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Death Toll In Baghdad Twin Blasts Rises To 165, Israel Locks Down Flashpoint Hebron, Christian Refugees Being Ignored, CIA/Washington's Illegal Arms Trade

Death Toll in Baghdad Twin Blasts Rises to 165

According to INA News Agency, the death toll in Baghdad twin blasts has risen to 165 people.

It has been reported earlier that at least 131 people were killed and hundreds more injured following the explosions. 
The attack, which claimed the lives of many children and injured hundreds of people, occurred early on Sunday in central Baghdad's majority-Shiite Karrada district, the Al Jazeera news channel reported, citing its own sources.
​The early morning attack claimed a large number of casualties as many Iraqi families were on the streets during the last days of the holy month of Ramadan.
The attack was followed by a second explosion. An improvised explosive device went off the also majority-Shiite Shaab area of the Iraqi capital. The blast killed five people and injured 16, according to reports.  
Daesh was recently pushed out of Fallujah by Iraqi forces, but the terrorist group still controls Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, which is located in northern Iraq. 

The Isis fighters who massacred at least 22 people at a café in Bangladesh ordered hostages to recite verses from the Quran and “tortured” anyone who could not, it has emerged.
The father of one of the survivors said his son was held hostage for 12 hours after being separated from the foreign victims.
Rezaul Karim told Bangladesh's Daily Star newspaper: “The gunmen were doing a background check on religion by asking everyone to recite from the Quran. 
“Those who could recite a verse or two were spared. The others were tortured.”
An Isis-affiliated propaganda agency released photos from inside the restaurant during the raid, appearing to showing the bodies of women and men on the floor in pools of blood by overturned tables and chairs.
Mr Karim said that Bangladeshi nationals who were able to say selected passages of the Muslim holy book were treated well and given food.
His son Hasnat was among 13 hostages freed after armed police and Bangladeshi troops raided the Holey Artisan Bakery café on Saturday morning.
Army Brigadier General Nayeem Ashfaq Chowdhury said most of the hostages were “killed mercilessly by sharp weapons” but local reports of beheadings were unconfirmed.
The so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, saying its “commandos” targeted the restaurant because it was “frequented by Crusaders” – a term it uses to refer to foreigners mostly from the West.

Israeli troops locked down the occupied West Bank’s most populous city Hebron and surrounding villages on Saturday after two Israelis were killed in Palestinian attacks nearby.

The crackdown comes amid a flare-up in nine months of deadly violence as the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan looms, and after the major diplomatic players called for urgent steps by both sides to revive the moribund peace process.
Troops closed all exit roads from Hebron except for the main northern one through the town of Halhul towards Jerusalem, an AFP correspondent reported.
The army announced on Friday that it would close off the flashpoint city and deploy two additional battalions to the area.
The measures were described as the “most substantial steps on the ground” since 2014, when Israeli forces carried out a huge search operation in the southern West Bank for three young hitchhikers abducted and later found murdered by Palestinian militants.
Hebron has been one of the main focuses of the wave of deadly unrest that has rocked Israel and the Palestinian territories since last October.

Before dawn Monday, four suicide bombers killed five and wounded at least a dozen in the Lebanese Christian town of al-Qaa. Later that night, as townspeople prepared to bury their dead, four more suicide bombers hit.
The attacks underscored just how endangered are Christians who live in today’s Muslim world. As the United States debates how many Mideast refugees to accept and who should get priority, the answer is staring us in the face: Those most in need of refuge are Christians and Yazidis who live among Muslims.
On June 19, a suicide bomber killed three people as he detonated himself at a memorial to massacred Christians in Qumishi, Syria. On June 9, a Pakistani Muslim mob badly beat a man merely because he was a Christian. On June 5, two people were killed when Islamists targeted a church with rockets in Syria; the same day, a Christian man was hacked to death at his shop by Islamists in Bangladesh. On June 2, in Nigeria, Muslim youths beheaded a Christian woman for allegedly insulting Mohammed.
And that’s just this month — a typical month, sadly, for the world’s Christians.
In May, similar Muslim attacks against Christians took place in Niger, Turkey, Syria, the Philippines, Uganda, Pakistan and Bangladesh. On March 27-28, a Taliban group murdered 69 Christians and wounded 30 more, mainly women and children, as they were celebrating Easter in a park in Lahore, Pakistan.
The list goes on.

Yet President Obama seems to value endangered Muslim lives more than the lives of endangered Christians and Yazidis.
In April, America built a temporary “surge” center in Amman, Jordan, to more rapidly process Muslim immigrants from Syria. The vetting process has been “fast tracked,” perhaps in order to meet Obama’s desired number of 10,000 Muslim Syrians to be admitted by September.
The Obama administration has called for an openhearted and massive acceptance of Muslim refugees from war zones. Democratic leaders insist that it would be wrong, morally, legally and politically, to stop Muslim immigration — but concede that it’s currently impossible to identify would-be jihadists among refugees or homegrown radicals among their descendants.

