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World Trends: Globalism And Tyranny - The Tribulation Can't Be Far Behind

Scanning the news today reveals some ominous trends. We have been watching these trends for a while now, so it isn't some stunning epiphany, but occasionally the cumulative news trends which point in a single direction can be overwhelming. 

The entire world is so clearly moving into a single financial system, currency and governmental structure and we are watching this evolve in real time. Additionally, having complete control over the lives of ordinary people seems to be a central theme as well. Just a glimpse in today's news reveals these trends - trends which lead directly into the Tribulation:

As we have mentioned numerous times, the ultimate goal of the current security regime seems to be to create a two-tier travel system in which some people – with government approved credentials – will be able to travel with relative ease while others will not.
We have in various articles catalogued US programs that allow one to be "pre-approved" and thus avoid the long lines of those who are yet, apparently, to be considered potential terrorists. Eventually, such system will turn into something more difficult, of course – as the emphasis shifts from the approved to the non-approved.
In other words, eventually those who are not approved to travel may have trouble taking advantage of modern travel conveniences such as planes, trains, buses and eventually automobiles.

This is the logical outcome of the kind of regulatory state that is now being constructed using the war on terror as a pretext. It is apparently a prelude to global (centralized) governance and must be instituted since most people don't want to live in a single world construct and therefore need to be herded – forcefully – in that direction. Travel restrictions are a useful tool.

If such a scenario is to be realized, it must be effective not just in the US but throughout the West and perhaps worldwide. Now in a press released, we are informed the EU is taking steps to harmonize its travel program with the US's and other powers.

We have regularly warned that a tiny power elite intends to homogenize the world's economies, apparently in order to implement global governance – and is reducing Western prosperity while raising up the wealth of the BRICs to do so.

Obviously, this idea of "directed history" is not for everyone, yet such maneuvering is easily generated via central bank debasement strategies combined with fiscal manipulations and increased regulatory burdens.

President Barack Obama has been especially supportive of this process, whether on purpose or not. Under his watch taxes have been raised, the dollar debased, government health care expanded and employment dimished.

Europe is no better off. Having tried austerity, Euroleaders are now contemplating the same kind of currency debasement that has already been implemented by the Federal Reserve. The Bank of England has adopted the same policies.

This deliberate policy of debasement is harmonized via deliberate strategies and rationalized as economic aid. But it is not. Additionally, interest rates are nearly non-existent. Savers are being punished. Their funds are being depleted by price inflation and many of their investments are being savaged by interest rate reductions.

Of course, we are to believe that all that has occurred recently is simply bad luck, that cycles turn and eventually better times will evolve. We're not so sure. Every possible step, it seems to us, that can be taken to attack Western economies is being taken.

"Solari Stories" is a new, brief weekly video feature from Catherine Austin Fitts. The Daily Bell is pleased to be able to make these available to our readers. Here are Catherine's first two, with a snippet of transcript for each and link to the full videos.

"There is an absolutely a relationship between the fiscal cliff and gun control and gun control serves several purposes. The leadership has been trying for many years to disarm the population and throughout the English-speaking world we've seen that happen in many other countries and the effort to disarm the population here is very significant. And it is significant coming as it did right upon the fiscal cliff negotiations for two reasons.
"One is, if you look at what has to happen in terms of reducing spending and/or increasing taxes and changing the financial operations of the country given the dependency of the general population, I think that the leadership is very sensitive to the fact that we have not been running the federal finances according to the law and if it came to a real confrontation with citizens over how money was going to be allocated, the citizens are on very strong legal grounds to say, "No, we're not going to pay taxes. We're going to escrow taxes. We're going to assert all sorts of legal authorities over how the money is being managed." I think the leadership is on very shaky legal ground and as a result is very concerned that the population would have the physical ability to prevent all sorts of what I would call illegal enforcement. ... "

"... But what I've found, unfortunately, is that in a divide and conquer situation it's relatively easy if you control the fed budget to buy people into opposing camps. So for example, we saw during the fiscal cliff negotiations New York State constantly was turned down on the Hurricane Sandy relief package and yet we come into gun control and suddenly New York passes a gun control law and the next minute Congress passes a $51 billion hurricane relief package. Well, if you can steal $4 trillion and turn around and buy people with $51 billion packages you can buy a lot of people. ..."

