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What Comes Next? Say Its Name: Progressivism

What Happens After Cops Start Getting Shot? | Zero Hedge

The airwaves are full of pundits screaming about violence against police officers. These are the same pundits that disregarded the warnings of experts in the field of insurgency when the Ferguson riots broke out and chose to dismiss the rioters as “thugs.” They continued to cheerlead for more police militarization even after the first officers were shot in targeted killings. They are now continuing their efforts to support police militarization. 
Those of us that warned of this last year, have watched in horror as all of our predictions came true. We are now in the fourth stage of the cycle of insurgency. 
The fifth stage is open insurrection. 
It is time for officers to dismiss the pundits on Fox News that have never held a firearm outside of a range and listen to people that know what they are talking about. None of us that have made these warnings did so because these are things we want to happen, we did it in an attempt to stop them from happening. A year after my first article on the subject, every single prediction has come true. Can the pundits on Fox News say that? No, and listening to their rhetoric has caused more cops and innocents to die.
To understand where we are headed, we have to know what has already happened. For a bit of background, review a brief synopsis of the cycle of insurgency from an article written in August of 2014:

Reactive Protests:
Once the seed of dissent is planted, people take to the streets to voice their opposition to the government. These protests occur after the control systems of the era attempt to diffuse an offending incident.

Preemptive Rioting:
Preemptive rioting follows a period of reactive protests that go unanswered by the government. The people begin taking to the streets and destroying private and public property as soon as an offending incident takes place, rather than waiting and hoping for the government to police itself.

Military or Law Enforcement backlash and crackdowns:
These riots and small incidents of resistance trigger a government reaction. The control systems of the country tighten their grip on the people and further curtail civil liberties and infringe on people’s rights. The government crackdown fuels the resistance movement as more people tire of government intrusion.

Widespread rebellion and insurrection:
At some point during the crackdown, an incident occurs that tosses a match into the powder keg of dissent. At this point, open rebellion occurs.

We are now in the Fourth Stage and the media that you falsely believe represents the views of the American people are calling for a harder crackdown. 

Certainly, departments all over the country will be issuing memos explaining the new security procedures to counter the threat of targeted killings. Some officers may have already received one. Allow me to guess its contents. The memo suggests riding in pairs, only answering a call once back up has arrived, sitting at separate tables when you eat in a restaurant, and performing all actions as a team to provide greater security. I’d be willing to bet that the phrase “safety in numbers” is somewhere in the memo. These tactics will all fail. The attackers will simply upgrade from firearms to pipe bombs. An even worse scenario is that officers do succeed in making themselves too difficult to attack. The insurgents will stop targeting cops and begin targeting their families while the officers are at work. This is what has happened in every insurgency in history.

It is extremely important to note that in all of recorded history, an insurgency that matured through the phases and reached this stage has never been quelled through force. Ever. It may have been delayed, but the insurgency simply went underground until opposition forces relaxed. In some cases it took 800 years to achieve an insurgent victory. Once an insurgency reaches this stage, it wins. It is that simple. See: Irish Republic Army.

Some in the media are calling for the arrests of the leaders of Black Lives Matter, Cop Block, and other organizations. This is possibly the worst move law enforcement could make. This gives the cause martyrs. To continue the Irish comparison, after the Easter Rising the British government arrested, interned, and even executed some of the rebellion’s leaders. The names of those men are still recited in songs today, 100 years later. It fanned the flames of rebellion and as √Čamon de Valera is said to have  remarked while waiting for the British government to decide between executing or imprisoning him, “every one of us they shoot brings ten more to the cause.” Today, with social media, the effects of martyr-based propaganda are even stronger. As a more recent example, ask those associated with the Anonymous collective how much influence people like Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz, and Dennis Collins hold. Two of them are deceased, one sits rotting in a federal prison, and yet they are still massive recruiting tools.

Twenty-one officers from various Minnesota law enforcement agencies were injured and more than 102 protestors were arrested as a demonstration on the I-94 freeway in St. Paul turned violent Saturday night, with protestors hurling rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks at law enforcement officers on the scene.

Hundreds of demonstrators began protesting at the Governor’s Residence in St. Paul Saturday night over the police-involved shooting death of Philando Castile earlier in the week before heading onto the I-94 freeway around 8 p.m., local Fox affiliate KMSP reported.

The interstate was shut down in both directions for more than five hours and the protests eventually turned violent, with demonstrators hurling bricks, fireworks and at least one Molotov cocktail at officers, according to the St. Paul Police Department.

