Saturday, November 26, 2016

Globalists Still Fighting Hard To Thwart 'Populist Movement' - Still Trying To Stop Trump Presidency And Brexit

The Globalists will do anything to stop Trump

Those arch enemies of Americanism; of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the globalists, are in a panic state.
Those arch enemies of the middle class and prosperity, those diabolical enemies of God who make Machiavelli look like an altar boy are at it again.
Like evil elves working non-stop in Lucifer’s Village, the globalists are plotting ten thousand and one ways to stop President-elect Trump from ever serving a day in office.
Their ruthlessness and treason knows no bounds.
As the final vote tallies came in on the night of November 8th and Trump won the election, as Hillary went into a boxed wine induced rage and took a swing at Podesta; the globalist phone networks across the world began to light up. Everything had failed to stop Trump. But, it wasn’t over yet.
The elite contacted their chief financial officer of mayhem, the Goldfinger of the Globalists, George Soros.
Soros began to write checks. He pumped money into Black Lives Matter and other nationwide anarchist groups; professional protesters, who, when not bagging groceries at the co-op, or swigging a bottle of Jack Daniels in front of a McDonald’s are more than happy to turn a police car into a Duraflame log.
The protests began. They were packed with the usual array of na├»ve leftists: public school teachers, freeze dried hippie Jerry Rubin wannabes and the left’s newest weapon of terror, the special snowflake.
Within 24 hours, the marches began, the crying commenced and the #NotMyPresident hash tags wafted through social media like a dense mustard gas at the Somme.
As extreme close up shots of teary eyed liberals filled CNN’s screens, the left wing pundits all speculated how the impossible could have happened and how Trump must be toppled before he ever parks his keister in the Oval Office.
But, the protests began to lose steam. The rioters ran out of Molotov Cocktails and the Millennials pooped out and returned to their safe spaces, juice and Play Doh.
Plan Bravo went into action.
Instantly, the mainstream media was all too happy to inform us 1000 times a day that Hillary had won the popular vote. Since Trump had won the election by winning the electoral vote, 240 years of the American electoral college process was now obsolete and needed to be changed, and as quickly as possible, to allow Brunhilda to ascend to the thrown on Pennsylvania Avenue.
The Democrats paraded Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Charlie Rangel and Barbara Boxer out on stage. A so called Boxer Bill would be rushed through Congress. Sure, it was unfair that California and New York would decide the Presidency, but what is illegal immigration for, if not for stacking the Democratic Party with unskilled laborers who want free benefits from the guv mint.
With a little help from Congress, the genius of the Founding Fathers would be jettisoned like an empty fuel pod and the good old USA would be just as screwed up as those solid bastions of European democracy like Italy and the Ukraine.
But, that ran out of gas too.
On to Plan Charlie…
The globalists’ and their willing lackeys in corruption, the Democrats next move is the recount.
Jill Stein, an apparent nemesis of Hellary, who once claimed Mrs. Clinton would ignite a nuclear war, seems all too excited to file requests for recounts in Blue Wall states Trump won.
Stein is motivated by the limelight she now has and never had before and the millions of dollars flowing in from globalist donors. No doubt a six or seven figure check has been handed to Stein as well.
Strangely, the Democrats are remaining silent on recounts in the Blue states that Hillary won. Are they afraid that a recount might show how much Hillary cheated in states like Virginia, Minnesota, New Mexico and Colorado?
When the recount efforts blow up in their faces, the globalists will be pushed further into a very small corner.
Their next move probably includes pushing the fragile, wounded world financial markets over a very steep cliff. A market meltdown could take place before Obama leaves office. Perhaps, the situation would be so chaotic that the inauguration would be delayed or cancelled until the situation was stabilized.
These are desperate, ruthless people. The globalists know their days of corruption, cheap labor, market manipulation, jimmy-rigging trade deals, endless, unwinnable wars and the fleecing of the average American are coming to an abrupt end on January 20th.
They will do everything they can to stop Trump from taking the oath of office. If those measures fail, they will stop at nothing to end his Presidency any way they can.


Caver said...

What a hoot!!!
Never, ever in my life have I seen anything like this. Ya just gotta believe the Lord's fingerprints are all over it.

The back room power structure is in an absolute Thing-a-ma-Gidgit. They are completely exposing themselves and their real attitude toward the people as the revolt builds. They can't understand where we found our own will completely contrary to their normal methods of controlling events / opinions / fears.

Thank You Lord!!!! After all the years of abuse, this is such ointment to my old bones. But still, we gotta find that last gentile and get him on board and get his attention. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!

Sparky said...

Check out today's post behold I am coming ,take note of this troops , much love ,