Saturday, July 9, 2016

Planned 'Summer Of Chaos' Begins

Jubilee Jolt: Pre-Planned And Leaked 'Summer of Chaos' Begins in Dallas - The Dollar Vigilante

It was only two days ago that we focused on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaked documents showing they were planning, in concert with the Obama Regime, a “Summer of Chaos.”

We wrote:

Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson had two of his email accounts hacked recently … [They] showed that they are planning to create massive unrest during this election period in something they call the “Summer of Chaos”.  
The leaked documents show that Soros-embraced Black Lives Matter wants to create so much chaos that martial law will be instituted and the elections cancelled.  Chaos is the goal in order to destabilize the populace. 

Two days later, on 7/7 (the magic number 7!), the opening shots were fired in Dallas, Texas. Just as we predicted.
During an evening rally of Black Lives Matter to protest two deadly police shootings, a sniper or snipers took aim from rooftops and killed or wounded numerous government law enforcers.
Following all the trappings of past false flag attacks, the supposed sniper was killed… blown up in fact… before we could gain any information from him.
But, as we said earlier, two top Black Lives Matter activists had their email and Twitter accounts hacked last month and it showed their plans, in concert with US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to cause massive riots and unrest in what they termed the “Summer of Chaos.”
Black Lives Matter leader, Deray McKesson, confirmed that his Twitter and email accounts were hacked.

Deray Mckesson:
"I was hacked today: my Twitter Account, two email addresses, & my phone...."

The hackers released some private messages between Deray McKesson and BLM activist, Samuel Simyangwe, where they discuss how they have 10,000 people ready to be bussed into Cleveland for the Republican National Convention to cause so many problems that they will shut it down.

Samuel Sinyangwe@samswey:

"I wanted to touch base with you about the summer of chaos. So far we have over 2,000 people being bused in from different cities and another 6,000 to 8,000 expected to drive into Cleveland for the convention."

"They will not be ready for the type of crowds we are bringing in and they will blame Trump for it, especially if we shut it down. The GOP will have to replace him at that point or we will continue the disruptions nationwide."

The apparent goal is to cause so many problems in this “Summer of Chaos” as to cancel the upcoming US elections and institute martial law, as can be seen by this further correspondence:

This (below) is an interesting DM exchange between Deray and Netta from last Monday that was pulled from his account:

"Have you spoken with Mrs Lynch recently about the plan for the summer and fall leading up to the elections?"

"We spoke two weeks and they want us to start really pushing how racist Trump is now instead of waiting so the others can start getting the protesters ready to shut both conventions down"

"We have to make sure that we use our voices to keep people disrupting Trump all summer and through the fall so martial law can be declared..."

And they refer to their correspondence with “Mrs. Lynch” on it all… of course, that could be any Mrs. Lynch.  Or it could be US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.
Now, in just the first days of July, two black men were gunned down by police and two high quality videos of it were streamed or immediately posted to the internet.
Black Lives Matter protests sprung up nearly instantaneously… and in the case of Dallas, a sniper or snipers quickly deployed and began killing police.
Rather than deploying their own SWAT team to try to take out the sniper, the police decided to send countless police cars in the area of the building where they sat as sitting ducks.
Then, according to the police, they negotiated with him for a few hours while he told them he wanted to kill white cops.
They then sent a robot up to the building with a bomb and blew him up.
I am not going so far as to say this was certainly a false flag attack nor that this was part of the BLM plans that were leaked during the hack of their accounts.
But this does have all the trappings of a typical false flag attack and meets every checkbox on the governmental agenda.
The shooter?  He was former military.  Check.  They’ve already been pronounced to be probable terrorist suspects.
He claimed, according to the police, to hate white people.  Check.  Race war incitement.
And he used a “long gun” to carry out the act.  Check.  Gun control agenda.
Don’t forget too that BLM is indirectly funded by George Soros, the king of funding and creating riots, coups and regime changes.  And, he’s been known to employ snipers to cause chaos, as they did in the Ukraine.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media headlines repeat the same theme, “The deadliest single incident for US law enforcement since September 11, 2001.”
This, to trigger the American public to recall the events surrounding 9/11, which was also a false flag attack.  People in a state of fear are highly suggestable and can be controlled.

