Monday, March 11, 2013

Will Golan Be The Tipping Point In The Middle East?

Hundreds Of UN Syrian Golan UN Observers Scramble To Safety In Israel

The flight of hundreds of UN Disengagement and Observers Force (UNDOF) soldiers - Indian, Austrian and Filipino - in trucks and APCs from the Syrian side of Golan into Israel was in full swing early Monday, March 11. 

Many more UN troops are expected to make their way during the day to refuge in IDF camps across the border. Their officers, they said, had already placed their belongings aboard waiting vehicles ready to move across as soon as they received permission from their governments in Vienna, New Delhi and Manila or the UN Secretariat in New York.
Our military sources report that this mass exit signals the breakup of the 1,000-strong UNDOF which for 39 years manned the 8 sq. km separation zone between Syria and Israel. It was set up in 1974 to end the war of attrition fought  in the sequel to the Yom Kippur War between the IDF and Cuban armored brigades flown in from Angola by the Soviet Union to support the Syrian army.
The UN force’s collapse began with the Croatian government’s recall of its 100 troops last week.

As the peacemakers flee, Russia is today hardly likely to interfere with who gets to control the Golan separation zone which was split between Syria and Israel.

Below we see the three most likely scenarios for who may control this vital land:

1. The Martyrs of Yarmuk Islamist militia force of the Syrian rebel movement, which staked its claim last week by kidnapping 21 blue-and-white helmeted Filipino observers on the Golan and later releasing them in Jordan.

It is feared in Washington, Jerusalem and Amman, that Al Qaeda-associated forces will waste no time in overrunning the highly strategic patch of Golan borderland, armed with chemical weapons and even Scud D missiles captured from Syrian army bases. They may even be plotting an attack during President Barack Obama’s visits to Jerusalem and Amman, starting March 20.

2.  US, Jordan and/or Israel may step in to keep the Islamists out, using either large special forces units for ground raids or a swarm of armed drones.

3. Hizballah militia units were spotted Sunday night on the move from south Lebanon toward the Lebanese-Syrian border areas abutting on the Golan separation zone.

Israeli military reinforcements are massing on the Golan Syrian border.

Stay tuned and watch this evolving situation closely in the coming days and weeks, as it could represent yet another possibility for the tipping point in the Middle East.


anonemy said...

The King of all kings our Lord Jesus visited Jerusalem during the day when the jews are to choose the passover lamb, he rode in a donkey and the people shouted hossana.
A king/Obama is set to visit Israel on the 20-22 of March, is it within the period of choosing the passover lamb?
Will Obama set his foot where the "Most Holy" was previously located?
We shall see.

Mrs.C said...

Scripture please.Sigh…its ALWAYS so evident when Brother Scott has open posting…stretching it more than Gumby and Pokey combined don’t cha think “anonemy”? Jesus was and still is Jewish. He rode ON the donkey, not “IN a donkey”. The Bobblehead-in-Chief is no king, and your comment it close to blasphemous for your comparison. Ridiculous suggestions/implications…
sigh again…

Anonemy said...

Thank you for correcting my english mrs C.
i am sorry for steeling your time.

Anonemy4evrtillulearn2luvme said...

Reviewing my comment, i cannot find blasphemy against God. Is it blamphemous to talk about current events that is somewhat can be apply to a work of an antichrist? I am not saying that obama is the antichrist. Just an observation.
even if obama visit jerusalem on that day and pray where the most holy was, will that make him the antichrist and that act the obamination? we shall see.

Scott said...

Anon - I'm going to leave this one up.

I see where you are going with this (duh).

Where do you see in the scriptures that the AC will 'set his foot', 'where the most holy WAS PREVIOUSLY LOCATED. ?
Where do you see that in the scriptures?

The AC will proclaim himself as god 'on a wing of the temple". There is nothing at all to suggest where the site "was previously located'

Thats the problem with your POV - you always have to take huge leaps in the scriptures to make your case

anonemy said...

Will it matter if obama visit Jerusalem during the choosing of passover lamb?
Will it matter if Obama pray or tour all over the holy mount?
If it doesn't matter and and it's not in the scriptures then its nothing.
Will it happen, i do not know, for all we know the trip to israel can be cancelled.
It is just an observation. And it would not be wise to defend something that had not happen yet.

Scott said...

I think its definitely interesting and eye-opening for sure. No doubt and I'll be watching with great interest. I agree completely on that.

Things in this world can "matter" and not be directly tied to biblical prophecy.

I have no idea who the AC will be. None whatsoever.

But the AOD (if this is what you are suggesting) can't happen until the mid-point in the Tribulation, and I would need to go back ~ 3.5 years to see when the covenant was confirmed :)

I also haven't seen the two witnesses preaching in Jerusalem, and performing miracles.

And on and on that argument goes

Waterer said...

On the visit to Israel topic. Iread some interesting articles on Hal Lindseys front page today on the resistance to O's visit to the TM. I ti surprised me because he has certainly visited other Mosques since being the Amer Pres.
But he is being resisted because of his compliance AT ALL with Israel. I will be surprised if he does it because of the fears of a new intifada. God knows who will or will not ultimately deny Him or believe in Him. Many who cried Crucify Him at the end of Palm Sunday week later believed. The Lord wills ( desires) that none would perish. Let's keep praying for all those people in that precious place to come to faith in Jesus.See the articles. They are interesting.

Anonymous said...

the ANON we have here is silly, I will not EVEN reply to their
comments, all a waste of time.

Anyway, dow at records again, getting boring every day UP and UP
with no end in sight....

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We will KNOW any DAY NOW who this
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as far as stocks are concerned,
even ONE DOWN day of 100 + and
the trend will SHIFT back to
the bear. bulls need to be ready
for that and THE CRASH that follows.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Thanks for the tip on Hal's site; I forgot to go there today