Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Coming Wars: India Moves Tanks To Chinese Border, Despite Warnings U.S. Vows To Continue South Sea Operations, Russian Citizens Are Preparing For War, The Hostage Air Base

India Moves Nearly One Hundred Tanks, Troops to Chinese Border

With tensions rising between China and India, New Delhi has deployed nearly 100 tanks to its eastern border.

The mountainous region of Ladakh, in northern India, lies in a tense location between disputed Kashmir and Tibet. In an effort to boost its military presence in the area, the Indian military has sent Russian-made T-72 tanks to Ladakh’s Chinese border.
"The vast flat valleys along the mountain ranges allow for armored movement; besides, there has been an increase in the force levels across the border," an unnamed military official told NDTV.

The tanks have undergone significant upgrades to be better outfitted for the region’s climate.

This marks the third regiment placed in Ladakh by India since 2014.
Tensions between the neighbors have been building recently. Earlier this month, the Indian Navy deployed three ships to the South China Sea

Beijing and New Delhi are also competing over Nepal. While Nepalese Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli has expressed an interest in working more closely with the Chinese government, India is unlikely to surrender its own influence over Kathmandu.

While China has warned against escalating tensions in the South China Sea, the Pentagon has remained defiant, announcing that its forces will continue to operate in the region.

In the wake of the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration decision that determined Beijing has no legal basis for claiming historical rights to territories within the nine-dash line in the South China Sea, tensions have continued in the waterway.
On Monday, Sun Jianguo, admiral and deputy chief of the Joint Staff Department of China’s Central Military Commission, warned againstcontinued US military aggression.

"But China consistently opposes so-called military freedom of navigation, which brings with it a military threat which challenges and disrespects the international law of the sea," he said. "This kind of military freedom of navigation is damaging to freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, and it could even play out in a disastrous way."

But on Wednesday, US Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson maintained that the US will continue to operate in the region.
Describing a meeting between Richardson and Yuan Yubai, commander of the Chinese North Sea Fleet, the US Navy stated that the former "underscored the importance of lawful and safe operations in the South China and elsewhere professional navies operate."
"The US Navy will continue to conduct routine and lawful operations around the world, including in the South China Sea, in order to protect the rights, freedoms and lawful uses of sea and airspace guaranteed to all," Richardson said, adding, "This will not change."

The US and its Pacific allies have expressed opposition to China’s construction of artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago, accusing Beijing of attempting to establish an air defense zone. China maintains it has every right to build within its own territory and that the islands will be used primarily for civilian purposes.

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles on Tuesday which flew between 500 and 600 km (300-360 miles) into the sea off its east coast, South Korea’s military said, the latest in a series of provocative moves by the isolated country.
The U.S. military said it detected launches of what it believed were two Scud missiles and one Rodong, a home-grown missile based on Soviet-era Scud technology.
North Korea has fired both types numerous times in recent years, an indication that unlike recent launches that were seen as efforts by the North to improve its missile capability, Tuesday’s were meant as a show of force.
“This smells political rather than technical to me,” said Melissa Hanham, a senior research associate at the U.S.-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California.
“I think the number and distance of the missiles lets them remind the ROK (Republic of Korea) of what they are up against,” she said, referring to South Korea by its official name.
The launches came nearly a week after South Korea and the United States chose a site in the South to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system to counter threats from the North, which had prompted Pyongyang to threaten a “physical response”.

The United States isn’t the only place where you’ll find citizens concerned with a rapidly deteriorating geo-political landscape and the real possibility of another World War.
According to a report from Newsweek titled In Europe and Russia There’s Talk Of War, plenty of Russians feel the same way:

Recently, I grabbed a taxi in Moscow. When the driver asked me where I was from, I told him the United States. “I went there once,” he said, “to Chicago. I really liked it.”

“But tell me something,” he added. “When are we going to war?”

The question, put so starkly, so honestly, shocked me. “Well, I hope never,” I replied. “No one wants war.”
At the office, I ask a Russian employee about the mood in his working class Moscow neighborhood. The old people are buying salt, matches and gretchka [buckwheat], he tells me—the time-worn refuge for Russians stocking up on essentials in case of war.

