Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday News And Commentary: The Coming Tribulation

It seems that each day in the news has a central theme. Today is no different. Sadly.
But keep in mind, the future that we know is coming, namely - the Tribulation - cannot happen with a strong and free America.

This is no longer a theoretical nightmare. It's here now in living color:

Obama’s latest outrageous violation of the laws of the United States demonstrate that the nation has arrived at its destination: a dictatorship lorded over by an imperial ruler.

Since he was voted into office by deluded citizens who believed he would pay for their rent and food, Obama has enacted by fiat or worked with Congress to pass a number of bills that have increased the power of the executive and the unconstitutional authority of the federal government.
Hyperbole? Look at this list.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

This monstrous statute allows the government to circumvent the Fifth Amendment. The NDAA gives the government the authority to designate American citizens as terrorists and indefinitely detain them without recourse to courts or due process of law and without specific charge.

Unconstitutional wars

In May, the Secretary of War, Leon Panetta, said Obama will “seek international permission” to launch new wars.” He declared the “commander in chief has the authority to take action that involves the vital interests of this country” without consulting the American people.


Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution is known as the Commerce Clause. It states that “Congress shall have the power… to regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the several states and with the Indian tribes.” It does not permit the government to force you to buy insurance from a government preferred and protected monopoly.

In Federalist No. 45, James Madison wrote that the clause spells out that the powers delegated to the federal government are “few and defined,” while those left to the states “are numerous and indefinite,” although you wouldn’t know that if you listen to Democrats and far too many of their Republican colleagues.


He would subvert the American judicial process by implementing the International Criminal Court. It will ultimately be used against American citizens. Professor Charles Rice of Notre Dame University Law School has stated that we will be confronted by “a monster” that effectively “repudiates the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.”

The Law of the Sea Treaty will create another international bureaucracy that will limit the sovereignty of the United States and impose globalist regulations.

The Small Arms Treaty would circumvent the Second Amendment, the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights. If ratified, it will impose even tougher licensing requirements, confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms, ban semiautomatic weapons, create an international gun registry, and override our cherished national sovereignty.

Executive Orders

National Defense Resources Preparedness: This EO, signed in March of 2012, renews and updates Obama’s authority to seize control of all civil energy supplies, including oil and natural gas, and control and restrict all civil transportation. It essentially reaffirms a large number of FEMA-related executive orders issued since the national security state was installed in 1947 and is another element in an intricate structure that will enable martial law at the president’s discretion.

Kill the Constitution

From the Department of Justice’s high-handed attempt to prevent Arizona from protecting its borders to restrictive EPA rules that impose unreasonably burdensome financial costs on the states, Obama’s federal government has turned into a tyrannical leviathan dictating policy and law at gunpoint

His latest move to further weaken the immigration laws of the United States is simply more evidence that the federal government will continue to run roughshod over the Constitution and the natural rights of the American people, an incremental plan implemented by the elite that is now approaching its zenith.

Congress won't pass the DREAM Act? No problem. Who needs the consent of the governed or their elected representatives?

Instead of controlling itself, however, government has become the biggest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America.

The fact is that government no longer treats the Constitution as law binding it. As a result, government not only violates the Constitution with greater frequency and even more contempt, but government bureaucrats violate the very laws they enforce that are subordinate to the Constitution.

The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, violates the Clean Water Act and other laws the agency is charged with enforcing. It's not just the EPA. In my experience, every government agency I've dealt with has violated laws that they are charged with enforcing.

Remarkably, President Obama has gone rogue, running as no other Democrat before him, openly declaring war on America. The opposing armies are Obama's entitlement-minded-social-justice-zealots vs. hardworking Americans -- patriots who love their country and respect our Constitution.

To win re-election, Obama has "gone rogue," boldly going where no Democrat has gone before. Obama in essence has said, screw it. I am not going to masquerade as a moderate. I am going to campaign as a full blown anti-capitalism, anti-Constitution progressive socialist!

Obama's re-election scheme includes dividing Americans into mini-voting blocs, all perceiving themselves to be victimized. He promises college kids lower tuition interest rates. To secure the gay and Hollywood vote, Obama came out in support of gay marriage. To secure the hardcore feminist vote, Obama ignored the Constitution, forcing religious institutions and taxpayers to fund contraception and abortion services against their faith.

