Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hamas Claims Responsibility For Rocket Attacks As Violence Continues

Not only does this terrorist group claim responsibility, they set the terms for ceasefire.

In an interesting development, Hamas ties their actions to current events in and around Egypt, which is an interesting development:

As rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip continued to rain down on southern Israel on Wednesday, Hamas announced it was ready to stop the latest round of cross-border violence as long as Israel followed suit.

"Responding to the Egyptian efforts, we and the armed resistance announce our commitment to stop this round of confrontation as long as the occupation stops this aggression," said a written statement from Hamas's armed wing.

More than 55 rockets hit southern Israel on Wednesday as the IDF struck back at Hamas and Global Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip despite Egyptian calls for an immediate ceasefire.

The only problem is, Hamas isn't the only group involved:

One officer said that the involvement of Global Jihad operatives in attacks against Israel was not surprising but was concerning since the groups did not heed Hamas’s authority and would be difficult to rein in to abide by a new ceasefire.

Some of the groups are made up of former Islamic Jihad and Hamas members. Others, the officer said, come from Arabcountries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

In a sign that the violence was expected to continue on Thursday, the Home Front Command issued instructions to the public banning studies in schools that are not reinforced and are located within seven kilometers of the Gaza border. It also banned public gatherings – indoors or outdoors - of over 500 people. The instructions are in effect until Thursday evening.

Meanwhile Wednesday, Palestinian terrorists fired more than 55 rockets into southern Israel throughout the day, damaging homes and sending eight civilians into shock. One rocket was intercepted by Iron Dome counter-rocket defense systems on its way to Netivot. The IDF said that its three operational Iron Dome batteries were deployed in the South.

Police bomb squad officials said 30 rockets slammed into the Negev region, while a further nine struck the Lachish region. More than 100 rockets have been fired into Israel since Monday.

Things are really heating up in the Middle East now. Israel's southern border with Egypt now seems to be a new potential tipping point, Syria, which now has Russian troops along with wargames planned with China is a new tipping point, and with the so-called "talks" with Iran coming to an abrupt close - the Middle East is looking more volatile than ever.


Anonymous said...

Deflation is starting to get
OUT OF CONTROL on the downside.
Energy futures (Crude, UNL Gas, HO)
all at FRESH lows tonite.

I cannot say WHEN stocks will break,
but the scene is getting very

Since this will be a 3 down coming
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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

hartdawg said...

Its really quite simple, all Israel has to do is surrender more land to the peace loving palestinians then there will be peace. why is Netanyahu being so stubborn? just give them more land. cmon guys.

hartdawg said...

...and another thing, stop letting the facts get in the way. Sure, they gave up gaza and now its a staging point for attacks...same with lebanon but cmon

Anonymous said...

This morning Hamas says its ready for a cease fire IF Israel will cease its "agression against the Palestinian people"...say WHAT??? WHO attacked WHO??? And they killed an Arab Israeli citizen! They CLAIM they have now succeeded in "teaching the Zionist agressors a lesson they will not forget and they will think long and hard about any future agressions"...???? I BEG your pardon?? The IDF is rolling on the floor in hysterics! These Hamas goof balls get more and laughable every day! They launch these "provoke" attacks because they want us to throw our hardest punch so that a dirty bomb can be thrown at our cities by a bigger Muslim state. We always do the minimum, davka! No go Hamas! So lame!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the twisted world during end times..up is down right is wrong and 2+2=5....


Anonymous said...

Things are getting disturbing tonite on the wave counts. Energy is selling
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Stocks are also sliding.

IF THIS CONTINUES into the close
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It would be BEST to get ready for
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I am really starting to believe
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SAD !!!!

and that is scary, to say the least.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>