Monday, January 7, 2013

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IMF Chief Warns Of New Great Depression

 International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde has warned the Great Depression of the 1930s may repeat itself unless the EU pulls together and gets foreign help. Fresh unemployment statistics added to the gloom by highlighting the social cost of austerity.
“If the international community does not work together, the risk from an economic point of view is that of retraction, rising protectionism, isolation. This is exactly the description of what happened in the Thirties and what followed is not something we are looking forward to," Lagarde said in a speech delivered to the US State Department on Thursday (15 December).

At least 200 rioting Palestinian Arabs rampaged through Jewish vineyards and violently attacked Jewish residents at the Samarian community of Esh Kodesh on Saturday.
Local residents said that after destroying much of the vineyards, the rioters came very close to entering the Jewish community. The local security team fired into the air to hold off the assault until Israeli army forces could arrive and disperse the rioters.
By the end of the melee, 12 local Jews had been injured.
Jewish residents said the attack, which had clearly been organized, was so successful because Israeli authorities recently ruled that Palestinians could work a disputed field adjacent to community, despite local protests.
Esh Kodesh is situated near and is part of a bloc with the Jewish settlement of Shilo, which in biblical times served as the capital of Israel for the 369 years prior to the conquest of Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Israel would erect a new security fence along its armistice line with Syria in order to protect the Jewish state from "infiltration and terrorism.”

Speaking at the weekly cabinetmeeting, Netanyahu noted that the fence built along the Egyptian border has “completely stopped the entry of infiltrators into Israel.” Would-be illegal entrants have reached the fence and have been taken to Israeli facilities, he said, but none have stealthily entered Israeli cities.

"We intend to stretch an identical fence, with some necessary changes due to the different conditions, along the Golan Heights," he explained.
"We know that on the other side of our border with Syria today, the Syrian army has moved away, and global jihad forces have moved in," he said.
"We must therefore protect this border from infiltrations and terror, as we have successfully been doing along the Sinai border."

In the U.S.:

A task force led by vice-president Joe Biden is reportedly considering wide-ranging proposals going well beyond simply reinstating a ban on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition.
The Washington Post reports that a national data base tracking gun sales, mental health checks, and background checks are all on the table.
And in a move that is set to anger opponents of gun control, the taskforce is reportedly looking at measures that can be implemented by the president's order without the approval of Congress.

Our middle class is being absolutely destroyed and it is deliberateCloward and Piven is working and we stand by and just scratch our heads as the Progressives carry on their merry way towards the destruction of America. Soon there will only be the poor masses and the rich elite. Poverty and debt are rising in the wake of rising taxation. Food stamp usage is at an all time high and I contend there is real hunger in America now, behind the closed doors of our homes and soon in the streets. Employment statistics are a lie as is the stock market. Unemployment should be closer to 22 to 30% and the stock market is a Progressive fantasy. It won’t last. It can’t with the printing of money and the non-stop spending. We are broke and our debt will some come due with no way to pay the piper. You can bet our enemies are hungrily waiting in the wings. It’s hard to tell whether fiscal collapse or war will hit first, but they are the Progressive two-step anyway, always arriving in tandem during the reign of a Liberal.
America is under a Constitutional emergency. Our Constitution is being ignored and violated regularly. The government is assaulting us on so many levels, something, in the end, will have to give and that is what the Progressives want so they can bring the full weight and force of the government down on the majority of Americans. In closing, I will provide a warning to those who would be King from Bob Owens:
A nation with just 800,000 law enforcement officers and 3 million active and reserve military personal cannot easily defeat and enslave a free people armed with 300 million firearms, even if large numbers of the police and military didn’t walk away or switch sides to follow their oath to the Constitution instead of any given leader, as many assuredly will.
Retribution against those who would be responsible for such a conflict by attempting to undermine the Constitution is assured. They will face extra-judicial justice walking across the street with their families, or in a formal war crimes trial. Either way, their attempt at tyranny ends in death or prison… hardly what these would-be elites imagined for themselves as they planned to loot the remains of a once-powerful economic engine.
I have two words of advice for those that imagine they can subjugate the arsenal of freedom with the stroke of an autopen.
Tread carefully.


A said...

Scott-2 very quick things for us in the US. Have you heard about the constitutional amendment Congress is currently trying to implement quickly which is removal of term limits for both themselves and the President?
Also the google search data that shows as early as Dec. 10 funds were being set up for the Sandy Hook School victims. Oops the incident occurred in the 14 of Dec. Hmmm.
One world govt. Here we come.

David said...

Just a couple of thoughts. I think a nice high Arcitecturely sound structure such as a high wall at Israels border would be a nice addition to the state. Also the gun bypass around congress was a "gimmie" know as in gimmie a break, you didn't think he was gonna go about the fair way for you. I know we used to live in a democracy, and old habits are hard to break. As for amending whatever needs amending, I say just bypass congress as well. I mean when you think about it 8 years really isn't enough time to totally destroy the country. After it took 2012 to get where we are now. If a third term for "him" will bring us closer to the rapture, then vote him a 3 rd term now! Sorry that's all I had.

Dave Down Under said...

If ever these were wicked times, well I think we've, as humanity, have just entered a new generation of sodom style living.

My daughter has just posted on her face book account a father and son in NYC have just gotten married.

Lord come soon, the filth must surely be reaching your eyes!

Blessings all

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I second your comment Dave Down Under! Jesus's coming will be the most awesome experience for sure. I'm more than ready.

Nathan said...