In essence, Obama has declared war on working, successful, self-respecting, and self-reliant Americans. We are engaged in an unreported epic battle for the heart, mind, and soul of America -- Obama's army vs. the rest of us.

Destroying our economy is a part of Obama's re-election campaign -- make life so horrible that voters will turn to big government via Obama to be their savior. Yes, I said it. Obama is destroying our economy on purpose.

American household wealth dropped 39%. Forty-five million Americans are on food stamps and that number is growing.

Obama believes that the Constitution and capitalism are unfair and must be replaced with social justice.

No, you are not asleep, not having a nightmare. Nor am I describing an episode of The Twilight Zone. Obama's war on our country and responsible Americans is very, very real. God help us.

Ralph Peters reminds us America still has foreign enemies; and that is a dangerous thing to contemplate when the incumbent is in the process of selling everything that isn’t nailed down. He writes that “the low point of the American presidency over the past half-century wasn’t Watergate, which is almost trivial compared to the corruption of the Obama administration, from treasonous leaks of classified material to the Justice Department’s assault on honest elections. No, my fellow Americans, the lowest point of the presidency occurred a few months back when President Obama, caught by a microphone he didn’t know was hot, told Russia’s then-president, now prime-minister, Dimitry Medvedev to relay to strong-man Vladimir Putin a request for patience. Essentially, Obama said he needed time to fool the American people until the November elections then he could cut the deals that Putin wanted.”

The Arab Spring, the Tahrir Square, the entire works boiled down to a choice between a military dictatorship and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now it looks like the whole glorious circus is about to end with a limited military dictatorship pushing the reset button back to where it was before, but without Mubarak. And that’s a best case scenario.

The one thing we should take away from this, is that the entire history of the last two years, every news article, from the glowing celebrations of the people’s revolution to the rise of the Brotherhood to the dissolution of the new reforms, should be printed up, rolled up into a newspaper and used to whack anyone who calls for “democratic change” in Egypt, or any relatively stable Muslim country that isn’t openly at war with us, across the nose.

Keep whacking them across the nose until they reread the entire history of their disaster and learn something from it.

Oh and Syria, all the people telling you that intervening to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Muslim Brotherhood would be a terrible idea… they’re right too.

There is no choice between a secular moderate national regime and a dictatorship. There is a choice between a dictatorship and Islamists. Choose one or the other, but don’t pretend that there’s a third option on the table. Not unless you can show us where that option has taken root.

Now, back to Europe and the rest of the world:

Once again, Caroline Glick nails it:

This is a long article - well worth reading. I'll cut to the bottom line:

With her unbridled hostility towards Israel, the EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton provides us with an abject lesson in what happens when a government places its emotional aspirations above its national interests.

To put it mildly, Ashton is not a friend of Israel. Indeed, she is so ill-disposed against Israel that she seems unable to focus for long on anything other than bashing it. Her obsession was prominently displayed in March when she was unable to give an unqualified condemnation of the massacre of French Jewish children by a French Muslim. Ashton simply had to use her condemnation as yet another opportunity to bash Israel.

Her preoccupation with Israel was again on display on Tuesday. During a boilerplate, vacuous speech about President Bashar Assad’s slaughter of his fellow Syrians, apropos of nothing the baroness launched into an unhinged, impassioned, and deeply dishonest frontal assault against Israel.

The woman US President Barack Obama has empowered to lead the West’s negotiations with Iran regarding its illicit nuclear weapons program stood at the podium in the European Parliament and threw an anti-Israel temper tantrum.

Ours is a dangerous world and an even more dangerous neighborhood. Everywhere we look we see cauldrons of radicalism and sophisticated weaponry waiting to explode. The threat environment Israel faces today is unprecedented.

At this time we cannot afford to be seduced by our dreams that things were different than they are. They are what they are.

Although politicians outside Greece are avoiding overt statements on Sunday's election, plans are being made for the worst case scenario. Member states have been discussing the extent to which they can impose capital controls and border checks should Greece leave the eurozone.

Central banks around the world have been preparing for shock market reaction to the election outcome by ensuring liquidity.

