Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Headlines: Socialists Making Power Grab Of Citizens Money - Cyprus And Frozen Assets, Bank Runs, Broken ATMs

Believe me, this can (and probably will) happen in the U.S. as well. 

Due to an “emergency deal reached today in Brussels”,  a one-time 9.9% tax is to be levied on Cypriot bank deposits of more than 100,000 euros effective Tuesday, March 19.

Virtually overnight and with no warning of any kind,  the emergency tax deal was imposed on the people of Cyprus without vote or debate.  People ran to ATM machines today only to discover that the taxed amount of their cash had already been frozen.

“If it can happen in Cyprus, it can happen anywhere,” worried British correspondent Anna Grayson told Canada Free Press (CFP) in an overseas telephone call today.
“Is this why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has purchased millions of hollow point bullets, is this why rumors of an underground bunker being built for Obama are circulating?”

The bottom line of the Cyprus story is that politicians are forcing a new 10 billion euro bailout—to be paid directly from the bank accounts of ordinary people.

The people of Cyprus, most of whom never saw this coming,  never had a chance.  Without social media they would not have known their accounts were frozen as of today.
People poured into the streets, making a run on ATM machines.  A crowd of around 150 protesters massed in front of the presidential palace late in the afternoon at the beginning of the three-day religious holiday on the island. 

No one will escape the bailout deal which will apply to everyone from pensions to Russian oligarchs, who are alleged to have billions stashed away in what officials claim is a bloated Cypriot banking sector. (Sky News, March 16, 2013).)

The blueprint laid by cunning EU Socialist finance ministers comes at a time when the USA is being led by a Socialist president.

This is how the EU robbed the people of Cyprus:

Banks first cooperated with the EU by sealing off the amount of the proposed levy—a 6.75 percent tax on deposits under €100,000 and 9.9 percent on those above —making it impossible for depositors to access their full amount.  The only means bank customers have left is the ability to draw from the rest of their funds via ATM machines this weekend. Many depositors made their way to the machines on Saturday to drain their accounts. 

But the few banks that opened on Saturdays did so only briefly, and no international transfers will be able to go through until Tuesday, with Monday being the holiday. Cyprus’ Parliament is expected to meet Sunday to pass the required legislation., or after the deed was done. The deal also needs the approval of several eurozone parliaments; at the time of writing it was unclear how fast they can act and what will happen to bank deposits in the meantime.

What’s happening in Cyprus should send a chill over the entire world.

Politicians working with complicit big banks need no rule of law; no parliament debates to close in on the bank accounts of average people.

Late last night, after markets closed for the weekend, following an extended discussion the European finance ministers announced their "bailout" solution for Russian oligarch depositor-haven Cyprus: a €13 billion bailout (Europe's fifth) with a huge twist: the implementation of what has been the biggest taboo in European bailouts to date - the  impairment of depositors, and a fresh, full blown escalation in the status quo's war against savers everywhere.

But it doesn't stop there: a partial "bail-in" of junior bondholders is also possible, as for the first time ever the entire liability structure of a European bank - even if it is a Cypriot bank - is open season for impairments. The logical question: why here, and why now? And what happens when the Cypriot bank run that has taken the country by storm this morning spreads everywhere else, now that the scab over Europe's biggest festering wound is torn throughout the periphery as all the other PIIGS realize they too are expendable on the altar of mollifying voters and investors in the other countries that make up Europe's disunion.

