Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Concern Over Possible Uranium Stockpile In Syria

Concern is heightening over the possible existence of up to 50 tons of enriched uranium in Syria, the Financial Timesreported Tuesday, a stockpile large enough for the production of five atomic bombs.
To date, governments have largely focused on the fate of Syria’s chemical weapons, and preventing their seizure by Islamic militants spearheading the ongoing uprising against President Bashar Assad's rule.
As the country descends deeper into a sectarian civil war, however, fears have grown over the possible existence, and security, of a stockpile of processed uranium inside Syria.

The worry stems from the Assad regime's attempt to build a nuclear reactor in the eastern city of at Al-Kibar in the mid-2000s. With assistance from North Korea, Damascus is believed to have nearly completed the facility prior to its destruction in an alleged Israeli airstrike in 2007.
Few details are known about the nature of the reactor, although experts believe the plant would have required approximately 50 tons of natural uranium fuel to become operational.
An IAEA inspection team that visited the Al-Kibar site in May 2008 found only traces of uranium, fueling speculation that a large stockpile of uranium had been moved.
Adding to the severity of the issue is the possibility that Iran, closely allied to the Syrian regime, might be trying to acquire the uranium.

Joel Rosenberg:

As Syria continues to implode (the horrific death toll now tops 60,000) – and the countdown to something catastrophic seems to be in motion — Russian President Vladimir Putin now appears to be moving naval and marine forces for possible intervention in Syria, or at least to deter Western powers from trying to intervene in the civil-war-torn country. Some reports say Moscow is sending five Russian warships. Another reports says 12 warships are heading to the Syrian coast. What exactly does Putin hope to achieve? Only time will tell. For now, please keep praying for the Lord to intervene and bring calm to Syria and for the followers of Christ there and around the world to have wisdom to know how best to help the suffering.
“A flotilla of five Russian warships laden with hundreds of troops, which is headed toward Syria, is a show of force meant to deter Western armies from intervening in the war-torn nation,” reports the Times of Israel, citing information provided by the London-based Sunday Times. Previous reports cited Russian diplomats to the effect that the vessels were being put in place in order to evacuate thousands of Russians who still remain in Syria if the situation in the country called for it. However, a Russian intelligence source was quoted on Sunday as saying that the presence of over 300 marines on the ships was meant as a deterrent to keep countries hostile to the Bashar Assad regime — a key ally of the Kremlin — from landing special forces in the country. ‘Russia should be prepared for any developments, as it believes the situation in Syria might reach its peak before Easter,’ a Russian diplomatic source was quoted as saying.”

“Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was reported to have traveled to Jordan in recent weeks, and the Israeli news media have said the topic of discussion was how to deal with Syrian weapons if it appeared that they could be transferred to Lebanon, where Hezbollah could lob them over the border to Israel. But the plans, to the extent they exist, remain secret.”

 ...the Times notes. “In briefings, administration officials were told that if Syria’s increasingly desperate president, Bashar al-Assad, ordered the weapons to be used, they could be airborne in less than two hours — too fast for the United States to act, in all likelihood. 

Netanyahu warned that world peace is under grave peril from the nuclear weapons under development in Iran and Syria’s chemical arms arsenal, which could reach the wrong hands. A senior security official told DEBKAfile that the prime minister was referring to the repeated rebel assault on Syria’s largest chemical weapons depot at a=Al Safira near Aleppo, which has been repulsed by the Syrian army – for a rare comment on the Syrian chemical weapons question, told a cabinet meeting that the Syrian regime is very unstable and “the question of chemical weapons here worries us.” He said that Israel was coordinating with the United States and others “so that we might be prepared for any scenario and possibility that could arise.”
The German newspaper Die Welt recently quoted the head of the BIND external intelligence service as estimating that he Syrian Air Force was able to have chemical weapons ready for operation within four to six hours from receiving an order. The New York Times believes that two hours would be enough.
In his defiant speech Sunday, Jan. 6, Assad made it clear that he “no longer takes dictation from anyone” – especially the West.
It is important to note that sarin nerve gas once mixed has a life of 60 days, after which it must be destroyed. More than half of this period has elapsed and so the Syrian ruler has until the end of January to decide how he wants to dispose of those deadly bombs.

This is a brutal example of how far the struggle between Muslims and Catholics in Nigeria has reached.
Muslims are determined to impose their ‘religion’ all over Africa as well as in other continents and countries of the world. Islam has but one goal: rule the world at any cost!
And where are the International Human Rights Organizations? Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference! As denounced by Father Juan Carlos Martos, on behalf of the Missionari Clarettiani, via del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Rome, Italy.
By publishing this graphic document on Facebook, I have intended to make the world aware of certain terrible events totally ignored or minimized by the mainstream media; an authentic genocide so cruel and inhuman only comparable with the most hateful and vile acts in the Nazi extermination camps.

Regrettably, if the murders continue, this is greatly because truth is always hidden to the sovereign people, so that they may not be aware and ‘disdained’ by it: complicit silence by the mainstream media leads to the indifference of the international political community facing this unspeakable Holocaust! Let alone the cowardice already rooted in the western world facing the Islamic terror. A consequence of the stupid ” Alliance of civilizations”: another regrettable incident of our former Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Islamic terrorist organization in the (impossible) case of a massacre of Muslims in a mosque, by the hands of christian terrorists? And how widely would our media cover and condemn the crime and the criminals??

One of the consequences of the “Arab Spring” revolutions is the ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East. This could have catastrophic consequences for the 15 million Christians in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq—and even here in Israel.
In the Israeli Arab town of Nazareth, the proportion of Christians has plunged to about 40 percent, the remainder being Muslims. In other words, in two of the holiest cities of Christianity in the Holy Land, the Christians today are a depopulating minority, living in great fear of the Muslim majority in their midst.

