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The Puppet Master Soros And His Totalitarian Puppets: Tools Of The Oligarchy

The ongoing "protests" against a democratically elected president is very revealing for many reasons. Most importantly, it serves to remind us of the "extreme left" and their goals and methods. It is very easy to watch these protests, along with the resulting violence and beatings of anyone offering a different view of theirs - and see how if they are ever in power - the extreme persecution which would be unleashed against their perceived adversaries. 

The silver lining to this cloud is the fact that their totalitarianism tendencies are open for all to see.  The ultimate irony is the fact that these protestors are using fascist tactics while accusing their opponents of fascism. How ironic. As one of the articles points out, how "interesting" that these "organic protestors" just happen to have the same professionally designed signs in different cities around the country. Obviously Soros et al are attempting to do here what they did in the Ukraine and in Syria. Of course, as usual the MSM is refusing to cover the true story so we have to turn elsewhere:

It was obviously going to happen, it was predictable, because the anti-Trump front that invokes "inclusion", "demolition of border walls", "tolerance" and "peace" is way far from being tolerant and peaceful.
In fact several major cities in the US such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, DC, Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland and Chicago have been experiencing, right after the Presidential elections result, serious acts of vandalism, American flag burnings, fires, blocking of car traffic. Sticks of fire were thrown at the police while chanting "stop police violence".
Among the major events:
In New York, thousands marched on Trump Tower.
In Oakland, California, some demonstrators smashed shop windows and threw missiles at riot police, who reportedly responded with tear gas.
A mass anti-Trump rally shut down a key freeway in Los Angeles.
In Portland, Oregon, demonstrators temporarily closed an interstate highway.
In Chicago, crowds blocked the entrance to Trump Tower, chanting: "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascists USA".
Paradoxically, those who call the victory of Trump a "rise of fascism" are the first ones to be using fascist methods, going against a popular vote and against the course of the democratic electoral mechanism. It is clear that these people invoke democratic principles only as long as they win elections. Double standards.

Last night the anti-Trump movement has obviously taken the path of violent extremism and the dynamics of last night's protests seem way far from spontaneous, but actually coordinated, well-prepared and with specific targets: the Trump towers, police agents, shops, main squares, freeways and highways. Maybe it is not so much of a conspiracy-theory to ponder who could be behind such a coordinated "peaceful" protest and why.

Once again, the black hand of George Soros has reached into America’s political system, this time as the man behind the money that’s funding the on-going and violent anti-Donald Trump protests around the country.
Note to protesters: Setting fires, thwarting traffic, screaming obscenities and disrupting the lives of the working sane to rebel against democracy – despite the fact that it was democracy in action the brought Trump to the White House – is insanity in action.
But it’s also Soros in action again, as the blogger Dennis Michael Lynch reports.
“, a liberal activist group that has exploded all across the nation, is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. It is now well known that was responsible for many of the riots and protests at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, some of which became violent and dangerous.
Wednesday – the day following Trump’s victory – moved into action. The group put out a notice on their Facebook page, announcing they would conduct ‘peaceful gatherings of resistance’ all across the country Wednesday evening.”
Well, guess it wasn’t so peaceful after all.
As news from around the country by social media posters revealed, some protesters blocked traffic, others shouted “f–k the police,” others blocked Americans from making their daily commutes to work, still others outright clashed with police, and more set fires, destroyed and defaced properties and burned American flags.
Peaceful protests, or bratty temper tantrums?’s Facebook page had called for this:
“We will gather … in cities across the nation to affirm to ourselves and one another that, despite the outcome of this election, we will not give up. No matter what challenges confront us in the times to come, we will unite with one another and defend our communities—across race, religion, gender, age, ability, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, class, and all of our identities. The fight for a nation with liberty and justice for all—and with an economy and democracy that work for everyone—continues.
“Those of us in immigrant, refugee, and Muslim communities are threatened. We reject and are prepared to resist attacks on all of our communities, and we commit to care for, look out for, and stand with one another. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us. Tonight, we will join hands, share our reactions, pledge our mutual solidarity, and resolve to forge ahead together in this moment of peril. We have experienced setbacks before, and we have always come back. Our movements are resilient and unstoppable.”
Note the call to resistance – the logic being that these leftists are the ones under attack, and only reacting in rational defense.
This is what nearly eight years of an Obama administration, including a radical, activist Justice Department and a propaganda-pusihng Education Department, have brought. Perhaps a Trump administration means that come January 20, the adults are back in charge.