While "saving", pardon the pun, yet another insolvent country merely has the intent of keeping it in the Eurozone, and thus preserving Europe's doomed monetary block and bank equity for a little longer, this idiotic plan will achieve two things: i) infuriate not just Russians but very wealthy, and very trigger-happy Russians. The revenge of Gazpromia will be short and swift, and we certainly would not want to be Europeans next winter when the average heating level of Western European will depend on the whims of Russian natural gas pipeline traffic; ii) start a wave of bank runs first in Cyprus and soon everywhere else that has the potential of being the next Cyrpus.
Sure enough, here come the bank runs:
While the tax on deposits will hurt wealthy Russians with money in Cypriot banks, it will also sting ordinary citizens. Some ATMs in the country have run out of cash, Erotokritos Chlorakiotis, general manager of the Cooperative Central Bank, told state-run CYBC.
Forzen assets and "national bank holidays" are baaaaack:
Funds to pay the levy were frozen in accounts immediately, ECB Executive Board Member Joerg Asmussen said. The levy will be assessed before Cypriot banks reopen on March 19 after a March 18 national holiday. Sarris said electronic transfers will also be limited until then.
Europe's response: this is a unique situation. Just like the Greek bailout was unique;  just like the Irish and Portuguese bailouts were unique;  just like the bailout of Spanish banks was unique.
“As it is a contribution to the financial stability of Cyprus, it seems just to ask a contribution of all deposit holders,” Dijsselbloem said, noting the country’s financial industry was five times the size of its economy. The plan includes “unique measures” that address the “exceptional nature” of Cyprus and show “inflexible commitment to financial stability and the integrity of the euro area.”
Congratulations Cyprus savers - you were just betrayed by both your politicians, and by Europe - sorry, but you are the "creeping impairments" in the game known as European bankruptcy. And so is anywhere between 6.75% and 9.9% of your money, which you were foolish enough to keep with your banks (where at least you were compensated with a savings yield of... 0%).
More importantly, as of this morning Europe has finally grasped that there is a 6.75% to 9.9% premium to holding physical cash in your mattress rather than having it stored with your local friendly insolvent bank.
Luckily Cyrpus is so "small" what just happened there will never happen anywhere else: after all in Europe nobody has ever heard of "setting an example". Or so the thinking among Europe's unthinking political elite goes.
And congratulations Europe: just when people almost believed you things are "fixed" you go ahead and prove to the world that you are as disunified (because size doesn't matter in a true union), as confused, as stupid and as broke as ever. 

“This is a clear-cut robbery,” Andreas Moyseos, a former electrician who is now a pensioner in Nicosia, told the New York Times. Iliana Andreadakis, a book critic, further added: “This issue doesn’t only affect the people’s deposits, but also the prospect of the Cyprus economy. The E.U. has diminished its credibility.”
And indeed, following the massive run on banks in Cyprus, many are concerned that a minor panic could spread to the rest of the Eurozone.  After all, it has just set a precedent for taxing private bank accounts at exorbitant rates without warning.

The really shocking aspect of the policy is that it targets “ordinary savers,” in the words of the New York Times.  In the past, banks and shareholders have been forced to take losses, but the average person’s bank account was left relatively untouched.  Italy once imposed a .06 percent tax on every bank account, but the rate was miniscule compared to what those in Cyprus are being asked to contribute.

Also see:

The words and deeds coming out of Washington in the last three days bring little comfort to the Israeli government as it prepares for Barack Obama’s first visit as president Wednesday, March 20.
According to an authoritative leak, Washington has effectively cancelled the Europe-based missile shield system that was designed to protect that continent and Israel against Iranian ballistic missile attack. The cancellation was part of the plan announced by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel last week to install 14 additional missile interceptors in California and Alaska to build up United States defenses against a threatened North Korean attack.

The European-based missile shield has been put forward by Moscow repeatedly as a major obstacle to Russian-US cooperation on nuclear arms reduction and “other issues” – meaning the really hot-button ones of a nuclear Iran and the Syrian civil war.
By meeting Moscow’s complaint, Barack Obama was gambling heavily on coming out of the understandings he reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin with an acceptable settlement of the Iranian nuclear controversy and the future of the Assad regime in Syria.

