Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekend Headlines: Prophecy Unfolding

There are so many pertinent articles it will be hard to summarize each one due to volume - below are the headlines: 


Unknown said...

The first story (the UN one) should be unthinkable, but not so much after the left few years....shocking

Caver said...

This is insane. Utterly insane. The Turkey fiasco is looking more and more like a Red Flag so Erdogen can purge the military, judicial, political and media of anyone that doesn't agree with him. Now they cut power to the air base we use and prohibit our flights to combat we have 61 nuclear weapons stored there. Damascus.....its time to start worrying.

We have arrayed our forces around the South China Sea in an obvious warlike position. I don't know the answer here, but agree we can't let China just take control of all this territory and the shipping lanes. This was a very aggressive and uncharacteristically clumsy "grab" by China. Why the immediate rush?

Russia is a different story. This one is so close to going "hot" it isn't funny, and its all the US and NATO.

Geepers folks, there are more "hair triggers" out there with a finger on them than you can count.

Glad we know Who is still on the Throne!

WVBORN56 said...

Caver you should post more often. I always appreciate your insightful insight comments.I always learn something! 👍

ally said...

I concur with WVA! Caver you rock!
This Turkey thing. You gotta be a sick paranoid dude to pull this stuff off. It's all just part of satans confusion.
So the illuminati has a fb page, a webpage for us useless eaters, you tube channel. Oh and better yet, they have a magic amulet they wanna sell ya that will "change your life". Forgot, they are actually saying publicly know that the antichrist is on the way.
Crazy doesn't begin to describe this insanity.
Scott, you know it's close when I'm at a prophecy conference all day and then spend 5 hours on the web just trying to catch up on what I missed while I was in the conference.
People I would not be buying any green bananas ;)
We are so close so so close

Scott said...

hows the prophecy conference going?

ally said...

Wow, God is moving. Joel Richardson was kind enough to talk to me for over an hour last night. LA Marzulli, Tom Horn, Chris Putnum, Ken Johnson, Paul McGuire, Bill Koening Bill Salus etc. Is incredible to be in the presence of all these greats!
Every lecture I think of you!!!!
I will ask anybody anything you want so let me know. All these guys are so down to earth and approachable!!! Tehehe :) im going to see Avi Lipkin in just a few minutes.
Scott, God is always moving, but hold onto your seat belts because we are about go into hyperdrive!!!!
Oh btw, giggle, I met some nice ladies from your neck of the woods who are looking for a good church so I told her to come on over to your sight!!!
I love you guys, I wish you were all here with me!!!! I'm sure the lectures will eventually make their way on line. You can live stream, or get the cds. People from all over the world are here.
Prophecy Watchers is putting it on.
I been so excited I can't sleep at night. The Holy Spirit is so sweet, it's been so nice to be with the corporate body.
Scott, it's gonna get a million times crazier than it is now, but I'm so excited. We are going home very soon.

WVBORN56 said...

No green bananas? that is imminent!

ally said...

;) so glad I could make you laugh brother.
I plead the precious blood of Jesus over each and every reader of this blog. I plead his precious blood over the writer of this blog. I ask you Jesus to fill every person associated with this blog with the Power of your Holy Spirit, full to overflowing, I ask you Jesus to refresh, restore, cleanse, equip, deliver, empower, comfort and heal each and every person associated with this blog. Fill us with your desires that we may be equipped to fufill your plan for our lives and your kingdom!!!! In the NAME above ALL NAMES, Yeshua, Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth! Amen