Older generations of Russians know exactly what the build up to a war looks like and signs around the world indicative of serious problems simply can’t be ignored.
With Vladimir Putin having recently purged 50 of his top commanders following an old Soviet doctrine that calls for exactly such maneuvers ahead of war, there appear to be a variety of actions being undertaken by both East and West in anticipation of a large-scale conflict. NATO is deploying more assets to the Eastern front and the Russians for, their part, are feverishly deploying new weapons systems, one of which is reportedly capable of obliterating an entire U.S. state the size of Texas, as well as a Tsunami torpedo that could wipe out entire coastal cities.

The United States runs its air operations against ISIS in Iraq from Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. The base, used by other NATO forces as well, is not American. It is Turkish, and the U.S. needs government permission to fly from there. 
Since the 15 July coup attempt in Ankara, U.S. forces at Incirlik are essentially hostages to the Turkish government. 
The Turkish base commander and his aides have been arrested; U.S. personnel are confined to base; outside power has been cut off; and while the U.S. has been permitted to resume operations over Iraq and Syria, it is working under adverse conditions, to say the least.  Most worrisome, about 50 hydrogen bombs are stored by the U.S. at Incirlik, ostensibly on behalf of NATO. These bombs are "protected" by Turkish troops and to some degree their potential use is shared with the Turkish Air Force.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the expansion of NATO, one can ask why tactical nuclear weapons in NATO were retained as times and conditions have changed. The U.S. now finds itself escalating operations out of Incirlik as it increases the fight against ISIS, al Nusra, and al Qaeda. Turkey itself is increasingly authoritarian and increasingly involved in the wars in Syria and Iraq as well as fighting Kurdish separatists. But only late in 2015 did Incirlik see the beginning of security upgrades for its nuclear stockpile.

It should be noted that the weapons kept in Turkey are each about ten times more powerful than the atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They should not be considered "tactical" at all. These are WMD -- that is, weapons of mass destruction. Keeping them in harm's way is an act of political irresponsibility.
And then there is the problem of Turkey. Increasingly radicalized, if Turkey were to acquire the weapons for itself -- say by expelling U.S. and NATO forces from Incirlik -- it would not only have the weapons, but the means to deliver them. Turkey has F-16s and nuclear-capable F-4 Phantom jets.

A nuclear Turkey would become a significant threat in the Middle East in a multitude of directions (i.e., against Greece/Cyprus, against Israel, against Russia, against Iran). It would absolutely cause Iran to mount nukes on missiles (which it could quickly acquire from North Korea if not locally produced). A nuclear Turkey is immense threat to involve NATO in a conflict with no clear or positive outcome.

Finally, there is always the possibility of terrorists getting nuclear bombs. Under current political conditions, with the Turkish general staff and military decimated, the time is ripe for an external attack on Incirlik. The acquisition of a potentially usable nuclear weapon by terrorists is the worst nightmare of all. 

It would be optimal to ship the weapons out of Turkey, but if that is not possible, there is a lesson from history. After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the U.S. physically disabled the nuclear weapons under its control. In any case, a rescue team should be positioned in the area, ready to intervene if necessary. For the U.S. to continue operating in a business-as-usual mode, but under hostage-like conditions, is extraordinarily risky. 


WVBORN56 said...

Maybe Scott or Caver could comment on a potential WWIII and how it plays or impacts prophecy? It certainly meets the rumors of wars criteria. It also seems to me that it potentially could be s factor in the tribulation with the mass deaths predicted. Are there other narratives I'm missing?

Scott said...

In my opinion, the wars which will take place during the Tribulation aren't as defined as Gog-Magog and Isa 17....It appears that nukes are launched at some point (thats debatable, but I believe it accounts for some of the descriptions in the scriptures) - where a third of the population is wiped out and before that 1/4 of the population is wiped out - and all of that leads into the final wars which lead into Rev 19 as the remaining troops gather at armageddon. Of course this is in addition to the 'natural disasters' that will come onto the earth. But beyond the vague statements such as the "kings of the East" etc we don't get a specific listing of countries involved as we do with Gog-Magog, so these wars aren't quite as defined (at least in my mind)

Caver said...

From my knot hole to the world, Scott just nailed it.

The only thing I would add.....the invasion using horses and chariots and the like verses the modern equivalent....jets, jeeps, etc. Normally, I would take this as just allegory, but it is repeated sufficiently to consider the very real possibility of it being literal.

Russia is one of the very few countries that have enough horses to do it....Mrs C looked it up one day. No breeding necessary, they got them.