Just being the voice of reason here but the whole 3rd term rumor was stared by a guy named Porter Stansbury . If you look into his history it's a pretty shady one . He was convicted of securities fraud and did time . He's also made countless videos where you watch for about a half hour then need to pay money to get the rest of the story . Don't be to alarmed by this latest attempt . The guy is a scam artist . A very convincing scam artist .

Peace Nate

nathan said...

Oh p.s Dave down undah , i see you guys are getting some pretty intense wildfires lately . Hope all is well in the land down under . Make sure you wear sunscreen my friend :)(Hope those tasmanian devils are okay) I remember watching a video of a "firenado" that was amazing from Australia . Has your media covered the fact that the U.S now has a military presence of 2500 troops in your country or that a year and a half ago we renegotiated contracts with New Zealand to have a naval docking port there ? You know this is to encompass China/North Korea right ? I hope we don't drag Australia into our next military adventure . Anyway , take care


William said...

This is certainly key for me, as with all of us, and that is keeping our eyes on Jesus. That is the only way to keep from an overwhelming sadness taking hold.

Hello to everyone, I haven't posted in a little while due to Holiday vacation and then sickness but all is back to normal now and just figured I would comment on watching everything take place in the days we live in.

I don't know if I'm in the minority but seeing what I feel and so many of us feel is a great decline in our country, there has been recently certain points of sadness.
Now before I continue I will say the Lord has been providing me his peace that passes all understanding, thankfully he has required me to keep my eyes focused on him, whether through prayer or radio ministry or through me and my wife having our first Bible study together last night in quite awhile. It's funny because sometimes the Lord doesn't even have to speak(in his various ways) to speak to me. In my own words-the more I seek him and cling to him the more peace I receive. As I and we continue to witness these final Birth Pangs occurring in the world but even as close to home as our own country, I am realizing that in order to consistently receive his infinite supply of peace through these very difficult days I must cling to him even more. Letting too much time go by in the day without praying to him(sometimes it seems more like talking to him because it's more informal), without listening to Christian music or without listening to radio ministry and then getting behind the computer to research current events I have found it to be nothing more than setting myself up to allow the adversary to take away my joy and to disrupt the peace I was plugged into through our Lord.

I must say that after a month, between Birthdays, Family trip, Christmas and catching up on work and bills, I've gone a few weeks without reading God's Word, until last night that is, and all the while actively listening and watching Christian programming nothing takes the place of a good ol'fashioned Bible study especially with my Wife. Scott, our Great Lord and God is certainly supplying you with boldness and strength because sometimes just thinking about some of the events you post can be physically and emotionally draining, thankfully when we are weak He is strong and I am so glad he gives us the stamina and strength to do what he has called us to do - watch, pay attention, see the signs of his coming and to warn others. I certainly have noticed over the past couple of years people becoming even more hard-hearted toward the truth of the Gospel. It really is unfortunate to see(I mean that with utmost love)but of course it's right on time. Will post again shortly.

Dave Down Under said...

Hi guys,
Nate we are doing fine here in Queensland. So far we've managed to avoid the catostrophies happening down south. The trough or what ever the thing is called that's causing the heat is supposedly creeping up to our way and temps tomorrow (Wednesday) the temps here in Brisbane will reach 36deg C, but inland more they should be peaking in the low to mid 40s.

William I went through the same thing you are going through. I was stupid enough to watch a beheading video and for full month after ward I went through bouts of fear of Muslims and and for a few weeks I stopped going on prophecy sites. It highlighted the need for me to be walking in the Spirit on a more potent level and to go to the next level in talking with God. Speaking of talking with God, tell him everything at all times. Just constantly talk to god about your day, how you feel, your weeknesses; just everything. Smith Wigglesworth said that he rarely talked to God for 30 minute periods, but he would rarely go half an hour without talking to God (or something like that, lol)

Don't operate in fear William. It is our privilege to be a child of God and to walk in peace (John 14:27) no matter our circumstances (Philippians 4:6-8). Use the privilege of not having to worry. It makes life so much easier and your praise for God overflows from the comfort infused by the Holy Spirit.

Blessings brothers

William said...

Hi Dave, Thank you for your feedback. If what I said came across as experiencing fear I do apologize. I have in the past experienced a fleeting moment of fear for those I care for who are not saved because they do not see what is taking place and what is directly around the corner but I have come to realize that I have done everything I could do to share the Gospel and minister to them about End Time events.

When I was out of town me and my family went to Disney World and after we paid for our tickets and got to the entrance they took an electronic fingerprint scan of me and my family(then found out afterward they only needed either me or my wife's fingerprint). So here I was trying to trying to get my 4 year old's hand on the fingerprint scanner and the whole time in my mind I'm thinking "screw this place, I no longer want to be here , and I'll never give them a dime of my money again". From there we had our bags looked through, as with everyone else. This was not the same Disney I experienced when I was a kid and for awhile that day I felt extremely sad and physically sick to my stomach but I just hid it from the rest of my family. Had it not been for the fact I had been preparing my daughters for months to go to Disney World and my youngest never being there before, we would have been out of there in a New York minute! Between that and then getting back that day and hearing 20 children and 6 school administrators were killed just really made that day tough. And then to hear the progressives blame guns for the tragedy and not the fact that there has been so much immorality and violence all but shoved down the throats of human beings really made me feel sad(and angry)at how the vast majority of this world is going to Hell in a hand basket. It is situations like these and others that had previously put me in a down mood, However the more I think about how close we are to the Lord's return the more I remember that he has everything under control.


Dave Down Under said...

No apologies needed William. I frequently mis-read between the lines.