The polls open at 6am Brussels time and close 12 hours later. The first exit polls are expected to be released soon after voting finishes.

Just over a year after ousting a decades-long dictatorship, Egyptians may be facing a new revolution as they prepare to go to the polls in the nation's run-off presidential election.

On Saturday, Egyptians will begin voting for either Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi or secular candidate Ahmed Shafiq as their next president. Mursi and Shafiq came in first and second, respectively, in the first round of voting last month, but neither man was able to win an outright majority, thus necessitating a run-off.

But just two days before the fateful vote, Egypt's highest court made the dramatic decision to dissolve the nation's new parliament, which was voted in in December and January.
Many Egyptians saw the weekend maneuvering as a last-ditch effort by former Mubarak loyalists, including the military leadership, to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from taking over the country. The problem is that the Brotherhood won control of the parliament and is poised to win the presidency with the backing of a public majority. Attempts to reverse that will be seen as a return to Mubarak-style dictatorship, and are likely to spark a fresh revolution.

On the other hand, a full Muslim Brotherhood takeover would put Egypt on a path toward Iran-style radical Islam, which Shafiq has been vigorously warning against.

Either way, Egypt's revolution appears to be far from completed, and in many ways may be just beginning

We need to add to the mantra "Big Crisis = Big Change" to "Big Crisis = Big Change = More Centralized Government Control (as we head towards the Tribulation)":

We are approaching a moment of truth for the eurozone. After more than two years of uncertainty, instability and slow growth, decisions taken over the next few months could determine the economic future of the whole European continent for the next decade and beyond.

I have argued for a year now that the eurozone need to follow the “remorseless logic” of monetary union towards much greater fiscal integration. In countries like the UK and the US we are familiar with the features of a stable single currency area. The solution in the eurozone doesn’t have to be a full-blown United States of the eurozone, but if it is to be successful it is likely to include some form of most of the mechanisms that make other currencies work: more support from stronger economies to help weaker economies adjust; more pooling of resources, whether through common Eurobonds or some other mechanism; a shared backstop for the banking system through a banking union; and as a consequence, much closer collective oversight of fiscal and financial policy.

Russia has every possibility to provide a proper response to the projected deployment of a U.S. missile shield in Europe, though Moscow would like to see the U.S. plans revised, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“We should look forward and give response [to these plans] in a timely manner,” Putin told servicemen at a Russian air base.

“Of course, our partners should better not do this [implement their missile shield plans] as this move would drive our response,” he added.

The president stressed that regardless to the rhetoric western politicians use to describe the shield deployment plans, “this remains a part of the arms race.”

“We have every possibility to provide a proper response,” he said.

In liaison with this, Putin stressed the importance of timely implementation of state defense orders. “We must implement state defense orders strictly on time, with the necessary quality and at reasonable prices. If we do it, there will be no particular threat to us.”

The low point of the American presidency over the past half-century wasn’t Watergate, which is almost trivial compared to the corruption of the Obama administration, from treasonous leaks of classified material to the Justice Department’s assault on honest elections. No, my fellow Americans, the lowest point of the presidency occurred a few months back when President Obama, caught by a microphone he didn’t know was hot, told Russia’s then-president, now prime-minister, Dimitry Medvedev to relay to strong-man Vladimir Putin a request for patience. Essentially, Obama said he needed time to fool the American people until the November elections then he could cut the deals that Putin wanted.

When an American president trusts Russia’s leaders more than he trusts our country’s voters, things in the Oval Office are rotten to a degree far beyond a bunch of clumsy burglars breaking into a campaign office. This is a betrayal that would have been unthinkable even to Bill Clinton.

Moscow backs the Assad regime for several reasons (not least, just to rub our snouts in our cowardice and impotence, thanks to President Obama’s dreadful deal-making). Syria is Russia’s last major Arab client-state. Syria buys more than three-quarters of its weapons from Russia’s ailing arms industry. The Assad regime has provided a naval base at Tartus to Moscow, allowing Russia’s rusty fleet to operate in the Mediterranean. And Russia desperately wants to preserve Iran’s influence in the Middle East as a counterbalance to America’s oil-state allies. So.Russia protects and supports Iran; arms and shields the Assad regime; and gives us the middle finger.