One EMP over the right area or one Neutron Bomb could render today's automation null and void. One of each is a done deal and all of a sudden that allegory of the Bible is reality.

WVBORN56 said...

Good thoughts guys, thanks. It is obviously a very scary time if your not a believer and are even half way paying attention.

A Trump victory is looking like a real possibility at this point which leads me to believe the rapture could very well occur prior to the election. I just don't see a nationalist winning at a minute before midnight! It would set the globalist plans back big time. Of course they could take other measures to assure he never sets foot in the oval office. They already have the media in their back pocket and cheating and lying seem to be second nature and we just witnessed what a failed coup and Marshall law look like in Turkey. Even with all that is going on world wide it is still pretty much "business as usual"............ but for how much longer?

We live in crazy amazing times. I'm glad we have a biblical perspective witnessing God's plan unfold! Scott thanks again for your faithful work.

Scott said...

Agree. I cant see a genaralized populist uprising against globalism as being successful (for very long) because that would interrupt the birth pains (esp this late in the process) and that cant happen. So something has to abort this process one way or the other. My preference would be the gathering up :)

Caver said...

WV, I would agree with the basic premise but my timeline is being sworn in and having time to implement his promises.

One other point to insert into the equation. The Revivals going on in the country. They're big. The one in Burlington is showing every sign of spreading out. We're praying for that. Huge, huge numbers coming from many states to attend under a tent in oppressive weather with well over 700 saved in Burlington alone as of 10 days ago.

It certainly looks, to me at least, that the Lord is openly showing His hand and is moving among His people in a number of ways.

Thank You Father!!!!

Dutch Treat said...

To comment further about the revivals, the Bible is very clear about what will happen to America as a nation. There is no way we can change it or avoid it. However God also pronounced judgement on Ninevah; and after Jonah's preaching they repented; and God delayed His judgement for 100 years or so; and the same thing could happen here. Now we may be too far along in the process to change it; but I can't discount the possibility.

Scott said...

Yea but people coming to Christ in revivals and having a fundamental lasting change in the globalist movement via the nations and the UN are totally separate things. I believe its Gods infinite grace and mercy allowing salvation to as many people as possible prior to the tribulation

Scott said...

I dont see that process (revival) as changing the government and movements towards a world government. That process will continue as birthpains imo

Caver said...

Dutch, I see it the same way as Scott. The way this is spreading out and multiplying it appears that its moving from the revival to the local church. Its a huge harvest before the Rapture....the Latter Rain maximizing the harvest. I don't know many who think its a delay of events.

One person asked why NC? A pastor mentioned that NC passed a law on gay marriage and is standing against everything Hollywood, the Adm, and business can throw at it. The State is standing firm and just maybe God is answering. We had the State Attorney General at one of the meetings a couple weeks ago.

Just a thought.

Caver said...

Whoops, I misspoke. I said the NC law was concerning gay marriage. It wasn't. The law the country finds objectionable prevents folks from using the rest room of their choice. In NC you must use the rest room or locker room corresponding to your birth biology.

This has been very costly to NC. Just today the NBA cancelled their All Star game in the state. Several businesses have canceled expansion here and numerous concerts have been cancelled due to the law.

D. Pearson said...

Yeah, isn't it funny how big businesses and pro ball tournaments, seem to align with right is wrong? Good riddance to Google , PayPal and the NBA

Alice said...

Amen, David! Amen!

Say, just finishing watching Mr. Trump's acceptance speech and something just occurred to me. Try this. Say "Trump Pence" 3 times, as if it's one word. What's it sound like to you???

Could it be we're being given a clue about a particular feast of God's this fall? ;)


ally said...

Still sticking with the world goes insane (which is pretty far along already) the average Joe wakes up and is terrified. Finally. And can't figure out what we have, they don't have, which is mainly peace inside, super short time for intense witness, then we are out of here!!!!
I have witnessed the 2 most unlikely humans possible for salvation get saved recently. Both dear friends of mine, one had been following Shiva and the other is just, well pretty far out there. Neither of these people had a church involved, or even any one witnessed to them really. It was the Holy Spirit himself who did the work. (Yes I prayed for them both, but witnessing from me wouldn't have worked I don't think. :\)
Poor Holy Spirit, I sick him on everybody. Lol
Soon soon soon!!! We will be headed home