The United Nations has more modestly suggested that Western nations accept Muslim “women and children” first.
Obama has paid no attention to what has happened in Europe, namely the large number of sexual assaults of girls, women and homosexuals by Muslim men, as well as the staggering financial cost of hosting hostile, non-productive immigrants who may have no desire to assimilate to Western customs.
Here’s another suggestion.
If we want to accept refugees in flight from Arab and Muslim war zones, why not start with Christians who are being slaughtered by Muslims in Muslim-majority countries? Although they’re Arabs, Africans or Central Asians, the fact that they’re also Christians might make them more inclined to assimilate to Western ways — and, even if they assimilate imperfectly, they’re more likely to respond to Western freedoms in nonviolent ways.
Why has the pope offered symbolic asylum in the Vatican only to Muslims and not to fellow Christians? 
However, the pope has remained silent about the systematic destruction of the Eastern Christian Church. He hasn’t supported Egyptian President Abdel Fatta el-Sisi, who is trying to break the stranglehold that the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood still has on Egypt.
I have been told by the director of the Hatune Dogan Foundation, Hans Erling Jensen, that Christians stuck in refugee camps in Turkey have arrived penniless; that Muslims don’t look out for them but, instead, continue to persecute them. Most are starving. Many don’t have money to buy food or to pay traffickers to smuggle them out.
Why not bring Christians and Yazidis from the Muslim world here first? Why not bring Muslim dissidents, ex-Muslims, and Muslim homosexuals here second? 
Finally, why not bring Muslim girls and women who are already in flight from honor-based violence, including from honor killing here, next — before we extend visas, green cards and asylum to Muslim boys and men.

As it has been repeatedly noted by American analysts, US politicians and journalists are working hand in hand to conceal their crimes and “horrors” from their fellow citizens. Therefore it’s not an easy job to find any confirmation regarding such “horrors” imposed by Washington across the globe “in the name of the greater good for Americans.” US political elites have learned from the experience of broadcasting the events of the Vietnam War that they must disguise all unpleasant facts from the eyes of the American public. Since that moment on, the broadcast of “horrors” is strictly prohibited in the United States, therefore the media has no chance of making public the true nature of the bloody massacres committed by American during various wars. Even the images of the bodies of fallen American soldiers being brought back home from wars abroad are strictly prohibited in public media space.
However, the fact that the White House and the CIA are the main instigators of these “horrors” and wars around the globe has been covered in thousands of articles in various countries and media sources. Moreover, the international community has urged numerous non-governmental organizations to start an international investigation into the actions of Washington and the CIA along with the schemes that allow corrupt politicians to gain profits from numerous “training programs of the opposition forces’ at the expense of American taxpayers.
At the same time, those American political elites who have already become corrupted are convinced that there will be no prosecution of their deeds, therefore they assume that they can safely carry on targeting other countries for the sake of gaining even more wealth, thereby creating an atmosphere of instability in the world.

This fact has been confirmed yet again by The New York Times, which reported that the weapons supplied by the US and Saudi Arabia to Jordan, where militants of the so-called “Syrian opposition” are being trained, were systematically stolen and sold on the black market. The exact number of stolen weapons hasn’t been mentioned, but the newspaper describes it as a stream, which suggests that the number is considerable.
As a result, those weapons are being transported by the CIA and Pentagon abroad, where criminal gangs are selling them to all sorts of felons and terrorist groups. In particular, those weapons were used in an armed assault in Amman last November, which resulted in five people killed, including two American citizens, notes The New York Times.
Meanwhile, the CIA keeps selling weapons to various terrorist groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and other states, which has been repeatedly mentioned by Western media sources.

However, small arms and rocket-propelled grenades are not the only commodity the CIA is willing to sell at a bargain price, since its agents are also trading components for weapons of mass destruction, allowing, for instance, ISIS militants to build so-called “dirty bombs”. This fact has recently been mentioned by the Wall Street JournalGlobal Research and other media sources. Moreover, the so-called “accidental” facts of US-made weapons ending up in the hands of criminals and various extremists have been seen not only in Middle East alone, where Washington is committed to its “efforts” to bring down various unwanted governments, but at international weapons markets as well.

Senate Candidate Exposes McCain, Obama, and Clinton: “Partners in Creating and Arming and Funding ISIS” | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

An Arizona Senate candidate has emerged who is calling a spade a spade.  The following video portrays what may very well be the most shocking allegations in the history of American politics.
Dr. Kelli Ward has taken the gloves off where it concerns the public service of Senator John McCain.  She has rightly stated the McCain, along with President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, were actual “Partners in Creating and Arming and Funding ISIS”.

It really does not get more serious than this accusation unless someone alleges that rogue elements within the U.S. Federal Government were directly responsible for the planning, coordination, execution and cover-up of the false flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001 … … … which it was.
Outright treason has been perpetrated against the American people by the highest officials in the land.  Somehow they have managed to get away with it … until now.  Go get ’em Dr. Kelli Ward!  Hopefully the residents of Arizona will watch you back.

Here’s the video that contains the extraordinary statements outlining high crimes against the American people, war crimes against the people of Syria and crimes against humanity across the Northern Levant purposefully committed by the POTUS, Secretary of State and Arizona Senator.

What makes this story such a mega-bombshell is not that McCain & Company created, funded and armed ISIS.  What is so explosive is that a very serious U.S. Senate candidate publicly proclaimed it on the global Internet.  Practically everyone now knows that the C.I.A., MI6 and the MOSSAD set up ISIS just as they set up Al-Qaeda before them. However, using such a radioactive claim to run a senatorial campaign is as unprecedented as it is earth-shaking. (See references below)

The forceful proclamation of this type of raw truth will surely be a game-changer as other candidates realize that the only way to dump the traitors in Congress is to use their own treasonous records against them.  Even though the MSM has steadfastly ignored this highly newsworthy event, the higher Dr. Ward’s star rises in the political firmament the more difficult it will be for them hide this truly revolutionary news.  Just like the Donald Trump strategy, the truth shall set the American people free when enough of it is uttered across the USA.

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