Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rise Of The Dictators And The 'EU-SSR' As The EU Becomes More Totalitarian

Two interesting developments this afternoon: 

In addition to morphing into '10 kings' and producing the antichrist, we know from biblical prophecy that the 10 kings will rule with the antichrist in a draconian form of totalitarianism. Therefore it shouldn't be surprising to see the EU already moving rapidly in that direction. Additionally, we see the rise of dictators in many regions which is also somewhat unnerving. 

A great sense of alarm is spreading among ordinary Europeans today, especially in the south and east of the continent.  Now even the elitist media are giving us the worst international news since the Cold War.
Americans do not want to hear this, either.
Well, you may not be interested in evil, but evil may be interested in you.
Listen up. This could be important.
The Washington Post just told us that a dictatorial strongman has risen to power in Hungary, a man named Viktor Orban.  In a two-hour parliamentary session, Orban forced radical changes in the Hungarian constitution to favor his own party.  Orban caught the European media and political elites by complete surprise.
In Germany, Der Spiegel is finally reporting on Beppe Grillo, calling him "themost dangerous man in Europe."  Grillo is the failed Italian comedian who used the web to recruit 9 million voters in the recent election, barely one percent short of Mussolini's first vote in 1922, giving him a plurality in parliament.
This week, Grillo met with Italy's President Napolitano and demanded that his Five Star Party be given ministerial control of the police and the government-owned media (RAI), the levers of big power.
Nobody knows if Grillo will get what he wants.  If he ever succeeds in running the Italian federal police and media, Italy will be in very deep trouble.  Maybe he won't succeed today, but he is running for the next election coming in June.  Yes, June of this year.
You can believe that Grillo aims for total power.  He says so himself, and his brainwashed followers believe it.
Beppe Grillo sounds like a nutcase, but he is clever as a fox.  It's possible that he says crazy things on purpose to get under the media radar.  What a crazy comedian this guy Grillo must be!  Everybody laughs at him - except his 9 million Italian voters.

Obama and the Democrats are Eurosocialists, and Europe today may therefore be in our own future.  We must dodge that bullet, and to do that, we must first understand it.  Europe and America are no longer separable.  It would be nice to go back to isolationism, but in the age of the web, there's not a chance.

Along with the rise of the crypto-parties, the euro currency is currently under enormous pressure, and the unelected European Union is testing its powers to carve up to 10% out of bank deposits in Cyprus.  If the EU succeeds in its ad hoc banking tax in the small island of Cyprus, it may try the same thing in other member-states.  That fear caused turmoil in the world currency markets this week.

The European Union represents socialism with a smiling face, but it is just as elitist, self-serving, and corruptible as the late Soviet Union.  Euro-skeptics like to call their super-government the EU-SSR.  Member governments are elected by the voters, but the European Parliament is a pure Potemkin Front, just like the Czars of Russia used to make.  

The EU Parliament in Strasbourg has no legislative powers at all.  Rather, the EU is run by appointed "commissions," just as the Soviet Union was run by appointed "soviets" (councels).  As a political machine, the EU owes as much to the Soviet Union as it does to more democratic traditions.  Naturally, the EU comes complete with its own utopian program of EU-style world governance, with peace and prosperity forever to all who obey its dictates.

HUNGARIAN PRIME Minister Viktor Orbán triggered alarm bells around Europe in 2011 when he used a two-thirds majority in parliament to push through a series of measures that concentrated political power, weakened checks and balances and restricted the freedom of the media, religious groups and minorities. Under pressure from the European Union, which Hungary joined in 2004, and from the United States, which shepherded Hungary into NATO, Mr. Orbán backed down a little, modifying measures on the media and courts; at the same time, Hungary’s constitutional court struck down several other laws.

Now Mr. Orbán, a right-wing populist, has attracted more red flags. He recently appointed a close aide as head of the central bank, one of the few remaining independent institutions, triggering a run on the Hungarian currency. Then on Monday the parliament passedextensive new amendments to the constitution Mr. Orbán introduced only a year ago, ignoring explicit warnings from E.U. leaders. The State Department said the revisions“could threaten the principles of institutional independence and checks and balances that are the hallmark of democratic governance.” In Europe there have been calls for Hungary to be stripped of its E.U. voting rights or deprived of some of the $42 billion in funding it was awarded in the union’s new seven-year budget.

