Establishments, and the Internet has leapfrogged the MSM and parties’ control of narratives and agendas.
The MSM and the parties’ raison d’etre has been dismantled by technology. As ownership of the media and the control of party insiders have become increasingly concentrated in the hands of the few, competition from the many (narrowcast) has exploded.
In terms of finance and communications, politics as usual–political candidates and narratives mandated by the parties’ Ruling Elites and the MSM–is dead. We will all look back in 2026 and wonder why the recognition of this reality took so long. 


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