So far, his winnings are slim.
Russian officials are not rushing forward to welcome the reshuffling of missile shields between Europe and America. Kremlin circles were quoted Sunday by The New York Times as commenting stiffly that there would be no reaction until they were fully briefed by American officials next week.
In any case, Tehran wants no part in the diplomatic softball game the Obama administration is playing with Moscow. Indeed, Iranian officials are behaving exactly like their North Korean partners – with threats.
Saturday, March 16, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri broadcast two bellicose messages on the Revolutionary Guards website

1 “Our commanders have been authorized to respond to any kind of hostile move by the enemy.”

2.  The Iranian general went on to declare: “Mr Obama, do not make a mistake: we too have all our options on the table. Before you get deeper in the region’s quagmire, go back home!”

In Tehran’s tightly controlled publicity environment,  General Jazayeri would not have dismissed the prospect of the US activating its military options with such contempt without authorization from the highest level, i.e. supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  
He was effectively telling the US president that, after pulling American forces out of the Middle East and relegating the handling of the Syrian issue to Moscow, “Mr.Obama” had burned his military options in the Middle East and should go home.


Caver said...

Just Wow!

The huge act of siphoning off 6.75-9.9% of people's savings is huge....but a mere footnote to jerking it out of the hands of the Russian business powers that be. That's what this does, this was the banking safe haven for Russia's Mafia and business "excess" or black funds.

Cyprus, the EU, and the IMF knew this before making this grab. There will be consequences, and everybody knows it.

I may be nuts, but I have to feel this was more of an open provocation than a pure money grab.

Geepers, life are getting interesting.

Hand on to your skives folk, somebody's bound and determined to pull the elastic band to see how hard they can make um "pop".

Robin said...

The affect of this to the world banking system is HUGE. Imagine, when people believe their money can just be seized . . .and conveniently after close of business on a Friday so they would have time to calm the masses prior to re opening after the weekend. You can bet the FEDS are watching this unfold very carefully. I think its going to be a very rough week world wide.

Something else we need to be closely monitoring this week . . .Obama's trip to Israel and just what he will do when he gets there. As has been documented here and in several recently written books . . .some f the nation's worst disasters have occurred around the time America has proposed land divisions and swaps in Israel. Northridge Earthquake, Hurricanes Andrew and Sandy, 9/11, 2008 Stock Market Crash, The Perfect Storm, and the Joplin Tornado can all be traced back to to within a few days of Israel land division and agreements. Pray for our nation and Israel this week.

Here's a link to Scott's page when he documented it:

Awesome as always, Scott. Blessings to you for all you do as a Watchman.

Robin said...

Nigel Farage spoke this past week . . .and in light of what we now see going down in Cypress . . .his words were incredibly prophetic:

Too bad he can't be POTUS . . .

Scott said...

Robin - I agree - it is huge indeed. Probaby much bigger than most people realize. Its even remotely possible that this coule start a bank run in some other EU nations. Can't wait to see the Migel Farage link - One of my favorite persons on the planet :)

anonemy said...

bloody streets of cyprus will probably be the next thing.

Robin said...

Not just in Europe . . .American Media is largely quiet about this tremendously large story. People around the world will be losing confidence in their banks, not just in Europe. It's no accident this happened after close of business on a Friday . . .and on a holiday weekend (tomorrow is the first day of Easter on the Greek Orthodox calendar). Banks in Cypress and Hreece will be closed tomorrow.

Have you noticed how little information has been in the Mainstream media since last fall when Big Media were reporting the Euro was on the road to recovery? Get the masses to complacency levels, then lower the boom. (Peace and safety then sudden destruction)

And I agree about Nigel Farage . . .hes one of the only political figures sounding the alarm.

Robin said...

. . .btw, I agree about how little the masses realize, just how big this story is. I posted it twice on my FB page this morning. One like, zero comments. The moment it came across my newsfeed, I realized the gravity of it. But I honestly think its because US Big Media are largely ignoring it. But once the ramifications sink in, about how this could happen anywhere, how this is likely a trial balloon and the next time will almost be world wide at once, and how this can and almost certainly will be used by those working toward a global economy and one world currency, it will be mass rioting, for sure.

