Friday, March 15, 2013

The Nations Vs. Israel

With every passing day it becomes more and more apparent that friends of Israel are dwindling in numbers and with the exception of Canada it is hard to find any vocal support for Israel. 

Hal Lindsey's latest video update is very interesting and he believes that we may be closing in on a scenario in which "the nations" force a "peace agreement" on Israel. 

Will this peace plan be forced on Israel during the month or March? 

Israelis reacted furiously on Wednesday to what appeared to be blatant interference in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu's coalition-building efforts by a senior United Nations envoy.
Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper reported that UN Special Envoy Robert Serry had told a group of Israeli activists that Netanyahu's expected appointment of Knesset member Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) as Israel's new housing minister was a mistake because it would lead to the construction of new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.
Serry said that building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria only further delegitimizes Israel in the eyes of the world, and so people like MK Ariel should be kept out of such positions.
The Jewish Home party has requested the housing ministry as part of its demands for entering Netanyahu's coalition, which the prime minister is already having great trouble putting together.
Ariel himself slammed the Serry and the UN for meddling at such a delicate time.
"This is an incredibly arrogant statement, and constitutes blatant interference in Israel’s sovereignty," Ariel said in remarks carried by Israel National News.
Other political movements in Israel noted that Serry's interference was likely instigated, or at least fueled, by a recent European Union push to put an economic choke hold on the Jewish settlements.


Coalition negotiations came to an end after six weeks on Friday when Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi both signed coalition agreements with Likud Beytenu paving the way for the swearing-in of a new government early next week.
The coalition will be 68-members strong, featuring Tzipi Livni's Hatnua, in addition to Likud Beytenu, Bayit Yehudi and Yesh Atid.

Netanyahu was scheduled to arrive at the residence of President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Saturday evening in order to officially inform him that he had completed the task of forming a government.


Anonymous said...

there are MANY updates on Tom Horn's site....

among others.

Please go there SOON if you have
a chance. It appears that Francis
is the PERFECT one to bring together the Muslims and the
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also, there is an article about the
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Anonymous said...

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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

Here is an interesting article Scott on the 10 united countries of Europe. This list does not include England or France.

Stephen the link you provided on the new pope was indeed interesting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

please go here >>>>>>>>

it would APPEAR that David Wilkerson's prophecy is VERY CLOSE
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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I am curious on someone giving point of view of the summary of an elaboration about that period of "False Peace" for years before all breaks loose?
Where is this fitting in? I have my view, but desire clarification by others more informed about explaining this period.


Scott said...

Stephen - Thanks for those links. Very interesting.

Ann Barnhardt isn't happy either and has an interesting commentary:


Scott said...

WV - I'll go to that link and come back to that (thanks)

Joyce - The AC comes in on a white horse with a bow but no arrow and was 'given' a crown. This alone suggests that he comes in peace, and Daniel 9:27 is assumed to be a peace covenant "with the many".

Scott said...

WV - I wonder if these are the same 10 countries that were in the process of selecting/recommending an EU "Super-president"? Recall that story last year?

Anonymous said...

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Waterer said...

Dear Stephen,

Jesus really lives and He wants us to fix our eyes on the joy set before us as He did when He suffered. I am sorry for your suffering.
As for as what to do now, I think it is summed up in the two great commandments ( Love HIm, heart, mind, soul and strength) Love each other.) He says that the one who hears and does the WOrd is like one who builds his house on a rock. He is our Rock. As for work to do I believe He said it was to BELIEVE. Share what He means to you and what is true about HIm with those He leads you to and leave the conviction of sin to the Holy Spirit. We sow but HE causes the growth and the harvest is all His. Love not the world BUT rejoice in HIm and give thanks in all things for this is his will for us in Christ Jesus.
Blessings in Him,

Alice said...

KR, that was beautiful! Thank you!

Scott, I can't get the Ann Barnhardt link you posted above to work.