Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"This Is How A Country Ends: Not With A Bang But With A Bailout"

Those ominous words come from Dimos Dimosthenous from the Bank of Cyprus, as discussed by Zero Hedge:

Curious how in the New Normal a nation is brought to its untimely end without a single shot being fired? Dimos Dimosthenous, who has worked at the Bank of Cyprus for over 30 years, explains:
"That will be the end. Our jobs, our rights, our welfare funds will be lost and Cyprus will be destroyed."

In short: not with a bang, but a bailout.

... But at least it still has the symbol for all that is wrong with the broke(n) status quo: the 

First, however, much more pain, because as Cyprus' FinMin Sarris said a short while ago, uninsured depositors in the second largest bank Laiki which is now pending lqiuidation,may lose 80% (read 100%... or more), and wait up to seven years for a payout. Of course, with the majority of the "evil, tax-evading Russians" long gone having used the chaos and assorted loopholes in the past week to get out of Dodge, the only people punished are assorted local hard workers, and domestic businesses, now set to liquidate as soon as they can afford the bankruptcy filing fee.
Finally, speaking of getting out of Dodge, it is surprising that while professing its love for all man-made bubbles and going all in stocks no matter the fundemantls, the firm that is the shadow overlord of Wall Street, BlackRock, is doing just that.


Caver said...

And so, the beat just goes on.

Sitting back and reflecting, how many of us could have read the scripture and ever imagined the OWG coming about this way? I had numerous scenarios in my mind, but this is a completely different direction than I ever imagined.

Got to hand it to good old Lindsey Williams, its just as he described it for years.....so much debt that when the money folk suddenly withdraw their support, everything collapses they hold the notes and it all belongs to them. Nice and legal, well at least around the final edges.

The part Pastor Williams didn't know about was the wars, famine, socialism slant, media & education complicity, and a few other wrinkles.

My, my....it took a 100 years to put all this together but ya got to give it to them.....its a very neat little package.

It would appear they just missed one thing....God. He saw it from the beginning, told us about it, and now is showing it to us.

We got a job here Brothers and Sisters, the Watchman's job. We keep our mouths shut, and the uninformed blood is on our hands. We tell them, and they either respond or their blood is on their own hands.

Come Lord Jesus, Your bride awaits!

Scott said...

Well-stated Caver - I completely agree. We are seeing this all going down, and as it turns out, its all about the money after all. The globalists have had this plan in line for a long time - and now the insurmountable debt each country faces - now appear to be paving the road to a one-world gov't and paving the way directly into the Tribulation.