Out of chaos, purposefully inflicted, comes a new kind of order, one shaped by those who are helping generate the chaos and are thus in position to provide pre-calibrated and increasingly globalist solutions.

The article in question (see excerpt above) is written by Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, and provides us with a new and disturbing direction for the European Union's recovery.

The article, posted to the elite-leftist Project Syndicate among other places, makes the case for a "green" European recovery – one that is to be managed to meet certain goals, in other words. The thrust of her argument is encompassed in this statement:

Beyond the global economic crisis, the world is experiencing a social and employment crisis, as well as a climate and resource crisis. And none can be resolved without addressing the others.

This is a breathtaking announcement of bureaucratic central planning. Europe's "recovery," which surely has not even begun to take place, is to be managed comprehensively.

This is, in fact, what appears to be the second stage of a two-part process to reshape Europe not just into a unitary political union but into a unified society that accepts – however reluctantly – the entirety of a controversial elite sociopolitical and economic paradigm.

There is no consensus on global warming, environmental solutions (or problems) or alternative energy facilities, but Ms. Hedegaard is indicating in this article that there will be no argument, either. Out of the ashes of an "old Europe," a new Europe will emerge, one shaped around an elite "green" agenda implemented out of Brussels and designed byMoney Power itself. Here's more from the article:

In reality, trying to force billions of people to use questionable solutions to seemingly non-existent problems, the top elites behind these campaigns are wasting resources and lowering living standards. Again, from our humble point of view, they implement these schemes on purpose, and for just these reasons.

Conclusion: There is an active campaign underway to lower Europe's living standards and weaken its middle classes. Creating and imposing a pan-European "environmental economy" on Europe's suffering masses will likely promote both of these goals.

In Toronto there lives a man named Bill Whatcott. During the last two decades or so, he has spent much of his time traveling around Canada, waving protest signs at gay-pride parades and Planned Parenthood clinics, agitating for the criminalization of homosexual acts and abortion, and distributing fliers packed with incendiary language about gays and graphic images of aborted fetuses. In 2010 the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal fined him $17,500 for distributing “hateful” materials; an appeals court overturned the ruling, whereupon the province’s Human Rights Commission appealed the case to the Canadian Supreme Court. Now the Court has ruled, and it’s an icy day for freedom in the Great White North.

One of the many striking aspects of the Court’s decision is the insistence that any judge, jury, or commission seeking to determine whether a speech act crosses the threshold of being punishable by law must not look to the speaker’s intent but must, rather, make an assessment of the potential of that speech act for causing hate. Speech capable of causing emotions that are negative but that fall short of full-fledged “abhorrence,” the Court dictated, cannot be banned. Another key detail is that truth is no defense: it is impermissible even to state demonstrable facts if, in the authorities’ estimation, those facts might spark enmity toward a group. Yet another point worth mentioning is that any judgment rendered in such matters must, the Court posited, be arrived at in an “objective” manner.

It’s becoming harder and harder for a great number of people to make sense of what the government is doing. So, instead of actually looking to and accepting the obvious and logical reasons (aka Occam’s Razor) for what it occurring, media personnel (it has become increasingly difficult to call them journalists or reporters) continue to scratch their heads and ask ‘what is Obama doing’?

The answer is obvious to all, but the relatively brain dead. In other words, Americans—even if they are slightly dim-witted collaborative “reporters”—know precisely what he’s doing.

Obama is currently following Hitler’s plan toward gun confiscation to the proverbial “t.” Hitler began with nationwide gun registration in Germany, then began banning certain firearms, then had his controlled media ask “why do the people need guns, anyway,” asked for “voluntary” relinquishing of guns and ended with door-to-door storm-trooper gun confiscation. Yes, folks. Hitler’s private army broke down doors to grab guns and whatever else they could find in private homes. Most of us know what happened in Germany. After the guns were forcibly taken from German citizens, the exterminations of Jews and other of Hitler’s “undesirables” (those he called mental defects, gypsies, political opponents etc.) began. There were approximately six million Jews murdered and two to three million others.