Black Lives Matter protests swept through California over Friday and Saturday nights and into Sunday, undeterred by the murders of five Dallas police officers on Thursday night.

The protests echoed nationwide outrage over the deaths of two black men in confrontations with police in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis earlier last week. (The precise circumstances of each death are still under investigation; both of the men who died were armed.)

San Francisco – “A protest sparked by police killings of African Americans and conceived by recent high school graduates turned into an afternoon-long march that at different times closed three ramps leading to and from the Bay Bridge” on Saturday, the San Francisco Chronicle reports, adding that the protest swelled to about 500 and blocked traffic in the city.
Los Angeles – On Saturday morning, rappers The Game and Snoop Dogg led a men’s march to a Los Angeles Police Department graduation ceremony. In a gesture of reconciliation, Snoop Dogg later joined a press conference with police. The march was peaceful and the rappers specifically instructed followers not to bring weapons (or women and children).
Sacramento – After 200 protesters gathered at the state Capitol on Friday, about 100 gathered outside the congressional campaign office of Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, who is running against incumbent Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA) for the 7th district seat, the Sacramento Bee reports. Sheriff Jones supports enforcing immigration laws and Second Amendment rights.
Fresno – Hundreds marched in what the Fresno Bee calls a “mostly peaceful” protest on Saturday afternoon, whose climax was a standoff with police on the on-ramp to highway 41. The crowd chanted slogans such as “Hands up, don’t shoot” (a phrase popularized by the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO in 2014 — but which he actually never said).
Orange County – At the annual Latino Prayer Breakfast, the Orange County Registerreports, pastors and participants offered prayers “for protection for police officers and called for unity among people of different skin colors, asking for comfort for the wounded officers and the families of the injured and the dead.” Others, however, emphasized immigration reform.
San Diego – Ahead of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, local activists organized a Black Lives Matter rally Sunday. The group’s Facebook page announced: “If you or anyone you know, would like to come together peacefully, in solidarity to make our voices heard, share this event. San Diego is hosting the MLB all-star game this weekend and it is a great opportunity to draw attention to our cause. Now is the time. We cannot wait for change to come to us. We have to go get it."

The saga continues in Chicago as violence across the US ticks upward following the Dallas police attack.
Having 115 people shot last week is incredible in lieu of what we reported earlier this year when 120 people in Chicago inside a 10 day span:according to police."

"following the seven people shot to death and 30 more wounded during the latest weekend, the total number of shootings in the windy city has risen to 120 in just over a week into the new year, according to police."

As if that isn't enough, recall that May was the worst month since 1995 for Chicago in terms of homicides:

Sadly, the pace of the shootings did hold, and Memorial Day weekend saw 6 people killed and another 63 wounded in a weekend that topped off the deadliest May in Chicago in 21 years according to the Chicago Tribune. Tragically, the month's 66th and final homicide victim was just a 15 year old boy named Fabien Lavinder. The 66 homicides represented the worst May since 1995 when 75 people were killed.

This whole mess will likely to get worse following the attacks that have taken place between blacks and police over the weekend.  In Chicago, it's a pressure cooker that keeps building.  Something is going to cause chaos to rupture and spill throughout the city in ways far worse what we've witnessed in 2016 if the country keeps speeding toward maximum emotional outrage.  It is high likely that this kind of long-lasting, deeply rooted rage will not go away if guns are banned.

[Warning about the language if you open the article]

Last Week at a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Islamism, Senator Ted Cruz said, “Does anyone notice a trend here? A consistent effort by this administration to scrub any reference to radical Islamic terrorism, to pretend that the threat does not exist… the consequence of the willful blindness, of a policy that as a matter of administration policy refuses to acknowledge the threat, means over and over again this administration has allowed the threats to go forward.”

Powerful conservative words most Republicans would agree with–probably give a standing ovation. These same people will tell me they stand on principle and can’t be swayed from those principles. Let’s test that theory.
Conservatives… what if I told you the Progressive ideology built on the basic tenets of Marxism caused poverty, death and destruction? What if I told you they were rooted in Democrat-controlled cities and needed to be pulled out by their core?
I know what you’d do: you’d give me a standing ovation. You’ve given me standing ovations for saying exactly that.
What if I told you if the Progressive ideology was to go unchecked American cities would burn? What if I told you all of this BEFORE Ferguson?

How do you think I felt when I woke up to Ferguson burning, only to hear Republicans and Conservatives voice their total surprise there was that much anger and rage in the black community. Just like President Obama was surprised the JV team had taken over large portions of Iraq and Syria.