Anti-Trump protesters across America are ramping up their protests into full scale violent riots.
The rioters are starting fires, smashing cars, breaking windows, spray-painting walls, and even beating people up.
In Oregon, Portland police have declared it a riot, according to CNN.
Warning: The video below from Oregon is graphic: 
There’s already speculation that these riots are not as organic as they initially seemed, but are being directed by professional, paid protesters.

Who are the anti-Trump protesters besmirching the name of progressives by pretending to be progressives and by refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election? They look like, and are acting worse than, the «white trash» that they are denouncing.
I think I know who they are. They are thugs for hire and are paid by the Oligarchy to delegitimize Trump’s presidency in the way that Washington and the German Marshall Fund paid students in Kiev to protest the democratically elected Ukrainian government in order to prepare the way for a coup.

The organization,, which claims to be a progressive group, but might be a front, along with other progressive groups, for the Oligarchy, is destroying the reputation of all progressives by circulating a petition that directs the electors of the Electoral Collage to annul the election by casting their votes for Hillary. Remember how upset progressives were when Trump said he might not accept the election result if there was evidence that the vote was rigged? Now progressives are doing what they damned Trump for saying he might do under certain conditions.

The Western presstitutes used the protests in Kiev to delegitimize a democratically elected government and to set it up for a coup. The protest pay was good enough that non-Ukrainians came from nearby countries to participate in the protest in order to collect the money. At the time I posted the amounts paid daily to protesters. Reports came in to me from Eastern and Western Europe from people who were not Ukrainian but were paid to protest as if they were Ukrainians. 

The same thing is going on with the Trump protests. CNN reports that «for many Americans across the country, Donald Trump’s victory is an outcome they simply refuse to accept. Tens of thousands filled the streets in at least 25 US cities overnight». This is the exact reporting that the Oligarchy desired from its presstitutes and got.

I hope no one thinks that simultaneous protests in 25 cities were a spontaneous event. How did 25 independent protests manage to come up with the same slogans and the same signs on the same night following the election?

What is the point of the protests, and what interest is served by them? As the Romans always asked, «who benefits?»
There is only one answer: The Oligarchy and only the Oligarchy benefits.
Trump is a threat to the Oligarchy, because he intends to stop the giveaway of American jobs to foreigners. The jobs giveaway, sanctified by the neoliberal junk economists as «free trade», is one of the main reasons for the 21st century worsening of the US income distribution. Money that was formerly paid in middle class wages and salaries to American manufacturing employees and college graduates has been re-routed to the pockets of the One Percent.

Trump is a threat to the Oligarchy, because he intends peaceful relations with Russia. In order to replace the profitable Soviet Threat, the Oligarchy and their neoconservative agents worked overtime to recreate the «Russian Threat» by demonizing Russia.

Accustomed to many decades of excess profits from the profitable Cold War, the military/security complex was angry when President Reagan brought the Cold War to an end. Before these leaches on American taxpayers could get the Cold War going again, the Soviet Union collapsed as a result of a right-wing coup against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

The excuse for the annual trillion dollar ($1,000 billion) military/security budget was missing. So the Oligarchy created «the New Hitler» in Russia. Hillary was the Oligarchy’s principle agent for heating up the new Cold War.