If we still refuse to look at, understand and realize that the groundwork Obama is rolling out now is the same as Hitler laid in the 1930s we truly are a doomed country. And, if liberals believe the ObamaGov won’t attack them because they voted for Dictator-in-Chief Obama, they had best think again. Just recently, amongst others, the Obama White House (which is completely under the thumbs of the Obama/Jarrett team) attacked two very prominent and in-the-news figures (Bob Woodward and Lanny Davis) and CBS reporter Sharyl Atkinson (for exposing the Fast & Furious gun Obama/Holder gun-running scheme to arm the Sinaloa drug cartel) for not towing the Obama barge. And the liberal elite actually think Obama won’t come down on them like a hammer if they deviate even an iota from his exponentially expanding dark vision for the USA and its people? If so, this once again proves that liberals (even the “elites”) are likely insane…

One of the latest of Obama’s overt salutes to Nazi Germany, Leninist/Stalinist Russia and all other totalitarian governments that have existed over the last 100 years or so are his illegal in-state “immigration checkpoints.” Most of these checkpoints are not even close to the US-Mexico (or even Canadian) border. Drivers are being stopped to essentially ‘show their papers’. When faced with drivers who dare to ask these USBP agents why they are being stopped and/or what legal grounds they are using to do so, they will not (or cannot) answer the question. Instead, they become even more demanding with their questions and, on one occasion in the below video, even threaten the driver.

For those journalists who have finally waked up to the truth, I offer my commendations. However, many seem to think we are—still—only approaching a dictatorship. No. We are there, folks. This is largely due to Congress’ incessant desire to no longer actually work for what we pay them and the perks they receive under the table. Despite its GOP “leadership“ claims to the contrary, Republican members of Congress would prefer to let Obama do all of the decision making. Thus far, without fail, they have caved to the Marxist-Nazi contingent on every “crisis” at the end. As an example, in 2011 and 2012, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell even actually tried to give Obama dictatorial powers and recently offered him “flexibility” on the fake “sequestration crisis.” Obama, however, seems determined to wait until Congress begs him to become Emperor of the USA. Chillingly, it may do just that.
We are living under tyranny now, via one manufactured crisis after another. In fact, since Obama took the helm of our country, our ship has hit one iceberg after another in his attempt to bring the country to its end. With a collaborative Congress, Obama is very close to doing so…and to bringing most of us to our own ends, also.
If We-the-People still refuse to take the initiative to end our enslavement—and coming genocide if still-ObamaCzar Mark Lloyd has his way—we will very soon no longer have any time left.

“And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.”—Daniel 11:36

America has become a police state right before our eyes

America has become a police state right before our eyes. Americans are now monitored around the clock by our government.

A few of us old mossback conservatives have been screaming at the top of our lungs for somebody to pay attention to our loss of freedom. To no avail.

Little by little, the freedom and liberty Americans have fought and died for is being systematically taken away and America has been, already, transformed into a socialist/communist state.

I wonder, sometimes, whether the conservatives in the US House of Representatives will be able to continue fighting their “holding action” until the elections in 2014 and 2016?  (Even King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans were only able to hold the pass at Thermopylae for three days until they were overrun and wiped out by Xerxes and his Persians.)

One by one we are losing our guaranteed freedoms under the constitution.  The Obama Administration just tramples all over the constitution with very little, if any, resistance.
The left is taking away our freedom in exactly the same way they have foisted socialism on America—incrementally—a tiny bit at a time.  Like the frog placed in pot of slowly heating water, we are about to be boiled without ever even TRYING to hop out of the pot.

“A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.”  Ben Franklin said that—and it was and remains true.  The political left has been diminishing America little by little at the edges.  Now the great cake is nearly eaten away by socialism and that portion of the original cake remaining is so small as to offer only miniscule resistance—or none—to the threatening forces encircling it.

