Sunday, November 20, 2016

'Fake News' Meme: Aimed To Destroy The Actual Truths Being Exposed By Alternative Media

The tightly controlled news as given to us by the MSM is being exposed as propaganda and lies for the first time, for an increasingly large audience. Something must be done by the globalists in order to regain control of the media. In the insightful article below, from The Daily Bell, we see insight into what appears to be the early stages of the inevitable push-back by those who desire to control the news. 

Fake Company, Facebook, to Battle Fake News?

Zuckerberg: Facebook will develop tools to fight fake news … Fake news sites designed to trick you … Mark Zuckerberg has outlined a series of measures that should help prevent fake news from being shared on Facebook. The planned controls, which were announced in a late night Facebook post, follow accusations that a flood of fake news stories influenced the U.S. presidential election. -CNN

Facebook is taking steps to counteract “fake news” but in many ways Facebook is a fake company.
We wrote about it here, quoting an article entitled, “Behind Facebook—A New World Order Agenda?”
Facebook’s first round of venture capital funding ($US500,000) came from former Paypal CEO Peter Thiel. Author of anti-multicultural tome ‘The Diversity Myth’, he is also on the board of radical conservative group VanguardPAC.
The second round of funding into Facebook ($US12.7 million) came from venture capital firm Accel Partners. Its manager James Breyer was formerly chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, and served on the board with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999. One of the company’s key areas of expertise are in “data mining technologies”.
Breyer also served on the board of R&D firm BBN Technologies, which was one of those companies responsible for the rise of the internet. Dr Anita Jones joined the firm, which included Gilman Louie. She had also served on the In-Q-Tel’s board, and had been director of Defence Research and Engineering for the US Department of Defence.
She was also an adviser to the Secretary of Defence and overseeing the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is responsible for high-tech, high-end development.
We can see that Facebook’s initial funding came from individuals affiliated with US government/intel facilities: the CIA and DARPA. There is no doubt the US government has promoted Facebook around the world. It is an affiliate of the Deep State far more than it is a “private company.”
And what about CNN, excerpted above?
CNN is in a sense a fake news organization just as Facebook is a fake social media facility. CNN  reportedly receives payments to promote stories that governments want publicized.
For instance, former CNN reporter Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winner exposed CNN in 2015 for receiving payments from the US government and foreign governments to pick and choose news items, see here.
More from CNN:
“The bottom line is: we take misinformation seriously,” wrote Zuckerberg. “We take this responsibility seriously. We’ve made significant progress, but there is more work to be done.”
The CEO said that Facebook (FB, Tech30) is working to develop stronger fake news detection, a warning system, easier reporting and technical ways to classify misinformation.
… Zuckerberg did not say how quickly the measures would be in place. But they should make it much easier for users to flag misleading content — similar to the way cyberbullying can be reported with a single click on some social media.
The idea that users can flag “fake” news content would be more credible if the US government along with other governments had not already created squads of Internet monitors, see this article entitled, “US Government Using Trolls To Attack Conspiracy Theorists, here.
These monitors will surely be able to click articles that are in some sense inimical to various vested globalist interests.
The entire fake news controversy is suspect, starting with the idea that fake news “helped” Donald Trump get elected president of the US. As we recall, there was a good deal of fake news, but most of it seemed to emanate from the mainstream media.
This mainstream resolutely would not investigate or report on the worst of the Clintons’ apparent criminality – including potential rape, mishandling of classified data and “pay-to-play” donations to the Clinton Foundation.
Additionally, the mainstream reported a steady stream of polls favorable to Hillary by using tactics that exaggerated her voter endorsements.
We arrive at the justifiable conclusion that the “fake news” controversy is itself a fake one, that outfits such as CNN that are reporting on it are fake and that Internet facilities charged with identifying fake news items like Facebook are also fake.
Those behind this gambit obviously intend to use it to attack the alternative media, which has been very effective in puncturing the propaganda of the Deep State. The very largest irony is that this fake news meme is aimed at truth-telling in the alternative media.
Conclusion: Whether or not this will work is a separate question, as we wrote here. But the idea is to create such a large lie that people will believe it. This has happened before.


foretastes said...

The MSM, what's become the propaganda tool of the elites, is warning us about fake news. Can it get any more blatant?

Scott said...

Im not sure if this is really funny in its hyprocricy or really sad at their lack of awareness. In some ways its like the last breaths of a dying patient. Very strange. The only people who will "buy" this nonsense are the paid protesters lol

Caver said...

Don't normally post things like this, but perfect fit with above comments. What would you give to be a fly on this wall.....

Mainstream Media Execs, Anchors Spotted Going For "Off The Record" Meeting With Donald Trump

Bloomberg political reporter Jennifer Epstein reports that a gaggle of mainstream media TV executives and anchors entered the Trump Tower elevators shortly before 1pm for a meeting with Donald Trump. Among those named were the who-is-who of the prime time news circuit, including the following.


George Stephanopoulos
Martha Radatz
David Muir


Charlies Rose
John Dickerson
Norah O'Donnell
Gayle King


Jeff Zucker
Wold Blitzer
Erin Burnett


Bill Shine
Jack Abernethy
Jay Wallace
Suzanne Scott


Deborah Turness
Lester Holt
Chuck Todd

Several executives from the network news divisions were also spotted on the way into Trump Tower: CNN president Jeff Zucker, ABC News president James Goldston, Fox News co-presidents Bill Shine and Jack Abernethy, and NBC News president Deborah Turness

Mrs.C said...

Ya know, the corrupt media has been around for a looonnnng time! In 1941 for example, Frank Capra made the movie "Meet John Doe", staring Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, and a very young Barbara Stanwyck. His movie exposed the corrupt big business behind the "press", with a Christian theme behind the story :) Then you have over the decades, the "press" protecting the likes of JFK with his sleazy adultery, Roosevelt in his wheelchair, and the left wing deceiving Walter Cronkite - Dan Rather creating the FALSE narrative that we were loosing the Vietnam war. They pretended to be neutral, but they were anything but neutral. These little minded elitist men in suits, sit in there chairs behind desks, and decide how THEY THINK things should be. They have a choice for good or for bad. Randolph Hearst famous for the antics he had at his Castle on the Central Coast of Calif, chose for a brief moment in time, to do some good. In 1949, he is responsible for elevating Billy Graham to the massive Ministry it became :)
In present day, it is beyond clear the left leanings of the elite media, and in their arrogance, they dont even bother to hide it anymore! It is glorious to witness, the very medium they use to TRY to deceive with, has now turned around and bit them in the bum! Why does our President Elect Donald Trump use Twitter that the "press" mocks him openly about? Because it is a medium they, the lying, cheating, deceptive so called "press" cant edit, falsify etc, and it takes his message directly to us, the PEOPLE!
As in the classic movie "Meet John Doe" mentioned before, they, the elitist press can try anything they want, but WE THE PEOPLE will rise against them and WIN!