The victim of a brutal mob in Chicago is explaining how he was caught up in Democrats’ anger over their huge defeat on election day.

“What’s happening to America?” said David Wilcox, as he showed his wounds inflicted by the mob. “You’re supposed to be able to vote in peace! It’s supposed to be part of our democracy. And what happened is, I vote for somebody, and I get beaten, robbed, and my car stolen, and I have no way of getting my wife to and from work safe anymore,” he told the Chicago Tribune’s news crew.

With tens of thousands of people taking to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, questions are swirling about whether the anger is as organic as advertised.
From coast to coast, demonstrators are burning flags and effigies of the president-elect while declaring that they refuse to accept Trump’s victory. But observers online are claiming that, in some cases, protesters were bused to the scenes - a telltale sign of coordination.
“Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem,” one local in the Texas capitol tweeted Wednesday, along with photos offered as evidence.

Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem. Here are the busses they came in.  #fakeprotests #trump2016
— erictucker (@erictucker) November 10, 2016

Others claimed to have found ads posted on CraigsList in which a Seattle-based non-profit was soliciting “Full-Time Activists.”
“We are looking for motivated individuals who are seeking Full-Time, Part-Time, and Permanent positions,” reads a line from the ad from Washington CAN! posted on Wednesday.
Rumors have also been circulating that the new batch of anti-Trump protesters has been bankrolled by individuals like billionaire liberal activist George Soros and groups like

“WTF, @georgesoros busing in & paying #protestors to destroy cities is domestic #terrorism. #fakeProtests #BlueLivesMatter have tough days,” read one tweet in response to the viral picture of buses in Austin.
Another theory floated on social media is that many of the signs that were distributed at rallies across the country appeared to be exactly the same, indicating they were printed and distributed by an organized group.
Some of the most troubling dissent was in the city of New
Orleans where protesters wound up defacing the Lee Memorial, spray painting “Die Whites Die” and “F--- Trump” and “F--- White People.”
Other messages scrawled on the memorial included "F--- Pence" and "We are ungovernable" next to a symbol of the letter "A" in a circle -- protester shorthand for anarchy.

The mainstream media – that same MSM that was so in the tank for Hillary – has proven again how blatantly one-sided their “coverage” of events has been.

The same MSM that skewed the polls by oversampling Democrats are also the same ones that consistently tried to tar middle class Americans by calling them “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes”, “misogynists” and so forth.

Even when they weren’t saying so or implying it themselves, they were constantly interviewing all the usual race-baiting suspects to call Donald Trump and his followers “Nazis”, “KKKers” and that Trump was “Hitler”.

They even let their “guests” say or imply that Trump supporters would be in favor of lynchings – without challenging these outrageous statements whatsoever.
Then there was Hillary Clinton herself, who referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables”. Let’s not forget that when violence broke out at some Trump rallies earlier this year, the MSM blamed Trump supporters when we all knew these were professional left-wing agitators.

This was proven to be absolutely the truth through the videos from Project Veritas. Due to the excellent, and courageous work of James O’Keefe’s organization, Democrat operatives with deep ties to Hillary Clinton and George Soros were exposed plotting to violently disrupt Trump rallies.

The MSM’s “journalists” never questioned this narrative that Trump and his supporters were “haters” and “violent”.

It is obvious to all with a functioning brain that the truth is quite the opposite.

It is obvious to all with a functioning brain that the truth is quite the opposite.
Now that Trump has been elected, we are witnessing thousands of “loving”, “peaceful” left-wingers wreaking havoc in cities across the nation. There’s been looting, burning, destruction of property and violence.

And now comes word of a violent incident in Chicago where a black mob was videoed assaulting an older white man – hitting and kicking him repeatedly, and dragging him through the streets. Their motive was that he was a “Trump” voter – whether he was or wasn’t isn’t known but it was their excuse to engage in senseless violence.
The video – which was posted on YouTube, has evidently been removed but other sources have it. (Warning, it is shocking.)

