Friday, January 4, 2013

Franklin Graham Warns America - Meanwhile Radical Islam Awaits The Mahdi And Israel's Destruction

It is interesting how both of these are converging at the same time:

He was banned from a Pentagon prayer service because of Muslim complaints about his beliefs, and he later charged that Barack Obama has “shaken his fist” at God by endorsing same-sex “marriage,” so no one would expect mild platitudes from the strong-willed Franklin Graham.

Franklin Graham warns that the nation’s financial cliff is nothing to worry about compared to the spiritual cliff he sees.
But to liken America’s current situation to the status of the Old Testament tribe of Judah under Manasseh, the “wickedest king to rule?”
“This is only the tip of the iceberg. The moral decline we see on television programs – blatant immorality, senseless violence, media-friendly gay and lesbian behavior – is just a reflection of the moral corruption that has infected our entire nation. These are indeed dark days … but there is hope.
“The Bible says, ‘If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?’ (Psalm 11:3, ESV). No question our country’s foundations are being destroyed, but I am reminded of an era in the Old Testament where the Lord moved in a dramatic way to bring godly change to a spiritually dark and depraved nation like Judah, whose moral foundations had been seriously eroded.”
Graham, who heads not only the BGEA but also Samaritan’s Purse and has been a standard-bearer for the Christian faith for years, described Manasseh as “the wickedest king to rule over Judah.”
“Throughout his 55 years of evil reign, the land had been defiled with innocent blood. He led Judah into witchcraft, sorcery, and the worship of false gods and idols, including the fertility goddess Asherah. He even sacrificed his own son in the fires of idolatry,” Graham wrote.
But he noted the Bible story continues, with the account of Josiah, Manasseh’s grandson, who when he was 18 and king, came across the “book of the law.”
“Apparently it had been lost and neglected for a number of years. When Josiah heard the books read aloud by a scribe, he tore his clothes, and said, ‘Great is the wrath of the Lord that is kindled again us, because our fathers have not obeyed the words of this book, to do according to all that is written concerning us,’ (2 Kings 22:13),” Graham wrote.
The result, he said, that “idols were smashed, spiritists and mediums forcibly removed, and the worship of the one true God reinstated,” Graham wrote.
“For far too long, as a nation we have neglected – and even rejected – the Word of God and His commands. Yet the Scriptures are mighty, able to penetrate even the most hardened and darkened hearts with convicting, life-giving power,” Graham wrote.

“This is the only cure for a sin-sickened country that is about to slip into a moral abyss, and it is why we must proclaim the Good News,” he wrote.

A Muslim cleric from Egypt is forecasting an end times annihilation of every Jew on the face of the Earth and says that will be the ultimate victory for Islam.
In a recent broadcast on Al-NAS Television in Egypt, cleric Mahmoud al-Masri pontificated on his belief about the future of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

“The final annihilation [of the Jews] will come at the time of the Mahdi, or shortly before the Mahdi appears. Then the Muslims will regain the Al-Aqsa mosque, if they do not manage to spread Islam throughout the land,” he said.
“A small group of Jews will remain, but not the Jews living in Palestine. A group of Jews from Isfahan will survive, and they will follow the Antichrist, but eventually, they will also be killed, along with the Antichrist,” he continued. “Ultimately, not a single Jew will be left on the face of the Earth. Victory is coming, Allah willing.”
The Mahdi is believed by some sects in Islam to be the 12th imam, an end times figure who will arise to lead Muslims on a worldwide rampage in which all “enemies” of the belief are eliminated. Some Christians believe the Mahdi is the same as the biblical Antichrist, the personification of evil.
Former terrorist turned Christian Walid Shoebat noted the report, and said, “As the West attempts to split hairs when determining if Islamists with this view are part of al-Qaida or not, the words of Islamists like this fall on deaf ears. His idea of victory is for the Earth to be uninhabited by a single Jew.”
Shoebat has posted online the video that was assembled by theMiddle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and publicizes statements from media outlets in the Middle East.
Shoebat continued, “Note that this guy is rooting for the Syrian rebels.”

Those results affirmed the warnings from author Joel Richardson, whose book, “Mideast Beast,” is a sequel to his New York Times bestselling 2009 “The Islamic Antichrist.”
In a column written in WND, Richardson noted that he has been criticized repeatedly for believing many Muslims have a faith in the coming Mahdi, especially that there are a significant number who believe that will happen soon.
The survey by Pew Research at that time noted that in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, “half or more Muslims believe they will live to see the return of the Mahdi. This expectation is most widespread in Afghanistan (83 percent), Iraq (72 percent), Tunisia (67 percent) and Malaysia (62 percent).

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David said...

Well, once again stevie, your worship of the stock market is futile. You may as well tie a red ribbon around your tail and chase it in the street. I'm sure your posts are made to inflame its readers, but they actually say quite alot of your psychological profile. The Rockefeller stock market in which you so blindly worship is man made,Man driven, and man manipulated. It will at some point crash by the same hand that is currently inflating it. The bible clearly speaks of the signs of the end times. Signs we are unmistakenly seeing right now. It says nothing of your stock market. Make no mistake, God should be the focus, not the Dow Jones indestructible. Keep focusing on man made misconceptions, and you just may miss the call. Or is your existence here to recklessly deceive people? Misrepresenting Gods word is not something I'm comfortable doing. Maybe you are? Deal with that!

David said...

By the way stevie, i am a 3d MSOB MARSOC MARINE, (feel free to Google it). I can tell you first hand the evil that's in this world, and how rapidly it has deteriated in just the last year. I've seen things that I will never speak of that you wouldn't believe one human could do to another. The very warning signs I believe the Bible speaks of. So don't tell me that because the stock market numbers don't add up, things are gonna be fine, or this wont happen because the nunbers dont add up. You either have no sense of reality, or you've never been to far out of the comforts of your cozy office. Now I respect your views and your opinions, but don't think just because you think you see the future in the stock market that we should all "deal with it". That ain't the way life works brother! And yeah, I question your motives here. So who's side you on, Gods, or the worlds?,.....,.............oh, and Carver.....SemperFi brother

Caver said...

Hi David, and thank you for your service Brother!

Quite a pedigree you have there....and KNOW it wasn't easy to earn but helped shap who you are.

Share your understanding of the evil that exist out "there"....saw more than my share of the really "ugly" side of it. Thankfully, most in this country have no idea what real terror is....and hopefully they never will.

Thank You and your family,
God Bless,
Welcome Home!

David said...

I only mentioned that (my status) because of Stephens (Stevie) and his stock market post. I think Scott erased them. Anyway, carver, 10 years of that then a two thousand pounder landed to close to me and oh well, fun while it lasted

Caver said...

Sorry to hear that Brother. Am sure that changed lots of things....but the biggest thing is that you found your way to Christ. That was the real "game changer".....for all of us.

Mike said...

These posts by arrogant, unbiblical people need to be ignored, and deleted. Scott is doing his part, my request is that everyone else not doesn't deserve a comment. Lets not start going back to all of that has been quite peaceful lately :)