Obama’s response? Nothing.

Russia’s pro-democracy protesters face beatings, arrests, imprisonment, constant harassment, the loss of jobs, eviction, and denied access to education. These are courageous human beings struggling against a cynical regime with the odds stacked terribly against them.

Once elected, leftist regimes don’t want to be bothered with the electorate.

So we now have a president who thinks it’s just fine to cut deals with a brilliant thug like Putin behind the backs of the American people. And make no mistake: For all his targeted brutality, Putin is a brilliant leader-he’ll be in power long after the next administration in Washington has passed on the torch.
The quotes above are just the beginning of this long, tragic article. The conclusion? See below:

Our hands are tied; our president’s blind, hapless and helpless; Iran’s still pursuing nuclear weapons; Putin can expect more unilateral concessions from us after November (if Obama returns to office); Putin continues to dismantle Russia’s last pretenses at democracy (while we dare say nothing); our troops are hostages in Afghanistan, where the president’s policy has been an utter disaster; and the butchery in Syria continues.

A contingent of Russian special forces is on its way to Syria to guard the Russian navy’s deep-water port at the Syria’s Mediterranean coastal town of Tartus, Pentagon officials informed US NBC TV Friday, June 15. They are coming by ship. According to DEBKAfile’s sources, the contingent is made up of naval marines and is due to land in Syria in the coming hours.

In a separate and earlier announcement, US Defense Department sources in Washington reported that the US military had completed its own planning for a variety of US operations against Syria, or for assisting neighboring countries in the event action was ordered – a reference, according to our sources, to Turkey, Jordan and Israel.
The Syrian civil war is now moving into a new phase of major power military intervention

The rate at which the world is moving towards the Tribulation is astonishing. The world desperately needs a leader who appears to have the solutions. And the world will receive this scenario. Unfortunately, this leader will end up being the most feared, brutal dictator the world has ever known.

"For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world...and never to be equaled again" (Matthew 24:21)

The world will quickly realize that they have empowered the worst that human government and human leadership has to offer. Unfortunately, it will be too late for them:

"For the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night...destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman and they will not escape" (1 Thessalonians 5:2-3).

Fortunately, the bride of Christ awaits a much different fate:

"For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath, but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:9)

And what happens to those who have received salvation through Jesus, and what are our instructions?

" wait for his Son from Heaven, whom he raised from the dead - Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath" (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

"I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is to come upon the whole earth..." (Revelation 3:10)

And better yet:

"For the Lord himself will come down from heaven...and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord Forever." (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Now...Predictably, we'll see comments that will attempt to perform scriptural gymnastics and tell you that the clear, obvious scriptures above are not what they are. Don't let them steal your joy at the coming of Jesus.

For those who accept His gift of salvation, Jesus has already taken God's wrath on the cross. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

How did the apostle Paul define the hope of the rapture?

"Therefore encourage each other with these words" (1 Thessalonians 4:18)

Is it encouraging to tell people that they will have to face God's wrath when Jesus has already done so, for His bride?

What did Jesus say we should do in the midst of these last days signs?

Did Jesus say that we should brace for the coming Tribulation and prepare for the carnage?

Did Jesus say that we should prepare to face God's wrath (again), although He has already done so for His believers?

Let's take a look at what Jesus said:

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." (Luke 21:28)

"Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near." (Luke 21:31).

Does that sound like a warning to face the coming Tribulation?

OR - do you see perfect harmony and consistency in these scriptures above?

Now. Predictably we'll see people come here (like moths to light) and tell you that you aren't "interpreting" the above correctly. That the simple, clear instructions above aren't what they appear to be. Then, scriptures that are completely unrelated to the above will be brought up and the focus will be shifted from the hope and encouragement of the above - to 1-2 random scriptures which bear no relation to the clear messages given to us by Jesus.

Rather than doing as Jesus said - which is to look for His return - in the midst of these signs - you will be told to shift your focus to muddled, convoluted views of different scriptures, while the above are either ignored or twisted into a scriptural pretzel.

Don't allow it. Jesus gave us nothing but hope in His salvation, and the promise that He alone took God's wrath on our behalf - and the incredible gift of salvation through accepting His gift.

