Thursday, March 14, 2013

Evening Update: Assad Ready To Use Chemical Weapons

This comes from the Times Of Israel:

Israel’s military intelligence chief on Thursday said Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad, is preparing to use chemical weapons.
Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi told a security conference in the coastal town of Herzliya that Assad is stepping up his offensive against rebels trying to oust him.

He claimed Assad is making advanced preparations to use chemical weapons, but has not yet given the order to deploy them. He did not disclose information about why he thinks Assad is preparing to use them.
Kochavi spoke for the better part of an hour, detailing the effects on Israel of the transformation of the Middle East in recent years.
Kochavi said that across the region, a lack of water, a rising demand for energy and an increasing difficulty in providing food for civilians, coupled with rising religious extremism and the overthrow of the long-enduring dictatorships, have thrown the region into profound tumult, creating “a completely different Middle East.”
The four primary Muslim powers in the region — Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia — are all governed by religious rule, and Israel, “for the first time in decades,” faces strife on four of its borders — Syria, Lebanon, Sinai and Gaza.
Increasingly, continued Kochavi, the Islamist groups on Israel’s borders were veering away from global jihad and toward “local jihad.”
In Syria, the air force is flying 40-50 sorties per day against civilians. The price of bread has gone up sevenfold over the past year. Oil production is down 40 percent. The army is able to draft only 20 percent of each recruited class. Some 45,000 troops have defected. Morale is low, the structure of command is weak, the troops are scattered. Finally, 11 of 17 border crossings are currently in rebel hands.
“Syria as a whole state no longer exists,” Kochavi claimed.
Israel has long expressed concerns that Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons could end up in the hands of groups hostile to Israel like Hezbollah or al-Qaeda-inspired organizations.
Israel has kept out of Syria’s civil war, but it is concerned that violence could spill over the border into northern Israel.

Middle East tensions are spiraling sharply six days before US President Barack Obama lands in the Middle East. Thursday night, March 14, an Iranian fighter jet tried to bring down a US Predator drone flying over Oman, i.e. the Straits of Hormuz - only to be warned off by flares from its US fighter escort. 

This was not the first time a US drone was threatened by Iranian aircraft over the Persian Gulf, but in reporting the incident, the Pentagon revealed that the drones flying in the neighborhood of Iranian shores are now escorted by US jet fighters.

Syrian high command had just issued an ultimatum, on the orders of Bashar Assad, demanding that the Lebanese government put an immediate stop to the passage of armed Sunni fighters from Lebanon into Syria, else the Syrian Air Force would strike the Lebanese intruders’ convoys and also their home bases.  Damascus claimed they were coming to fight the government alongside the al Qaeda-linked Jabrat al-Nusra.

Their incursion threatened to engender a major spillover of the Syrian conflict into Lebanon.
The danger of hostilities inching close to the Syrian port of Tartus, where Moscow maintains a naval base, decided the Russian Navy to instruct three warships carrying 700 marines to Tartus to change course and put in at Beirut instead.


Anonymous said...

I will make my case quite clear.
I never wanted to be in this world to begin with. I watched my grandmother die waiting for the

and I miss her very much. Why am I
concentrating on the false prophet ?? BECAUSE I want to be with her and my Mother's dogs.

It is probably true that I am not
where I should be in my faith.
But I have suffered alot in this
world, and frankly, I am REALLY
SICK of it.

I can see what GG is saying BUT I need hope. i need hope to go on,
something to hang onto that GIVES
ME EVIDENCE that this world is about to end. that IS WHY I talk
alot about the AC and the false prophet.

I want my freedom, I do NOT have that NOW in this world....I am tired of Wall Street PIG bulls
acting like they own the world.

and yet I am at peace more now
as I FINALLY see the pieces of
prophecy get VERY CLOSE to the
final hours. I will probably not
be this way if I get to Heaven.
with all my problems, ect.

but i am NOT there now.

It has gotten to the point where
I TRULY BELIEVE HE is coming soon.
There is just TOO MUCH EVIDENCE.

I am HAPPY they selected a pope
almost you realize what
that means ?? add 7 to that and
you get 84......geee...time is short..really.....

we are THAT close.

Wall Street is too BLIND to see
this. they think it is a silly fairy tale. But I am NOT stupid.
and i am NOT sleeping. like they are.

HE IS COMING very soon.

like a thief....

it's hard to believe that it will
be that soon, but this FP business
in Rome in the last 48 hours is
TOO BIG to just cast aside. It is
really serious business.

It appears we are on GOD'S schedule.

NO question about that.

cannot be stopped.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I understand your pain, Stephen, and I'm sorry for your losses and for your anguish in this world. I understand. My world ended in August when my husband died. Ever since, like you, I have been eagerly looking forward to the day when our Lord will come get us and take us to the place He has prepared for us.

I thank GG for so lovingly and gently reminding us that our God is control of everything that is happening and that we should not forget to seek Him every day even as we search for the reassurance we get from seeing that daily events are prophecies unfolding. That we should take some of this time each day just to worship Him and thank Him and tell Him how much we love Him for all that is happening.

I'm with you, brother Stephen. Seeking out the evidence that we are rigt and that we are about to find relief from our profound sorrows is so alluring. The comfort it brings us is necessary for us to continue functioning in this world. But I also so love my Father in heaven for giving us the hope we have in the first place. That there was a terrible sacrifice He made so that you and I can sit here and dream of the day when our earthly anguish will be erased forever, praise our loving Father!

What if we didn't have that hope? Would we be looking so eagerly to the future? So, even as we continue to look forward, let's remember to praise God for His perfect plan; for His love for us even when we don't deserve it; for how He heals you and I with the hope we have of a reunion soon with those we have loved and lost.

Love you, brother Stephen, and look forward to meeting you and all others who post here one day SOON in a spectacularly happy place with our Lord at the center of it all! And, I want you all to meet my husband! :o)