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Globalism, Tyranny, World Government And The Role Of The UN

One World Governing Through The United Nations | Fighting The Tyranny

As America burns our political system stands by and watches the collapse of the last beacon of sovereignty and individual rights fall into the eternal abyss of history that will be written by future generations. Their writings will be interesting to say the least as we are at the very turning point that determines how our history will be written. In the saying, “the winners write the history books and the losers are erased”, will our voice be the ringing voice in the books or the scream that was silenced? 

These are our choices and we all have a role to play. The coming collapse is being orchestrated and the band is blasting out the notes. As long as the people are dancing the global agenda is distracted from view. This is intentionally the goal of the globalist that are pulling the strings and operating out of the one world governing body – United Nations.

The goal of the United Nations is a global society, a one world global governing body that it would, of course, be the legislating body and housing for the One World Order. 
We have seen the United Nations play a larger role in American politics here of late and the influence is only growing. Senator Rand Paul and a small portion of others have called for the U.S. to exit the United Nations, but overall the agenda and power of the U.N. persist. 
Our wars and economy are now under the U.N. control and we have seen a mass moving of U.N. vehicles and equipment throughout the country that has led to many speculations and theories.Some believe the United Nations is about peacekeeping while others see them as the main reason for the chaos among nations. I tend to lean-to the latter quite a bit.
The United Nations is a dream of the globalist elite that are seeking this one world government. Originally founded as a way to boaster the relationship between the West and the European Nations it has taken on other goals and looking for deeper achievements.
The United Nations isn’t the first attempt at setting up a global governing body. An earlier attempt was made during the first World War by the birth of “The League of Nations” under the Treaty of Versailles “to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security.” When the second World War started it was apparent that the League of Nations was a failure and they ceased operations.
Enter in World War II and a need for world unity could be heard bellowing out from the globalist. The term “United Nations” was coined by former United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt and he used it first in the  Declaration by United Nations on 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers. This would prove to be more controlling and governing than the former League of Nations. One globalist making the biggest contribution to the birth of the United Nations was David Rockefeller when he donated the land that the United Nations is sitting on.
We are at a new America that has been talked about and foreseen by the founding fathers of the United Nations. The inside collapse and division is taking place by design and the strategy is measuring incalculable victories in many places. The social and culture division is higher than at any time I can remember and the boiling point is coming ahead rapidly. The economic collapse is the most frightening of all the rumors at us today. The Federal Reserve is printing at an unprecedented pace, more fictitious, fiat money and then controlling the interest rates on those notes and through artificial inflation and debt, control the country and the policies of the nation. 
Being that the Federal Reserve is the backing for the One World governing United Nations, this plays perfectly in executing the much-needed economic collapse that will have us collectively calling for “world help.”
The goal of the globalist is transfer of wealth, health, individual and national sovereignty over to a ruling few elite. The plan has been written about, talked about, and some believe written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones tablets in Georgia. One the mysteries “10 commandments” said to be of globalism, the first one deals in population control of 500 million worldwide. The tablets go on to talk about spirituality and turning oneself over to Nature. They fall in direct line with the mission and goals of the United Nations as well.
Our wars are being left in the hands of United Resolutions and not Constitutional Law that is supposed to be the governing Law of the Land. 
The rush to globalize mankind has left our Constitution tattered, battered, and all but extinct in modern politics. There is little to no doubt that America and the American people are on the radar of the United Nations and they will help perpetuate the internal collapse we are going to see. They will step in amidst the chaos and panic and install the global governance they have been commandeering for decades – the few elitist families for centuries.
We can’t be a sovereign, a free society and come under rule of the United Nations. The two can’t coexist as the two are polar opposites of each other. It is clear the direction Washington is steering us in and that is in the world of globalism. The people see this and have begun speaking out and getting involved more, however, it is going to take understanding what the goal is, putting aside differences, and collectively fighting the common enemy that is at the heart of the global rule.
It is the ideology of the Rockefeller family that drives the ideas of the United Nations with think tanks like the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations in the driver’s seat the objectives can be carried out on a smaller more effective, yet global reaching means that ensures the narrative stays on course. The financing of the New World Order is through another infamous family – the Rothschilds.
The Rothschilds have been in power of countries going all the way back to the late 1770’s with the patriarch, Mayer Amschel Bayer. Later he would change the family name to Rothschild and the House of Rothschild Banking Dynasty was born. The same family is in charge of issuing the currency today and indeed, through debt, owns America. The Federal Reserve along with other global banks such as the Bank of Vatican, Bank of England, Bank of Settlements, The World Bank, the IMF, and others are working hand in hand in this transfer of individual sovereignty to the ruling elite. The bankers will be the benefactors while the less elite will get control duties.
An increase in the transportation of United Nations vehicles and equipment along major public highways have many questioning just what is the role of the United Nations? On any social media you can find footage of a truck or even a railroad convoy of United Nations vehicles traveling through the nation, but where is it going, and why? Is our military training them or they training us? Many questions and the answers always seem vague at best.
In all the distraction coming at us don’t forget to keep an eye on the activities at the United Nations and how the talks are effecting our policies and stances throughout the world. They are in control of our economy, military, debt, and soon hope to institute the disarmament of citizens through the heavy-handed U.N. Small Arms Treaty. This is one of the last hurdles the globalist must conquer before the collapse so the coming of the collapse can swing in their favor. An armed resistance is any tyrants worst fear.

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