There's a reason DHS needed those 2700 armored personnel carriers and 2 billion bullets. Looks like we just might be close to seeing that reason unfold.

Maranatha . . .

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks for the input Robin. I appreciate your knowledge on the subject. part of the problem is the lack of media and the other part is we are the USA and this doesn't happen to us. I think most people are pretty ignorant when it comes to economics too.

I also get the same reaction on FB or should it be no-reaction. Few people even believers are interested. they are now all caught up in march madness, American Idol and the other things that our culture likes to focus upon. It is sad. Very few are watching for our Lord and Saviors return. How this must grieve Him.

Time it would appear is very short. Throw in Obama's visit to Israel this week and it should be a very very interesting week. Revelation 6 looks to be coming to us very soon and we know here the church is long gone before its arrival.


Waterer said...


wow.. I love this guys sharp conviction backed with facts..

Thanks for the link.
The Cypress thing reminds me of the consequences of trusting in anyone other than God.
This is a terrible thing and real robbery. I am rethinking this and will for the coming weeks and months..

WVBORN56 said...

Waterer, coming months? You may be rethinking that from Heaven at this rate. I'm thinking we may not have months left! :)

Robin said...

I agree, WV . . .it certainly appears we're close now!

It's going to be an exciting week to be watching, I think.

Zechariah 1:18-19

Then I looked up, and there before me were four horns. I asked the angel who was speaking to me, “What are these?”
He answered me, “These are the horns that scattered Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.”

Take a look at who makes up "The Quartet":

The USA, European Union, United Nations and Russia.

And their purpose according to Wikipedia:

"is a foursome of nations and international and supranational entities involved in mediating the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict"

In short, to divide God's nation of Israel. Could what's happening today . . .be a prelude to what what's all across the European Union when banks open? Financial disaster?

If the Four Horns in Zechariah is The Quartet, and I believe it is . . ,and their intent is to divide and disperse the land of Israel, their stated goal . . .then I think it could tie in closely with Obama's visit to Israel on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

As i understand your verse the four horns that "scattered" judah, israel and Jerusalem.
1. The first Scattering: babylonian empire.
2. The latest scattering: Romans ad70 in between you have medo-persian and grecian.
Today Israel are gathered and wont be scattered again, they will on the other hand will be invaded by the beast. (zech 14).

Robin said...

Babylon fell in 539 BC. Zechariah wrote this prophecy in 520 BC, some 19 years AFTER the Babylonian Empire fell.

The scattering in 70 AD occurred in the land of Judah. The Prophecy specifically says "Juda, Israel, Jerusalem". Israel was no more, prior to Zechariah's prophecy.

So I don't know that the use of a past tense use of the word "scattered" necessarily means already happened, or that its attempt was made.

But if you continue reading on, those four horns are thrown out by the four carpenters, and don't succeed. I think it remains to be seen who these four carpenters are . . .but one could be Christ.

Robin said...

And of course, there WILL be one remaining scattering of Israel. Jesus Himself warned the Jews that when they see the Abomination of Desolation, they are to flee for the hills. The AC's main goal is to destroy every last Jew. That's why Petra will hide so many . . .though I do wonder how, if we know that, that the AC doesn't? Just one of many mysteries we may soon have front row seats to watch unfold.

anonemy said...

When do you think the prophecy of ezekiel 5, 6, 7? Have occured or will occured?

Robin said...

Israel conceded to the United States, to give up Gaza on August 17, 2005 after the US and other three members of "The Quartet" applied tremendous pressure. Of course, this has lead to thousands of missile attacks SINCE that day . . .but it's ALSO worth noting that on August 18, 2005 . . .meteorologists spotted what would become Hurricane Katrina that struck New Orleans one week later.

Joel 3:2
I will gather all nations
and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial
for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
because they scattered my people among the nations
and divided up my land.