Remember that we’ve been saying that the globalist elites want to try to create a type of civil war in the US to destabilize it, just as they are destabilizing Europe, in order to usher in their globalist plans.

Militarized vehicles with the United Nations logo on them have been spotted recently throughout the US and Jade Helm has now turned into UWEX 2016 which continues to see military equipment moved across the country.  And info from sources is that military and National Guard reserves have been readied for some sort of action.

We have taken to calling these Jubilee Jolts because they fit in with a larger elite intention to create a massive amount of chaos during this Jubilee Year.

Here in Jubilee 2016, we are witnessing the construction of global government. To see this latest occurrence regarding Hillary as part of the normal sociopolitical routine of American justice is to miss the point.  The idea is to undermine society and drain away the confidence of the middle class in their society. 

We wrote that just after Killary Clinton got off the FBI’s charges… another event meant to cause civil discontent.  And it was only a day later that the Dallas events occurred.
As we reach October and the end of Jubilee 2016, the pace of planned chaos and its destructiveness will advance.  The intention is to set the stage for a more emphatic globalism, and the “Summer of Chaos” will enable that.

Whether planned, or not, the events that occurred in Dallas last night will form the basis for massive crisis, chaos, riots, killings and destruction throughout the summer and into this fall in the US… which plays directly into the hands of people like George Soros and the globalists.
As we said only two days ago, and has already come to fruition, get ready for the “Summer of Chaos.”


bumble bee said...

One thing about BLM movement, in their demands on their website there is no mention of anything about addressing the current police issue of police killing black people. Here are their listed demands,

What can be done to end injustice in our community:

Federal charges against Zimmerman. Sign the NAACP Petition here.
Pardon Marissa Alexander. Sign the Change.Org Petition here.
No new jails, prisons or immigration detention centers.
End Stand Your Ground & Shoot First Laws that are so frequently used with impunity against our community.
Re-open the cases of cases to all people with stolen lives by law enforcement, security guards and vigilantes . Learn more here.

There is nothing here about addressing the systemic problems black citizens face with law enforcement. There is nothing about preventing future deaths of people by law enforcement. If BLM is about these killings, where is the demand that something be changed that will ensure this ends. Do I think that cases need to be re-opened, yes to ensure that our legal system works for everyone. But that does nothing for future incidences and if they thought BL really mattered, would that not be demand #1.

Dutch Treat said...

With all the depressing news coming out of Dallas and other places around the world, I'd like to relate a personal experience. I was vacationing in Europe on 9/11; and the eerie part about it was that I left home on Sunday the 9th; and flying from Buffalo to JFK I could clearly make out the Twin Towers from the air, which 2 days later were gone. After dinner that night (which felt more like a morgue) I went to my room and spent the whole night in the Word. What I was really looking for was some comfort; and I knew I wasn't going to get that from CNN. I went to bed still pretty down; and slept on and off that night. Yet I also felt this peace come over me which I can't put into words, a peace that seemed to say: Don't worry! It's gonna be Okay. On the trip I wore a windbreaker with the Promis Keepers logo on it. So some people thought I was a Christian and started asking me if htis was the end of the world and if Armeggeddan was approaching; and one elderly gentleman began asking me a lot of questions about the Bible which I tried to answer as best I could. He stated he had difficulties understanding it. So I told him about my Bible (Life Application) which is in very simple English, and has footnotes that explain a lot of it and how you can apply it to your kife. Well about 10 days after I finally got home he wrote me a letter thanking me for my friendship and companionship, then added: I also want to thank you for telling me about that Bible of yours. I bought one the other day and started reading it; and I'm really enjoying it. So I would encourage everyone to be a beacon of light in this dark world as Scott has been with this site, and just try to control the environment around you; and don't worry! If you love God and believe in His Son, it's gonna be OK!

Scott said...

Very interesting - thanks for sharing and yea indeed its a good point to stay in word right now and be looking up constantly