So let us look at this question not from an economic but an imperial point of view. One problem of imperial rule is that it can be worse for the satellites of the empire if the centre is democratic. A benign despot can at least take a long view about the welfare of his fiefdom. Elected rulers usually cannot. 

Television footage this week has been of weeping, angry crowds in Nicosia and Limassol, but the crowds that matter are the ones that have not taken to the streets in Berlin or Munich or Hamburg. They get their next vote in the German general election in September. They dislike shelling out for what they see as feckless Mediterraneans: they detest the idea of doing so for what they see as crooked Russians. The conflict between Teuton and Slav has never ceased. Mrs Merkel’s policy for Cyprus has to be constructed round what her Teutons want.
It is another feature of democratic regimes that they are instinctively uncomfortable with imperial pretensions; so they seek the moral high ground, like a mountaineer who just keeps climbing higher when he’s lost in the fog. We British liked to think that we were bringing civilisation and the rule of law to our colonies. The Americans have tended to deny an imperial role altogether and talk about safeguarding democracy.
Now it is the Germans’ turn to exercise an imperium. Their re-entry into the comity of nations has been based on the idea that they are peaceful, law-respecting, internationalist, politically vegetarian. They support an ever-closer European Union because they want to be a “European Germany” to avoid a “German Europe”. 

But as they have grown stronger, their love of rules has turned into an instrument of their power. We are good European citizens, the Germans argue, and we have done well. So the answer is for everyone in the eurozone to behave just like us and they will do well too. One size must fit all, and that size is made in Germany. What the Germans leave out of account is that the single currency which, for them, is artificially low in international value is, for most of the rest of the eurozone, punitively high. What helps them crushes others. After victory in 1945, Churchill broadcast that Germany “lies prostrate before us”. Today, most of southern Europe lies prostrate before Germany.
Mrs Merkel does not see it this way, but if she were to impose upon her own country the levels of unemployment which her eurozone policies inflict upon Spain or Greece or Italy, she would be out of office tomorrow. It is in the nature of imperial power that it is very much slower to feel the pain of those it rules at a distance than that of its own people. That is why its colonial subjects tend to dislike it, even when it is well-intentioned and orderly.
By this point, many people, especially Germans, will be furiously objecting to my line of argument. This is not imperialism, they will say, this is a new concept of doing things called the European Union. The eurozone is on its way, they go on, to the safe harbour of a banking union and a fiscal union, to a United States of Europe in all but name. Then all will have equal rights and equal protection. To get this union right, though, we mustn’t have “legacy debts”: these problems of transition are tough, but if they are firmly dealt with, all will be well.

And possibly, one distant day, it will be. Possibly, just as people all over the known world could once say “Civis Romanus sum” (“I am a Roman citizen”), so they will be able to say, “I am a European”, and know that they are safe and free under the blue flag with its golden stars. It may be for that reason that the eurozone decision-makers decided to make an example of Cyprus. They knew that it was puny. They believed, probably correctly, that it would have to obey. They hoped to show the world, which doubts, that they mean what they say.
But the exertion of such power is a very ugly thing. When you see it exerted you also see who is accorded respect and who isn’t. In this case, ordinary depositors have been disrespected and parliamentary processes have been bullied into giving the “right” answer. Cyprus is capitulating not out of euro-patriotism, but out of fear. This is not European “solidarity” but coercion.


Stephen said...

I am quite sure it will be the EURO that collapses, NOT the dollar
atleast not right away.

Latest news indicates a DEAL whereby a 25 % tax will HIT all
accounts in Cyprus ABOVE the 100,000 EURO threshold.

how sweet >>>>>>>>>>>>>

THAT will produce a collapse no
matter what...........and ONCE
that happens, bank runs will POP
UP all over the EU....

Bulls are not as strong as they
think they are. Sentiment numbers
from Investors Intelligence show
a VERY LOW 18.6 percent bearish.

and it has BEEN UNDER 20 % for two weeks already.

THAT is NOT bullish.

we are running out of bears.

time to crash.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Unknown said...

Most of the bears have been replaced by algorithms. Skynet is in control of the market and battlefield.
John Connor is MIA.

Unknown said...

Take a look at this video and let me know your thoughts...