Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reports: Syria Ordered To Attack Israel If Assad Falls

This comes from Israel Today, and if true, would be consistent with an array of stories at the beginning of this conflict in Syria. It could also serve to trigger the anticipated wars of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39. The knowledge that Iran lurks behind the scenes also makes one question if Iran could use Syria to land some solid blows against Israel now -  in efforts to weaken Israel's capabilities, in anticipation of future wars.  

Either way, this is a very interesting development:

Embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has ordered his military chiefs to launch ballistic missiles at Israel if he is killed by rebel forces, according to sources in Damascus cited by Israeli media this week.
The online newspaper Inyan Merkazi reported that Assad met with his top generals recently to express concerns that he could be taken out by advanced American missiles recently provided to rebel forces, or by a violent mob similar to the one that violently murdered former Libyan dictator Muamar Gaddafi.

Should either of those scenarios become reality, Assad reportedly told the generals to unleash Syria's considerable missile arsenal on Israel and Egypt.
The reason for attacking Israel is obvious. Syria is officially in a state of war with Israel and hosts numerous terror groups dedicated to the Jewish state's demise. Even with all the regional hostility toward him, Assad would secure a positive legacy by making his final act the destruction of Israeli cities.
Assad is angry at Egypt because of the new Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government's support for Syrian rebel groups, many of which are fellow Islamists.
Last year, when the Syrian rebellion was first heating up, Assad warned that if his rule were truly threatened, he would ignite the powder keg that is the Middle East. That threat remains a very real concern.

Also of interest:

This article underscores the deterioration in relations between Israel and Egypt, while Egypt draws closer to Iran - both scenarios falling in line with expectations from biblical prophecy - below are just the highlights:

However, according to our sources, Vickers’ mission to reactivate the Libyan and Sinai fronts against Islamist terror ran into a spirit of non-collaboration in Cairo. He found Egyptian leaders immersed in a process of rapprochement with Tehran brokered by Qatar, and was told that fighting the terrorist networks rampant in Sinai was not exactly convenient at that moment.

Instead, they were busy entertaining distinguished Iranian guests.  DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report the first was Revolutionary Guards Al Qods Brigades commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who paid a secret visit to Cairo last month, followed last Wednesday, Jan. 11, by Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akhbar  Salehi.  

It seems that President Mohamed Morsi has become a fan of Gen. Soleimani. He was deeply impressed by the feat he masterminded of keeping Syrian ruler Bashar Assad in power against all odds. The Iranian general was invited to Cairo to give Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood expert advice on keeping their regime safe from internal and external conspiracies.

By working for d├ętente with Iran, Egypt and Qatar could end up opening the Palestinian back door for Tehran to walk through in both territories. This prospect was behind Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent warnings that Hamas could land with both feet in the West Bank in a matter of days.
On Aug. 24, 2011, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, announced the IDF was no longer treating the Egyptian frontier as a border of peace in view of new perils. His words marked the end of the decades of calm Israel and Egypt enjoyed after signing their 1979 peace treaty.

On Dec. 26 2012, the IDF inaugurated the new Eilat Division, set up for defending southern Israel against the terrorist forces making free of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

On Jan. 2, the Prime Minister marked the completion of a new security fence built along the former peace border at a cost of NIS1.8 billion. However, Israeli strategists have concluded that a defensive border fence would not provide enough security against the teeming Islamist terrorists and al Qaeda networks occupying Sinai. Hence, the new security strip which closes Route 10, the main highway linking northern and southern Israel, to civilian traffic.
Prime Minister Netanyahu’s primary strategy for combating the menaces besetting Israel is defensive. However, fences may alleviate local threats for a time but cannot affect the big strategic changes overtaking Cairo, Damascus and out-of-control Sinai on Israel’s doorstep.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. If Egypt is making
peace with IRAN, why would Assad want
to destroy Egypt ??

Can someone on this blog answer that ??

please do so...


Caver said...

Geepers Anon, that is clearly answered in the early part of the above post.

"...Assad is angry at Egypt because of the new Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government's support for Syrian rebel groups, many of which are fellow Islamists..."

James said...

Hello everyone. Having been so busy at work, I haven't had time to comment. Scott thank you so much for all you do. This headline pushes us closer to what we know is coming. At this point we need a big event to take place. Today's headlines coming from debka tell us that Obama and his cronies are admitting, what we already know, and that is they can't detect early if Iran is building a nuclear bomb or if Syria, who has already loaded missiles with chemical weapons, is loading the missiles on to their planes. That admission seems to give Israel the green light it needs to launch a pre-emotive strike against Iran and more importantly against and imminent chemical weapon attack by Syria. If Israel does hit Syria it has to be dramatic enough to show the world they are serious when they say "NEVER AGAIN" bringing us to the destruction of Damascus. As Christians, we never hope for anyone to be hurt, but God's word is absolute and we know when He says Damascus will be destroyed we honor His word in faith and prepare ourselves and others for what is coming. I honestly believe we are very close to the destruction of Damascus.