What if I told you, you don’t build an army with no intention of using it? What if I told you Black Lives Matter would be mostly silent during Democrat primaries but once Hillary Clinton’s DOJ recommendations come out, that army will activate? I did… at the South Carolina Tea Party in February.

I also warned this is not the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson army. This is an army of radically trained progressives that aren’t going to fight with “we shall overcome” rhetoric. They are pushing for the revolution.

If you’re yelling “they must be stopped,” who is your “they”? BLM must be stopped? How are you any different then President Obama? President Obama doesn’t mind saying ISIS must be stopped. He refuses to call ISIS a form of Radical Islam. Under the same principle, conservatives don’t mind saying BLM must be stopped. Yet, they refuse to call out the Progressive ideology that creates groups like Black Lives Matter.

I say: there is a Progressive ideology built on the basic tenets of Marxism that cause poverty, death, and destruction. You cheer. Baltimore starts to burn and we’re talking about black on black crime, the breakdown of the family, and gun control vs gun rights.
Republicans say, Radical Islam wants to destroy the West because they hate everything we represent. You cheer. A terror attack happens and President Obama is talking about respect for other religions, the Crusades, Christian equivalency, and gun control.

“We cannot combat and defeat radical Islamic terrorism without acknowledging it exists and directing our resources to stopping it.”
The same goes for Progressivism.

For 7 years I’ve stood in front of Republican and Conservatives groups talking about the Progressive disease that has infiltrated the black community.
Progressives started Planned Parenthood for the extermination of blacks because they were genetically inferior.
Progressives passed the first gun laws to prevent blacks from protecting themselves from the KKK.
Progressives started the first Unions to protect white jobs from black workers.
Then Progressives merged their ideology under the Democrat platform and that progressive machinery has dominated the black community for the last 60 years. It breeds poverty, death and destruction. Why are you surprised you look at the black community and see poverty, death, and destruction? Or even worse, how can you ignore HOW that poverty, death, and destruction were put in place?
So let me re-iterate my stance in typical Sonnie Johnson form…
Conservatives/Republicans: there is a progressive ideology rooted in Marxism planted in the black community and it causes poverty, death and destruction. That system has been in place for the last 60 years.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Doyle weren’t lying about creating a Revolution.
Cloward and Piven really had a tangible plan to bankrupt the American system.
Saul Alinsky actually wrote a blue print–a step-by-step guide that actually included creating fear and anger in “oppressed” communities to cause them to rise up and tear down the system.
Hillary Clinton focused her college thesis on Alinsky’s writings.
All the “popular” college professors list Rules for Radicals, which was dedicated to Lucifer, as required reading.
And George Soros loves funding it all…
Call it by its name… it’s Progressivism.

Is the Dallas police shooting a false flag affair in behalf of gun control? Is it the result of a war veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder? Is the shooting the beginning of retribution for thousands of wanton police murders of US citizens in the 21st century? Or is there some other explanation?

We will never know. The perpetrator is dead. The authorities will tell us whatever suits the purposes of authority.

We could say that the police have brought this on themselves by their undisciplined and violent behavior toward the public. On the other hand, we can hold the police chiefs, the police unions, the mayors and city councils, the governors, prosecutors, and the Justice (sic) Department responsible for failure to hold accountable those cops who murder and commit gratuitous violence against the public.

When police execute someone, the excuse is always something like this: “He reached under his shirt to his waistband. I thought he had a gun. I didn’t want to leave my children fatherless and my wife a widow.” The murdered victim’s wife and children, if any, are of no consequence.

The real problem is that public authorities do not protect the public from gratuitous violence. Therefore, hatred and disrespect for the police are growing. Routine murders by police–several each day, almost all of which go unpunished–are generating the kind of anger that causes people to snap and to reply to violence with violence.
If the criminal justice system applied also to the police, the police would think twice before they wantonly murder.

Being a police officer is not supposed to be risk free. A police officer should be concerned about the public, not merely his own family. We cannot accept gratuitous police violence on the grounds that the officer’s behavior is dictated by his concerns for his own family. If an officer cannot accept the risks of being a police officer, he should find a different occupation.

Police violence is out of control because mayors, prosecutors, and governors are failing the public by refusing to put a halt to it. According to conservatives, punishment deters crime, but they do not apply this to the police.
Police violence is also out of control because of the revolution in police training which teaches police to protect themselves and to subdue the suspect regardless of cost. A number of former police officers have written to me that the reason they gave up the occupation is that today police are being trained to be killers like soldiers.
If a former police officer or someone knowledgeable about this training would describe it and its history, where it originated and why, I will post it on the website.

