Friday, January 25, 2013

Coming Globalization

It is both interesting and comforting to see more and more commentaries which reveal and discuss the coming world "governance" which has become a popular buzzword for the coming global government. Whether it begins with a central currency and becomes an outgrowth of that (the need to "govern" the economic system) and/or simply becomes an outgrowth of the EU --> 10 Kings stage is irrelevant to this discussion. We know that the antichrist and his 10 kings will rule the world in a single form of global government. 

Prophecy watchers have been discussing this globalization process for years, and as mentioned before, only a few brief years ago such discussions were met with skepticism. These days such talk is generally accepted and serves as a reminder of how far down the prophetic path we have come. 

The Daily Bell is reporting on this frequently and one of the reasons I frequent the site:

The real conspiracy is the conspiracy of globalism created and activated by a small handful of impossibly wealthy Western elites. People have discovered this for themselves now and no amount of social disapprobation will likely dissuade people from believing in what they consider to be truth.

As "conspiracy theory" evolves into "speaking truth to power," the trend that will expand will be one of accuracy and reality. People will indeed pursue "activism" – but the activism will be based on certainty and passion, not faux consumerism and misguided environmental concern.

Conclusion: People are gradually discovering that "conspiracy theory" is actually "directed history." And once they discover this, there is no turning back.

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Propped Up by US Since 2007 Under Bush ... In 2007, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, "To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers." And even then, it was noted that the Brotherhood held close links with groups the US recognizes and lists as terrorist organizations, including Hamas and Al Qaeda. The report gives a disturbing foreshadowing of US support that would eventually see the Muslim Brotherhood rise as both a political and terroristic power across the Arab World, after decades of hard-fought attempts to crush the sectarian extremist organization everywhere from Tunisia to Syria, from Egypt to Libya, to Jordan, and beyond. In fact, the 2007 Wall Street Journal article specifically noted that the US partnership could "destabilize governments in Jordan and Egypt, two US allies where the Brotherhood is a growing opposition force." – Tony Cartalucci/Land Destroyer

How long can the US and NATO keep lying about the Middle East and Northern Africa before the lies become untenable and the ones propounding the lies do irreparable damage to the credibility of the organizations they support?

The larger question to ask is whether once these organizations have suffered such damage, the larger society becomes irreparably damaged as well? And what does that mean for the controllers of the larger society?

We ask this in light of the peculiar debunking taking place in the Middle East and Africa. Already in the published record of mainstream Middle Eastern annals, one can find articles and videos making it clear that various US Intel shops created Al Qaeda, created AYM – the youth groups now destabilizing the Middle East and Africa – and, according to the New York Times (see above), created and control the emergent Muslim Brotherhood.

The idea, as we have long pointed out, has nothing really to do with resources, exploitation of Third World countries, etc. These were dominant social themes scattered about like so many breadcrumbs to entice people to follow the wrong trail.

For decades now the mainstream leftist media has been filled with thunderous tirades against capitalism's exploitation of developing countries and their resources. Even today, in the alternative media many continue to repeat the idea that the West invades other countries for their "resources."

But if one is a student of directed history, it soon becomes clear this rhetoric is inaccurate. The power elite has been setting up world government under the guise of exploiting different countries' resources.

The past 100-150 years have been filled with wars of all kinds. When no war is immediately available, one or more have quickly been constructed. Presently, the most obvious war is the War on Terror, and while this war has never seemed very compelling, Western powers are busy destabilizing the Middle East and Africa to create a more worrisome scenario.

The report, written by Jay Solomon, echoes similar foreshadowing of the coming violent sectarian bloodbath now engulfing Syria, found in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh's New Yorker piece titled, "The Redirection: Is the Administration's new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?"

As reluctant believers in elite motivated "directed history," we've long since concluded that much of what has passed for the global narrative in the past century or so has actually been created and acted on by a power-mad monied group that wants to create official world government. "They" want to run the world and they fund their campaign via the central banks they control and the money they print.

The wars, politics and economics of the past century or more have seamlessly intersected to create ever more globalism. But until recently, the mechanism behind these trends was not easily identifiable. Thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation, one can easily see the patterns and observe the not-so-fine hand creating the fabric of modern history.

How long can events continue this way? Every part of the so-called War on Terror is under attack, it seems to us, with much of the debunkery increasingly coming from the mainstream.

Questions about the Sandy Hook massacre, continued questions about 9/11, questions about Barack Obama's background and re-election, questions even about NASA's long-ago moon landings – and hundreds of other issues – are increasingly breaking through into the mainstream consciousness.

In the 20th century there were plenty of ways for the elites to deal with breakdowns in their narratives. But in the 21st century none of this "damage control" works very well.

In the 20th century the breakdowns were easily controllable. The individuals involved could be attacked and silenced. But the Internet Reformation makes those tactics more difficult to pursue and apply.
You see, the Internet is a PROCESS not an episode. It is like a leaky dike. The structure itself is giving way. No matter how many fingers plug the developing holes, the results will not be adequate because more leaks will develop.

This is why we have predicted – contrary to the naysayers – that the 21st century may be one of enlightenment, whereas the 20th century was one of almost unillumed darkness.

The elites are counting on the "fog of war" to obscure the charade playing out in the Middle East now. But the Internet has already pierced the fog of war and shown a bright light on the elite machina ex deus.

Conclusion: This is just one example of what's going on. And it's not a problem that is going away.

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