May 19, 2011 - Obama called for Israel to return to its Pre-1967 borders . . .before Jordan lost land in the Six Day War. May 22, 2011 - 158 people were killed when an F-5 Tornado struck Joplin, MO.

I seriously doubt God is done judging America for dividing up Israel. There's no QUESTION, Anonymous, that Israel has and IS being divided still today, in advance of the Rapture. I see no reason to assume Zechariah's prophecy only pertained to ancient times.

anonemy said...

Follow this up by isaiah 11:11. When do you think this was fulfilled. Please take note that it was the SECOND gathering.
No where in the scriptures you will find the third, but only the last which by the way will be in the air.

Robin said...

Here's an interesting little factoid . . .the week of September 10, 2001 . . .the Bush Administration was prepared to announce plans for a Palestinian State. Something got in the way of that announcement . . .9/11/01:

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Robin,
"Peace and safety then sudden destruction" as you quoted from
1 Thessalonians 5:3
is a Mid-Trib event that we the Church will not be here for.

1 Thessalonians 5:3
3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

God made it VERY CLEAR in Ezekiel 37, that HE WILL NEVER AGAIN,EVER scatter” as you say, His People. He restored His Covenant with them, and brought them back to His Land to be for evermore, their land.
Ezekiel 37:25-28
25 And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children's children for ever: and my servant David shall be their prince for ever.
26 Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore.
27 My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
28 And the heathen shall know that I the LORD do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.
Finally, we will NOT have “front row seats” to witness ANYTHING the ac does, as we will never know who he is. We are not in the Trib, nor will we ever go through the Trib. Praise God!
God Bless!

Robin said...

Firstly, your wish to hide in the shadows is disconcerting . . .please at least, have the Christian courtesy to give yourself a name by which to call you. As Christians, we should show ourselves so that we can give Him glory in all we do.

As for when I think Isaiah 11:11 was fulfilled . . .I'll say simply, I don't. I think its still to come.

The Second Gathering . . .will not be in the air, because His Second Coming will be after Christians have already been "caught up" in the air. The gathering of the Remnant, I believe, is what this verse refers to.

Robin said...

Mrs. C . . .my reference to (peace and safety then sudden destruction) had nothing to do with prophetic events . . .merely the tactic the European Union used by making the world believe all was well . . .and when we least expected it, they moved in for the kill. I didn't mean to imply we just saw prophecy revealed . . .just that they know what scripture says and could easily employ those tactics for their own greedy end.

And yes, God made plain He won't rescatter Israel . . .but nevertheless, Gaza was taken from Israel and the Israelis living there were forced to leave. That doesn't mean the nation was disbanded . . .it simply proves there are forces today working to divide the land of Israel.

Robin said...

But when I say one final scattering . . .im referring to Christ's prophetic warning in Matthew 24:

Matthew 24:15-25
“So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand— then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.
“If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah! ’ or, ‘There he is! ’ do not believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time.

anonemy said...

No offence to Mrs C.
1thes 5 is the continuation of what paul described in the previous chapter (chapter 4)
Note verse 1, " But of the times and season" he was continuing what he was describing.

Robin said...

In Jerimiah 49 . . .we're told the place they will flee . . .the mountains, are in Bazra . . .Jordan, where Petra is.

anonemy said...

I hope you have read isa 11:11 before you posted your comment about second gathering.
Robin is just the same as anonemy.I do not know you, you do not know me, I know you as robin in this blog and me as anonemy.

Mrs.C said...

Yes indeed Sister Robin, any land deals are temporal. Gods Word is true, and Judgment is coming for Gaza without question.
When we just take a look at the leaders in Israel, that have given land away, that God made clear was NOT to be done. Sharon is in a perpetual comma, and Olmert went down in shame along with cancer.
There have been, and obviously still are the enemy nations surrounding Israel, that have tried to destroy her for centuries.
Soon God will Judge them severely! Just ignore the "anon" that has used any multitude of fake names, and it just goes around and around. Brother Scott has had to delete this persons posts many times. He/she is beyond off, so as to say, with their attempting at interpreting Scripture.