When I was a high school student, I presented a speech at the University of South Carolina in which I noted how proud I was that here in America we didn’t have to dread the loud knock on our door at three in the morning and have one of our parents, or even ourselves, dragged away from our families and marched off to a prison, a gulag, or a mental institution by government authorities.
That was then

This is NOW.

I could not make that statement today.  Since I stood on that stage at Russell House, some 60 odd years ago, America has, indeed, become the nation I described in my speech that night that rules its people by fear and intimidation.  Had I known then that America would have the rogue government we have today, I would have warned those in the audience of what was in store for them, their children, and their grandchildren.

But I did not know, could not know, how far and how fast America would fall.
A friend mentioned, half jokingly, recently how he eyed with suspicion any black SUV or panel truck parked overly long near his office or home.  He told me how he fearfully looked up at the sound of helicopters overhead, and how the tiny hairs on the back of his neck began to tremble every time he uses an ATM machine because he said,  he knows those ubiquitous cameras that never grow tired, that never sleep, are everywhere watching, and watching.  My friend remarked as to how he pauses every time he is about to tap the “send” button on an e-mail or a blog comment, and, too, every time he produces his credit card to pay for a purchase of any kind.

One word describes the state of being my friend recounted to me above.  It is raw, naked, FEAR. It is something Americans have not known - until NOW.

Terrorists did not instill THIS fear in Americans. NO. America’s leaders USED the actions and the threats of terrorists to instill this particular fear in their fellow Americans.  That fear has been magnified by executive actions creating government agencies with heretofore unheard of powers over the American people.

Little by little, bit by bit, incrementally, America has been fundamentally transformed from a constitutional representative republic to some sort of hybrid socialist society with a government decidedly leaning toward the Marxist principles of governing.

Look.  Either the Bill of Rights stands as our protection from the government or, it doesn’t.  There is no in between.  And, I must tell you, I am very concerned that the current administration has decided the Bill of Rights is an impediment to their drive to transform America into a socialist dung heap, therefore they have deliberately decided to ignore the amendments and do as they darn well please, making up laws on the fly, and decreeing said laws by way of the Presidential Executive Order.

And it’s going to get progressively worse over the next four years. The America of 2016 will bear little resemblance to the America of today.  Count on it. 


But as I like to tell people (those who are appropriately in distress at the news) - this is all part of an overall plan - a plan which will reach conclusion at the end of the Tribulation with the Second Coming of Christ Jesus. 

A strong and free America (and the EU for that matter) is completely inconsistent with the coming world government and the tyranny which will present itself during the Tribulation. A strong-free America would never allow it and would have the means to prevent it. But that America existed in the past, not the present. 

The stage is being set for the arrival of the antichrist and his unholy reign on the world. But that stage must be set and the Tribulation must transpire for the Second Coming - and everything that we know is coming - based upon our knowledge of prophecy is now in the final stages of preparation. 

We have to rest assured that God remains in complete control and His plan is unfolding precisely as we would expect. After all, He informed us of almost everything that we see happening today and none of it should surprise or alarm us. 

Jesus told us to be looking up for His return when we observe these signs. In other words, He urged us to be looking for His return and that should bring abundant joy as opposed to fear or concern. 

He is coming and coming soon. The focus, the glory and all of our attention should belong to Christ Jesus - not the concerns or fears of the day. Human "leaders" are just pawns in this overall plan, while they plot and scheme and store their treasures on earth. 

As far as the so-called "leaders" who plot and plan their power grab and control of the people of the earth - let them have it - let them have it all. They will. God will remove the presence of the Holy Spirit on this earth and they can have their human government unabated. Revelation 6-18 describes the outcome and it isn't pretty. 

Meanwhile, we have an epic reunion and celebration to prepare for - and this will take place in a far far better place than anything that this earth can offer. Not to mention the fact that we will actually be in the very presence of Jesus Himself. It can't get any better than that. 


Anonymous said...