At a meeting in Nazareth with Greek Orthodox Father Jubrail (Gabriel) Naddaf and some of the Arab Christian community’s other courageous leaders, I was told that there is another problem they are dealing with: Nominal Christians from the Nazareth Communist Party have joined with Muslims to persecute Christian believers who wish to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Obviously this isn't the biblical 'mark of the beast', but it foreshadows what is to come. The technology is progressing and right in time, court rulings are favorable to the concept:

A federal judge in Texas has issued a ruling that a student’s religious objections to wearing a badge from a school ID program that utilizes radio chips to identify students and faculty and monitor their movements are secular, and therefore, not a concern to the school or court.

“Plaintiff’s objection to wearing the Smart ID badge without a chip is clearly a secular choice, rather than a religious choice,” wrote U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia in a case brought by the Rutherford Instituteon behalf of student Andrea Hernandez, who has been attending John Jay High School in the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio.

The court record shows that the Hernandez family “felt the chip in the badge was ‘the mark of the beast’ and had a religious objection to the ‘tracking’ of his daughter. Mr. Hernandez also believed that the card prohibited his daughters’ ‘rights’ as a student,” the judge wrote.

Rutherford attorneys say they will appeal immediately, because of the violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.
“The Supreme Court has made clear that government officials may not scrutinize or question the validity of an individual’s religious beliefs,” said John Whitehead, chief of the Rutherford. “By declaring Andrea Hernandez’s objections to be a secular choice and not grounded in her religious beliefs, the district court is placing itself as an arbiter of what is and is not religious.
“This is simply not permissible under our constitutional scheme, and we plan to appeal this immediately,” the said.

More 'conditioning' for the masses:

While many people are agonizing over how closely kids are tracked online, tracking of the little ones in the offline world is taking a Mickey Mouse-sized leap forward. The New York Times reports that Disney Parks will introduce ID bracelets this spring that will make tickets, hotel keys, cash and credit cards as unnecessary for its visitors as pants are for Donald Duck.

Disney asked for FCC approval for the digital transmitters in the fall, including the photo at right in their application. Disney calls them “MagicBands” and is rolling them out as part of a vacation management system called “MyMagic+,” because apparently incredible advancements in technological tracking abilities are “magical.” Once loaded with visitors’ personal information and credit card numbers, the bands can be used to buy things, to access hotel rooms and to get on wait line lists. Convenient! Disney will also be able to use the bands to track everything people do in the parks and personalize entertainment for them. “Orwellian!,” says The Daily Kos.


WVBORN56 said...

It's weird how comments have dropped off. I think in part is fatigue on the one hand. Then on the other hand while much is occurring its nothing "Big" in a sense just more of the same. We just need to keep watching and praying and looking up. Jesus is coming back as a thief in the night so this is prime time IMHO.

ChristineInCleveland said...

I agree, WV. This has been a surprisingly long ceasefire between Hamas & Israel, don't you think? Or is it just the calm before the storm? I really had expected things to heat up before now. But with Iran announcing they're all set with their nukes, it can't be much longer... I go around with a lot of butterflies in my tummy these days, don't you? Glad I know who's REALLY in charge! :)

Waterer said...

Dear Wv, It is quiet and January alway slowly ticks away for me. maybe from the great activity in December and this year with so much sort of hanging.. it is hard to get my mind around it.
Happy to hear of the twins who are coming,our Grandaughter born at Thanksgiving is bringing us all great joy! Please pray for me brother (and any others who may be reading this tonight)as I begin teaching again tomorrow the study of Revelation. We are at chpts 10 and 11. It feels like I am diving into syrup instead of water. Everything feels slow. I need the Holy Spirit and His understanding and Presence to teach tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree that things are marching forward but there are still many things that need to advance. Be patient and keep encouraging those around you, it is going to get tough in the years to come

nathan said...

Wvborn , i think its a combination of fatigue and we get so used to being bombarded by news that when there is a lack of it (or the same old things) we're complacent . But four or five years ago it would take 6 months worth of prophecy newswatching now happens in one week .
Just a thought
Take care

Scott said...

KR - send me a note - I was unpacking and found that Hal Lindsey book on Revelation, which IMO is his best book. Its a line by line commentary and it is excellent. Walvoord's is another great read on Revelation.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to me
WHY Mr. Rosenberg is asking for peace in Syria ??

That does NOT make sense. I thought
that Syria is the center of the 17 Isaiah action ?? why then would he
want peace there ??

please explain.....

David said...

Well, we just need to pray God's will be done in that region. Be it peace or total destruction! Our God is always in control, always right, and never caught off guard.

Dave Down Under said...

Anon, prophecy watching as Christians doesn't mean we drool at the confirmation of every war and rise of every dictator. We too long for peace on earth just as God does, but we also know that these signs are the signs of the end of the end of time.

As Christians we are to be the instigators of peace, not the encouragers of every destructive sign and wonder that points to the coming of Christ just because its connected to prophecy.

Preaching the Gospel to all the earth and us living Holy lives is a few of the things that will hurry the return if Jesus Christ.

Matthew 5:8-9

Blessings Anon

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks KR on the well wishes for the twins...a true double blessing especially for the grandparents. :)

Christine, you are right about the long cease fire. I guess we put up these deadlines in our mines and when they don't occur we get discouraged as we wait.

thanks everyone for the encouragement and insight and especially Scott for all you do!

This "long" wait will seem like a drop in the bucket of time when we are on the other side!

Scott said...

Thanks WV - and I sure hope you are right!