Would liketo hear thoughts on this subject.

Love you guys!

James N Nashville

Gary said...

Dear James;
It really seems that we have to be close. How could events that are happening now be any more significant?

Gary said...

After some thought...what I really wanted to say is that the scenario that is happening now, imho...could not be any stronger for the events to unfold...

Caver said...

Hi guys, finally getting me nose off the drafting table.

The earlier comment about Syria, well that's a more difficult one than it seems on the surface I believe. We know now that the chemical and/or biological warheads have been spread to any multitude of factions in Lebanon.

It is feared that when the balloon goes up, everybody is going to launch at Israel.

A sticky wicket, to be sure.

David said...

I'd have to go back and look at the alleged date that the chemical signature was mixed to get a time line, but I'm sure Assad will fire the Chem. Munitions he has before they go stale. And that clock is very close to sounding. There's nothing more menacing than someone that knows they are gonna go down, and wants to take as many people as they can with them.

Scott said...

James, that makes a lot of sense to me; I agree with that. When it unfolds, I suspect the powder-keg will have been lit.

Anonymous said...

As stated earlier i WILL give credit when it is due. There is
evidence STARTING to show up that
bulls are running out of time.

AAPL is starting to become a REAL
PROBLEM for this market. Even though the dow was up, Apple was
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that is disturbing. There are many
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I just am NOT sure yet. But I do
NOT LIKE the sell off in AAPL. It was a LEADER for many months going up, but in SEP 2012 that changed.
NOW it is leading on the downside.

Bulls are being DECIEVED into
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and that's ok....as long as the dow
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UH UH, I don't buy that one bit....

so a CASE CAN BE made that the
crash is close.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I just read a very good article which MAY EXPLAIN why stocks have held so WELL for so long....if you
read it PLEASE take note the comments
re AAPL....JUST what I was talking about already....!!!!


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

The article states that the markets MAY EVEN close the next time; well,
if that happens, then stocks CAN BE
considered worthless...since if markets are closed, there are surely
NO interested buyers......if the
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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ally said...

Oh no. somebody please verify. Bank of America will no longer allow their debit cards to be used to purchase either ammo or firearms of any sort, type or variety! This is pretty big I think. As far as things starting to happen in that snow ball rolling down a hill kind of way. China shoring up for war with Japan. Assad flailing. You know he is siting on a russian ship right now, naval vessle. Boy, I sure am a bummer. I'm bumming myself out.
Oh sweet Jesus....help me keep my eyes on you! Not much longer. WV-remember on Sanford n Sons when Redd would clutch his chest and say "Elizabeth, I'm comming to se ya!" ? Our redemption draweth nye!

Alice said...

Ally, I can't wit to meet you in heaven! And everyone else here!

Scott, thank you so much for all you do!

Mrs.C said...

Morning Brother Scott, :)
Looks like the "anon's" are at it again...sigh. Trying to slip in bait posts below, hoping you wont notice. Its so obvious...they wait until the thread moves down the board, then they post...sigh. Apparently they are trying to sew the idea that the Bride and the Church are not the same...sigh

"The Event, The Timing And The Destination"

David said...

Hey Family in Christ, we have another Christian Pastor in Iran about to be hanged for Jesus Christ next week. ACLJ.org will give the specifics. There is a petition.

Anonymous said...

I did'nt wait Mrs C, and i want it to notice. It is not an idea, in fact an exact truth.
Scott posted an exact verse describing who is the Bride, the Lamb's wife.
I hope you can remember the word of Jesus, can the children of the bridechamber fast while the bridegroom is with them.
Who are the children of the bridechamber?

Mrs.C said...

More bait and switch...sigh Brother Scott deleted your post/s, and as usual, you disrespectfully ignore him...sigh

WVBORN56 said...

Hi Ally, yes I remember him clutching his chest and saying,"I'm coming to see ya Elizabeth" that was funny stuff. Thanks for the reminder and a good laugh.

I think we all feel the same way Ally. I read all the articles Scott posted this morning and it is just so discouraging on the one hand to see the fall of America and the world chaos but we need to be encouraged because Jesus said, "when you see these things beginning to take place, look up for your redemption is drawing nigh"

We are getting close!


Mrs.C said...

Hey Brother Scott, :)
Appears "Anon" thinks your "afraid of the truth", and came back at you in the previous thread where you deleted their post.
"The Event, The Timing And The Destination"

Not to mention this thread...sigh