So sad at the state of our country and the world. I am reminded that like the list in Heb 11, our witness to the promises of God and mercy in our lives is the light He wants to shine in this dark hour. I join all of you in watching for His coming and long that His desires be met both in us and in those still coming to faith in Him.As Peter says He is not slow in keeping His promise as some understand slowness but does not want any to perish. he is longsuffering. We need His Holy Spirit strong within us to be longsuffering to as we wait.
Thanj you Scott!
KR aka watereer

ChristineInCleveland said...

Yea Scott, I'm doing my best to keep my eyes on the prize.... with a sinking feeling that I may actually have to see myself & those I love executed before I meet Jesus... Its been knawing deep in my gut our population is going to be culled do I feel so certain of this? Premonition or warning from the Holy Spirit? Not losing any sleep, just trusting in Him til its time to go home... to my REAL home... and staying in prayer continuously.

Gary said...

Dear Christine:
What do you think is going happen to our population?

ChristineInCleveland said...


Well, one possible scenario could be a soon planned national emergency- a dirty bomb, an EMP, or actual nuclear attacks on several cities at once. Something big enough for King Obama to declare Martial law. It is just what the DHS would need to use as an excuse to round up the masses once food runs out & people panic. Why would they be stockpilin g such vast amounts of ammo & automatic weapons? Hmmm. I sure hope I'm wrong, but deep down, I think not.

WVBORN56 said...

Christine, I believe those type of events are reserved for the tribulation. Jesus said He would return as in the days of Noah when people where eating and drinking and giving in marriage. If there was an emp attack and multiple nuclear bombs going off in several cities in America it would not be a time of business as usual that is implied in that passage.

WVBORN56 said...

I forgot to add my Amen to your conclusion Scott. Well done! God Bless for your good word to encourage us!

Anonymous said...

Christine,I agree with you; if at that point Martial Law could even be implemented,we might assume, did they succeed in taking guns away? Also,could/would our own people in gov. plan an attack to ellicit need to round up masses, or did you mean, if, say,hypothetically speaking, China knocked out grids, flanked us into a quagmire,using nuclear ballistic missiles,attacked several cities from silent subs, say, off-shore east coast senario? Either way not good but really aweful reality if planned with smokes and mirrors,our own gov. to play out a senario in order to enforce Big Brother control over elimination of populace, etc. I just see clearly like you folks the oppression/One World Government implementation on America and it is sad; of course knowing we win in the end with our reunion with Jesus himself, is our inner joy to help us all endure. Your right, but clarification for curiosity reasons, whom would actually be attacking us on our land, some rouge country, extremist, or our own gov., in your opinion? Thank-you. Joyce

ChristineInCleveland said...


I hope WV Born is right- he has a good point. :) It would make a lot of sense if we were taken BEFORE things really get ugly! But to answer your question, I expect the DHS to be the main players on the ground dealing with riots & civil unrest that certainly could be brokered by Obama & his unabashedly close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. What is that banner they're always waving? "DEATH TO AMERICA!"

Anonymous said...


I concur, WVBorn has a valid point.
But.... I still deal with reality in different aspects of perspectives when seeing correlation of now events to the Bible Prophecies and therefore,I like your way of communication in putting it out there. Thus, I agree with you too!! Fact being, Christians are persecuted, and how do we know how much suffering we could possibly endure before rapture?? We truly don't know! So catch that wave and imagine; so as to prepare mentally, and better equipped physically with strong mind/beliefs. Thank-you, plenty input for me tonight. Have great night! Thank-you! Joyce

Anonymous said...

According to Israeli media sources, the Israeli military has massed troops and armored vehicles on the Israeli - Lebanese border in addition to the continuing sending in of fighter jets to engage in mock raids and other operations over Southern Lebanon. Could we be seeing the beginning of the battle where Israel destroys Hezzbolah and Damascus at the same time?

Anonymous said...

it would SEEM to me that we are
THERE right now, JUST like in
Noah's day, especially with the
dow above 14,000.....

like business as usual...

BULLS are very silly to be in such
a high risk zone now, and now the
false prophet is revealed...????

If the false prophet were not at
the door, I might agree with bulls,
BUT THAT is NOT the case !!!!

HEY, something is happenning here.
and most are BLIND to it...

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>