Contrived race riots, tainted and false mainstream media reports and widespread provocation of violence across our country designed to usher in martial law dominates our lives for the moment. Just when we felt that Hillary might face justice before Congress, the Dallaa shooting and the Soros-inspired race riots have removed Clinton from the headlines as she has once again escaped justice.
In the past 24 hours, I have received multiple accounts from Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana which indicates that a Dallas style false flag attack could be imminent. It is my profound hope that by exposing this plot, we may keep it from happening. Amazingly, the FBI has issued a warning which supports my assertion that my issuing of a false flag warning for law enforcement personnel in Louisiana is warranted.
I begin this warning with several  email communications from people, in the impacted areas, who are fearful of a Dallas style false flag attack. This will be followed with the FBI warning. And finally, the reader will be presented with very simple evidence that supports the fact these events are not spontaneous responses to perceived racially motivated instances of police brutality. This is  coordinated effort that is operating with behind-the-scenes intelligent design.

Dear Mr. Hodges,
I read your columns every day and I fear you may be correct when you said that the Dallas shootings are a false flag attack with ulterior motives.
In my work I encounter many LEO’s here in Shreveport and for the three I have already spoken with, to a person, they feel that they have been targeted and that something big could happen very soon. None of the LEO’s feel that Micah Johnson did the shooting of the dozen cops in Dallas. One LEO told me that these cops were wearing riot gear, some were wearing bullet proof vests and were ready for violence when the shooting started. He said that the moment that shots were fired from one location, most of the cops would have sought cover and immediately returned fire.  He also said the only reason that this did not happen is that they were shot from different angles and they had nowhere to hide. He emphatically stated that there was nowhere that was safe and this was an assassination carried out by MULTIPLE SHOOTERS.
One other LEO I spoke with told me that they have been warned of a Dallas style attack here in Shreveport.
Monday will be the first workday since the Dallas shootings. I will see more LEO’s on Monday but I do not think I am going to hear anything different.
I fear that this is going to become a national trend and this will be the most violent summer for law enforcement in the history of our country. Finally, there is no way that these are random acts of violence. Some force behind the scenes must be coordinating this. The MO in every city is eerily similar.

I have listened to your show since you were on RBN and you seem to be frequently ahead of the curve on many of these issues. However,  I have a piece of information that you could not be aware of. I am a nurse in Baton Rouge and I am aware that we are receiving massive amounts of shipments of blood that could be used for transfusions and we are also receiving a lot of pain medication. I lived through Katrina and we did not see this kind of spike.  I feel that something big is about to happen.  Do you have any information that could confirm my suspicions? Please keep my name out of any report you make because I am aware of what happened to one of the trauma nurses in the Batman shootings when she was questioning the accuracy of the police reports based on what she saw in the operating room.

To those of you who  who have written to me and have stated that this is nonsense and that there is no such thing as a false flag attack, you might want to consider the following FBI memo coming out of the Fusion Threat Center in New Orleans.

Clearly, the events on the street coincide with the FBI warning and the concerns of the citizens of Louisiana who have written to me expressing apprehension and concern about what is coming.

For those who think that these are spontaneous events in response to white on black police brutality, these kinds of protests have spread from the US to the UK.  The following took place in London. George Soros is everywhere fermenting revolution for the purpose of causing martial law to be declared so that all opposition can be eliminated.

I have someone close to me who was a sniper in a branch of the military. From day one, he was telling me that one person did not do all that shooting. He said this was a coordinated mission using multiple shooters and the police were caught in triangulated fire with nowhere to run. He also believes that a patsy had to be created and Johnson fit that need. And just like the Aurora Batman shooting, where the perpetrator had over  $100,000 of high grade military hardware in his apartment, where did either man get the funds to have such a cache of weapons? Johnson was a man of meager means as was the Batman shooter who was a starving medical student. These weapons stockpiles in both cases were designed to enhance the false-flag narrative.

I was watching CNN following the shooting and CNN reported at least two shooters on multiple occasions. By the next day, the lone nut gunman scenario replaced these original reports.

I would encourage everyone to read Doug Hagmann’s account as he has interviewed an insider about the Dallas shooting.

And to Hillary Clinton, we hope you have enjoyed your brief respite from the relentless attacks upon your lack of moral character and integrity. You will soon return to the front pages of the media until justice is done and you stand charged with your many crimes you have committed against the American people.

Finally, I want to refer the readers to an Obama speech made in Germany in 2014. This 19 second video says it all and no further elaboration is needed as this represents the end game with regard to the present level of insanity that we are witnessing.

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