Now, let me posit this…

Suppose this had been a group of white people beating an older black man senseless, because he was a “Hillary voter” – what do you think the media would do?

Billionaire Globalist Soros Exposed as Hidden Hand Behind Trump Protests to Provoke US 'Color Revolution' 

 Billionaire globalist financier George Soros’ has been revealed to be a driving force behind the organizing of nationwide protests against the election of Donald Trump — exposing the protests to largely be an organized, top-down operation — and not an organic movement of concerned Americans taking to the streets as reported by the mainstream media.
Wednesday saw protests in the streets of at least 10 major U.S. cities. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn., Seattle, and several other cities saw protests, according to USA Today.
In light of the protests and rioting that have transpired since the election of Trump, a closer analysis of the dynamic at play is warranted to gauge whether it’s an organic grassroots movement, or something much more organized, sophisticated and potentially dangerous.

Soros’ affiliated organization released the following press release yesterday afternoon:

With evidence mounting, the question must be asked; is George Soros working through his front organizations to foment an American revolution?

Note that the group is actively organizing protests to a democratic election that no one is contesting the legitimacy of in terms of whether the vote was rigged, etc. Essentially, they are displeased with the results and are calling for people to rise up and not accept the results. For an organization that feigns to promote democracy, their actions speak otherwise.

The left wing organization is one of a number of progressive organizations affiliated with Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Soros-affiliated organizations across the world are deeply connected to various color revolutions, the Arab Spring, and a number of other political uprisings across the globe.

The totality of what is revealed in the three hacked documents show that Soros is effectively the puppet-master pulling most of the strings in Kiev. Soros Foundation’s Ukraine branch, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has been involved in Ukraine since 1989. His IRF doled out more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, creating the preconditions for Ukraine’s independence from Russia in 1991. Soros also admitted to financing the 2013-2014 Maidan Square protests that brought the current government into power.

Soros’ foundations were also deeply involved in the 2004 Orange Revolution that brought the corrupt but pro-NATO Viktor Yushchenko into power with his American wife who had been in the US State Department. In 2004 just weeks after Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation had succeeded in getting Viktor Yushchenko as President of Ukraine, Michael McFaul wrote an OpEd for the Washington Post. McFaul, a specialist in organizing color revolutions, who later became US Ambassador to Russia, revealed:

Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine? Yes. The American agents of influence would prefer different language to describe their activities — democratic assistance, democracy promotion, civil society support, etc. — but their work, however labeled, seeks to influence political change in Ukraine.

Anyone familiar with the history of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Eastern Europe and around the world since the late 1980’s, will know that his supposedly philanthropic “democracy-building” projects in Poland, Russia, or Ukraine in the 1990’s allowed Soros the businessman to literally plunder the former communist countries’ wealth, according to the New Eastern Outlook.


todd corey said...

Know one is talking about this and I see it plain as day. We are between 2 Presidents, one conservative one liberal.

The liberals are rioting in the streets and this will continue to escalate until the national guard is called in.

But wait, the national guard is a entity controlled by the government. You can argue all you want that the NG is

controlled by the governor of each state. If this were true the governor would be sending NG troupes on

overseas tours. But this is not the case, the federal government does this. So this is key to the dilemma we are in.

With one liberal president and one conservative, one has to ask how to keep NG in a neutral position. you can't.

Now how would it look when Trump takes over and the troupes are going against the rioting liberals. This would

just escalate the rioting even more. Now if only we could find a neutral party, but who??? Oh boy I got it,

the UN can be the neutral party to restore the peace and security. They could come just to the places that have

the riots, a little at a time. George soros can start the riots at different places and times as they feel fit.

Now remember when John Kerry sign the un small arms treaty. When the UN is called out this would be

martial law in that area and would not be under the constitution. NO 2nd amendment rights one area at a time.

Think this can't happen, my friend it already had. Look at the videos below.


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