Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Headlines

Four years ago (July 20, 2012), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood were in the news. Now as the Republican convention comes to a close, WorldNetDaily reports that one of Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisors, Joseph Schmitz, thinks that bills in Congress to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization are a good idea. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates already have banned the Muslim Brotherhood, and Israel agrees that the MB is a terrorist organization. Notwithstanding, the current “president” and Hillary Clinton both see the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign policy partner and have staffers in high-level positions who are associated with it.

But, in the intervening time, it's made strides in an Orwellian direction. Today, it's on social media, scanning faces and logging them along with massive amounts of metadata. The health industry, as well, has been quick to jump on board. Thousands of doctors and health facilities insist on scanning the faces of new patients or updating their files for existing patients.
Thinking about the privacy implications, the picture becomes very frightening, very quickly. Microsoft recently announced the release of a service that can guess your emotional state from a photo. Before that, they produced an age guessing app, which had a sneaky ad-serving element to it.

Radioactive contamination in the seabed off the Fukushima coast is hundreds of times above pre-2011 levels, while contamination in local rivers is up to 200 times higher than ocean sediment, according to results from Greenpeace Japan survey work released Thursday. "The extremely high levels of radioactivity we found along the river systems highlights the enormity and longevity of both the environmental contamination and the public health risks resulting from the Fukushima disaster," Ai Kashiwagi, energy campaigner at Greenpeace Japan, said. Greenpeace sediment sampling in Abukuma river, Miyagi prefecture, February 2016. The Abukuma has a 5,172km2 catchment15 which is largely in Fukushima prefecture, ...

Al Qaeda is using social media to call on its followers to execute lone-wolf attacks on athletes at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next month. The terror organization urged its followers to attack American, British, and French athletes, but especially targeted athletes representing Israel.The site associated with the terror group proudly announced, “Your chance to take part in the global Jihad is here! Your chance to be a martyr is here!”
 The Foreign Desk , news site, reported that the jihadist site wrote, “One small knife attack against Americans/Israelis in these places will have bigger media effect than any other attacks anywhere else In Sha Allah [if Allah wills it].”“Your chance to take part in the global Jihad is here! Your chance to be a martyr is here!” the sites said, citing the easy process of obtaining visas for travel to Brazil as well as the wide availability of guns in “crime-ridden slums.”
The call for murder singles out Israeli athletes.
“From amongst the worst enemies, the most famous enemies for general Muslims is to attack Israelis. As general Muslims all agree to it and it causes more popularity for the Mujahideen amongst the Muslims,” they state.

In a new tactic against suspected coup plotters, Turkey on Saturday announced it had seized more than 2,250 social, educational or health care institutions and facilities that it claims pose a threat to national security.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also sharply criticized Western countries that expressed concern about possible human rights violations in the sweeping purges the government has carried out after the July 15 failed military coup that have left at least 10,000 people in jail and another 60,000 tossed out of their jobs.

Turkey’s purge of Gulen supporters continued on Saturday with the closure of hundreds of private schools, charities and other institutions suspects of links with the US-based cleric. Ankara declared a state of emergency after a failed military coup.
The decree issued by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is his first since the state of emergency was declared on Wednesday. He has ordered the closure of 1,043 private schools, 1,229 charities and foundations, 19 trade unions, 15 universities and 35 medical institutions, state news agency Anadolu reported on Saturday.

A US guided missile destroyer, USS Ross, equipped with the Aegis advanced missile defense system has entered the Black Sea and is heading to the Ukrainian port city of Odessa to join the international maritime exercises Sea Breeze 2016.

The Arleigh Burke destroyer USS Ross is set to join the international exercises in the Back Sea that involve several NATO countries, including the US, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey and the UK, as well as non-NATO members, such Georgia and Ukraine.

A black Donald Trump supporter scolded an apparent CNN reporter outside the Republican National Convention on Thursday after he was asked what he thought about “white supremacists” supporting the GOP candidate.
The Trump supporter, identified as Kenneth, expressed his opposition to Black Lives Matter and the Clintons before the reporter shifted the focus, causing the interview to go off the rails.“What do you think of the fact that the white supremacists support Trump?” the reporter asked.
“It doesn’t matter. That’s the right of free speech. I’m sick of this race and divide. And CNN is perfect at doing that,” Kenneth responded. “It’s always divide and conquer. People have the right to choose who they want.” What the hell does that have to do with Donald Trump? He’s not a racist! I’m sick of that!”
He continued: “It’s a scam! And I know it’s not going to get on CNN. We’re sick of you, media!”

Terry McAuliffe, Democrat Governor of Virginia, followed the illicit lead set by President Barack Obama in abusing Executive Power to benefit the Democrat Party. Obama abused his power by issuing an Executive Order that would have circumvented the US Congress and existing law in order to curry favor with Hispanics by exempting illegal aliens from deportation.
In a similar vein, McAuliffe thought he had found a brilliant way to grow the Democrat Party without the need to spend huge amounts of time and money on voter recruitment. His scheme: Restore the voting rights of convicted felons in time to benefit corrupt Hillary in November!

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime member of the Clinton Machine, tried to swing Virginia into semi-permanent blue status with sweeping executive orders that would have allowed hundreds of thousands of felons to vote in the November election. Felons are among the most loyal demographic slices of the citizenry for the Democratic Party.
The state Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that McAuliffe exceeded his authority.  

At least 61 people were killed and 207 were wounded on Saturday in a suicide attack on a demonstration in Kabul claimed by Islamic State, an official from the Public Health Ministry said.The deaths are more than double earlier estimates.Mohammad Ismail Kawousi, a spokesman for the ministry of public health, said the dead and wounded had been taken to nearby hospitals.

Air conditioners and refrigerators pose as big a threat to “life on the planet” as the threat of terrorism, Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday.
Kerry was in Vienna negotiating a global climate deal to phase out chemicals used as refrigerants in basic household and commercial appliances such as air conditioning and refrigerators, called hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs. The chemicals are a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions that many scientists blame for contributing to global warming.
Kerry made the remarks as part of a pep talk for negotiators working through the weekend to amend a 1987 treaty called the Montreal Protocol to deal with the chemicals.

At 12:52 a.m., this reporter texted Breitbart Washington political editor Matthew Boyle the following message: “56 percent more likely to vote for Trump post speech. 75 percent positive reaction – CNN POLL!!!!!!”
“Huge write,” Boyle replied.
The text was in reference to a CNN instant poll that was briefly displayed onscreen. The numbers were accurate, which brings up one of the problems with instant polls: mainstream media networks have to end up downplaying and throwing cold water on their own poll results when they show support for Trump.

The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planet’s resources. David Icke coined it the “Totalitarian Tip-Toe,” because “they” are making very small steps towards our complete and definitive enslavement.
As a result, the masses remain relatively unaware of the fact that their liberties are being gradually taken away, while the power of the NWO octopus grows steadily.


Mrs.C said...

Traitor John Kerry aka Lurch/Mr.Ed...our AC & refrigerators are more dangerous than Isis!?Is is mad! Maybe residual effects from the LSD he took in the 60's? Thanks John, we'll make sure to set up our security cameras to watch our refrigerator 24/7! The WH has a wall, guns, and ac, but we cant have any of the same? Maybe the Secret Service should turn off the ac in Philly, you know, to remove the "threat"...smh

Scott said...

My thoughts EXACTLY Mrs C