God Bless!

Robin said...

. . .and respectfully, Mrs C . . ,my reference to "Front Row Seats . . .simply means, after the Rapture, as we prepare for the Wedding Feast . . .we will see, I believe, all unfold. I sincerely believe, as we're fitted with our new forever bodies, we will have the best seat, along with the Angels . . .to see how all the glorious events will unfold just as God bowed us through His Living Word, that they would.

Robin said...

I don't know why my autocorrect thought "Promised" was "bowed"^ but sorry for the confusion :)

Mrs.C said...

Thank you for clarifying Sister Robin, that we wont be here for front row viewing! :)
Nid-Trib, Matthew 24:15-25 is not really a "scattering", but more of a "run for you life" and escape to protection :) Yes indeed Sister Robing, what a POWERFUL, beautiful sight! He will personally save those that took refuge in Petra, and they will say to Him "Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord". Psalm 118:26
What a Glorious day that will be!

Isaiah 63:1
63 Who is this who comes from Edom,
in crimsoned garments from Bozrah,
he who is splendid in his apparel,
marching in the greatness of his strength?“It is I, speaking in righteousness,mighty to save.”

God Bless!

Waterer said...

I believe there is still a shaking of Jacob and regathering to come .
All of Israel has not returned and she has not returned in safety nor under the leadership of governance of King David. The tribulation is the worst time Jacob will have EVER had. We cannot think that their shaking and being nearly annihilated is over. It isn't. God will reveal Himself to her and it will be glorious but it is still coming. I know we can argue over some verses of when this and that but there are conditions for the reign of David that are still going to be met. All of Jacob in the world today cannot fit in Petra.
We must pray for her and be repentant ourselves on anything that looks like our own self sufficiency. God will show His arm and His might in saving her as He saves those who turn to Him.

I think I have an email for Robin and one that you posted mrs c but I will not use them without your permission. I would like to send an article that discussed this time of Jacobs trouble that biblically does explain many things about the final coming home in belief.
Pls let me know if I may send it to you.
Thank you

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR,
Yes, Israel has great, great suffering coming. Gods Word tells us this that there will be “desolation” for them, in the soon to come Isaiah 17 war. God will begin to return to them in that war, and fully return to them, restoring His Covenant with them in the quickly following Ezekiel 38 war/invasion. By that time, we His Church will be gone. The Jewish People will indeed return to Israel in full. Remember, God deals with His People completely differently. Even with Him Returning to them, revealing Himself to them in full once again with the Ezekiel 38 war/invasion, there will be many who will not believe. Just as there were many who would not Believe when Jesus Himself was standing right in front of them on this Earth.
Yes, GREAT tribulations are coming for the Jewish People, and as Gods Word says, there will be only a remnant of them left in the end. Those left, will indeed be Jewish Believers in Jesus.

Robin said...

Indeed . . .theres a reason the Tribulations are often referred to as "Jacob's Trouble". There will be great suffering to come.

KR, are you able to see my email address? Please let me know and if not, I will post here temporarily so as not to compromise my email with junk mail from bots :)

waterer said...

Is it having to do with photography and texas?

Robin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Waterer said...

got it robin. You can take it away..

Robin said...

CNBC reports Asian Markets are nosediving. Just checked DOW Futures, down 130. Bloomberg reports Gold is rallying.

This will be a telling week and tomorrow will be ugly on Wall Street. And yet, a large percentage of the population remains clueless.

Business Insider quotes the global head of Deutche Bank "Only Jesus can save the Euro"

Anonymous said...

this is just a play run for the same thing they will be doing in the US soon. They want to ween people onto the idea.

The guy from who has amazing and accurate market calls is saying this will be the next catalyst for a market sell off. It will be interesting to see what happens the next few weeks.