Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Southern Israel "Under Heavy Fire"

Over a two day period more than 50 rockets and mortar shells have pounded Israel; the MSM sleeps on this story, predictably:

Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired more than 50 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel on Tuesday and into Monday morning. Eleven border policemen were wounded in one of the attacks.

The attacks began during the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, and continued with a hail of rocket fire throughout the day. The only casualties reported were from a direct missile strike on a building near the coastal town of Ashkelon, where 11 officers with Israel's Border Police suffered light-to-moderate shrapnel injuries.

The assault continued on Wednesday morning with more short-range Kassam rocket attacks and at least one medium-range Grad missile attack that targeted the town of Beersheva.

Israeli forces responded with numerous overnight aerial raids on terrorist installations in Gaza. A number of terrorists were reportedly killed in the Israeli reprisals, but army officials cautioned that the situation was likely to get a lot more intense in the coming hours and days.

Gaza's Hamas rulers have actually claimed responsibility for many of the rocket attacks, a departure from the group's usual policy of letting smaller allied terror groups take the blame for attacks on southern Israel.

It is likely that Hamas is feeling emboldened by the assumed Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt's presidential election. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, and views the rise to power of the latter in neighboring Egypt as the start of a new era of "resistance" against the Zionist regime.

Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists continued to fire at southern Israel Wednesday with fresh rocket barrages launched at the Eshkol region.

Three short-range Qassam rockets exploded in areas within the Eshkol Regional Council district a few minutes prior to the noon hour, local radio broadcasters reported.

One Border Police officer was seriously wounded in one of the rocket attacks in the Ashkelon coastal district, and three others were lightly wounded. Three women in the Eshkol region suffered shock.

An early-morning barrage fired at the Eshkol just minutes before Israel's final day of classes for some 640,000 public high school students had already sent youths racingfor their shelters just before school was about to start.

Residents of the Negev's largest city, home to nearly 200,000 people, were warned by the Color Red rocket alert system about 90 seconds ahead of the impact. They immediately headed for safe spaces as sirens blared throughout the area and around its surrounding suburbs. The missile exploded in an open area on the outskirts of the city.

Also around the world:

Everyone knows that the Obama administration has been steadily gearing up for a military campaign against Syria. Everyone also knows that Russia and China do not want to see this happen. Now Russia and China are sending military forces to Syria. It is being reported that Russia, China, Iran and Syria will be conducting the "Middle East's largest ever military exercise" next month. Apparently tens of thousands of troops will be involved. This will be the first time that the Russians and the Chinese have jointly deployed large numbers of troops in Syria. Will this show of military power be enough to prevent Barack Obama from bombing Syria?

Tensions are rising in the Middle East and the region is a powder keg that could erupt at any time. If someone makes the wrong move we could end up with World War III.

What the Obama administration fails to grasp is that Syria is not Libya.

Syria has a lot more friends, and any attack on Syria would almost certainly cause a wider Middle East war to erupt.

For Russia and China, Syria is a red line that must not be crossed.

Now Russia and China are sending substantial military forces to Syria for "war games". Obviously this is just an excuse to get troops into Syria.

This week President Obama and U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk announced that Canada and Mexico have been invited to join the secret negotiations aimed at establishing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Some of those actively battling against the formation of the TPP and the “integration” sought by its proponents recognize the hand of large corporate interests at the helm of the ship that is sailing toward the eradication of American sovereignty.

One such opponent, Americans for Limited Government (ALG), is taking the lead in warning the people of the United States about the confluence of corporate and governmental interests and their goal of destroying the independence of our country.

Again using the keyword that is the bane of constitutionalists and those who would see America retain her right to govern herself,President Calderón told reporters at the G20 Summit that “This is one of the free trade initiatives that’s most ambitious in the world and would foster integration of the Asia Pacific region, one of the regions with the greatest dynamism in the world.”

As with all such attempts to integrate the economies of the United States and other “partners,” the right of settling disputes will be granted to an extra-constitutional international tribunal with members being nominated by the United Nations Secretary General. All “partners” to the pact including foreign corporations will be exempted from abiding by American laws and the sovereignty of the United States and the Constitution’s enumeration of powers will once again by placed on the altar of global government.

{This story is worth following very closely}

A classified draft of next week’s EU summit conclusions is the first step on an emerging “roadmap” to a banking union, pooling debt via eurobonds and political union via EU treaty change over the next 10 years.

The “limite” text - published exclusively by The Daily Telegraph, is secret, restricted for the "eyes only" of diplomats and officials preparing for the 28 and 29 June European Council in Brussels.

The first draft is relatively uncontroversial because the eurobond and "banking union" issues are currently all too sensitive to be committed to paper for officials.

Translated from the Brussels jargon, the PEC – president of the European Council – report will be Herman Van Rompuy’s preliminary text of the future of “Economic and Monetary Union”. This will be circulated in sealed envelopes next week.

America has been given a rare warning from G20 countries not to botch its own deficit-cutting measures amid fears that the world's biggest economy could fall off a "fiscal cliff" next year.

The warning came at the end of a fraught two-day summit in Mexico dominated by Europe's debt crisis. While the world's most powerful economies urged European governments to do more to end their crisis, the rebuke to The White House reflects increasing concern that America's struggle with its own $15trillion of debt will be the next to hit the world economy.

The G20 urged the US to "calibrate the pace of its fiscal consolidation by avoiding a sharp fiscal contraction in 2013 while insuring that its public finances are placed on a sustainable long-run path," according to the communique.


R.G. said...

I could say a lot to explain this video but watching it pretty much says it all. Notice how they are targeting the elderly first?

Ally said...

Scott-go watch "when will we attack Syria?" Ron Paul speech in congress. It about 5 min long. Well worth the 5 min. Also whats up with the verichip requirement for food stamps thats getting pushed around now? Also, the Olympics are starting on the 9th of Av. Like somebody (coyld it be satan? Like rhe old snl church lady skit used to say?) Didn't plan that ahead of time?
Woo doggie we are getting close!

Dutch Treat said...

I saw in the paper today where Obama is confident that Europe can solve its crisis. Coming from someone who understands less about Economics than I do (which isn't saying much on my part), that's a scary thought. Of course we as prophcy watchers know that anything Europe does will only delay the inevitable which will culminate in the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

And yet, stocks REFUSE to drop.
we are still in a number 2 up,
BUT bulls are RUNNING on fumes.

This will NOT take much longer.
I expect a CRASH to come by AUG
2012 at the latest.

EWI counts are ALREADY showing
problems for Gold and Silver.
I would NOT be on the bull side
of the metals now.


Stocks may rally a FEW MORE DAYS
to finish off waves counts on
the upside.

HEY, I do NOT EVEN CARE what the
EU does, it will not help, social
mood is UNSTOPPABLE.....they can give Spain and Italy 3 TRILLION
EUROS, would not matter......

No doubt whatever government
does will JUST make matters worse.
EWI is ON THE RECORD with that

a HUGE 3 down is coming, make NO
mistake about it. Bulls have had
their SELFISH WAYS long enough.
Time for the Bears, really, and serious.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>