And for those who do accept this gift - in the words of the apostle Paul, we are not expected to await the Tribulation and face God's wrath. Rather, "to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead - Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath"


Jesus will come for His Bride. Its a guarantee and a rock-solid promise. Don't let anyone ever steal this joy.


mary said...

Brother Scott,
Thanks once again for showing us TRUTH, and reminding us what God has promised us whom have trusted in His Son Jesus.I am enjoying my life everyday even more(if that is possible) knowing that Jesus is coming to rescue us.
To all my family out there, one side note... I need some advice. A co-worker of mine was talking to me about death, and I told him there was no fear(of the future) if you have put your faith in Jesus to take you to heaven. I asked him if he was saved, he did not answer, then told me that he preferred to keep an open mind. Then he told me that again. At this point I did not push it. Was I wrong? I am waiting for the next opportunity that the Holy Spirit gives me to talk about this again. I need some guidance how to approach this.Thanks, and see you all soon!! Maranatha,Mary

Caver said...


Such a message of hope. Thank you Scott. Thank You Jesus for paying my price, that I may escape this carnage.

Hi Mary,

I have no idea if my words are right or wrong...but they do seem to have some effect. I won't even qualify this as advice, I'm certainly not qualified.

I get to address this topic every once in a while. I respond that they have already told me they are probably NOT saved, because if they had been serious in their faith and speaking with God they would KNOW that the "entering" of the Holy Spirit was not mysterious event that occurred without their knowledge. At least not with anyone I know that I know is saved.

Of course its different with each of has to be since salvation during the Church age is by faith alone. Otherwise the duplication of the event by all believers would be the circumstantial evidence that, by itself, would be considered proof.

Hope this has been of some small measure a help.

mary said...

thanks for your response. I appreciate your help.In other words...if you are saved, you know it,because you have confessed your sins, acknowledged Jesus as LORD, and asked Him to come into your heart.
I am pretty sure this person is not saved by his no response, I am not sure whether I am to keep prodding.

Caver said...

Mary, yes to all the above, but more than that. When the Holy Spirit enters you, you know it... either immediately or soon thereafter. He may be dramatic or subtle, but His presence is known if you're paying attention.

Anonymous said...

The above post need no interpretation.
all is harmonious
The righteous will not be destroyed with the wicked.

God knows how to deliver the godly OUT of temptation and reserved the unjust to be punished at the day of judgement.

mary said...

Amen brother!!(about the Holy Spirit)
thanks again.

Caver said...

Perhaps I'm reading your post wrong...

A huge number, most in fact, that come to faith after the trib starts will die for that faith. Its not just the wicked that will pay with their lives, its those that have come to faith also.

In the Great Trib, the second 3 1/2 years, those that will die and be put to death in great numbers from my reading of scripture.

As Scott said, our hope is in Jesus and that hope will still be there during the Trib. We, the Church, are blessed, for we believed by faith. Those in the Trib did not believe by faith, they actually see the Lord at work before believing. Our destinies, both in this life and the next, is very different.

Dutch Treat said...

Mary, I believe that if you are truly saved, you'll know it. You just need to believe Romans 10:9 and John 3:16 among other verses. I believe you are also right in not pushing your friend. I've always felt the worst trait a Christian can have is to be overbearing because you can turn people off just as easily as you can turn them on; and when you're overbearing, chances are you'll turn more people off than on. So stay in tune with the HS and keep looking for opportunities; and if he is truly seeking, he shall find.

Caver said...

Hi Mato / Anon....

Jeepers, you are so transparent, or is it the Holy Spirit just showing and alerting. After a while one can smell the baiting statements or questions for the new believers.

Its always the same game.

Scott has invited you time and time again to discuss the relevant scripture. You run and hide only to sneak back in in a week or two under another name.

You are stuck on a couple of verses taken out of context. You ignore Scott's request, the instruction, then direction to leave it alone. Then when you get cornered, you get nasty and ugly. Your post has to be deleted.

You truly need professional help Brother/Sister. We pray for you.

Caver said...

One final thing, you have us in the trib now but are pre wrath. Ok...we get it....we don't buy it.

Scott said...

Anon - you have gotten it somewhat wrong. Its not "OUT" of temptation but FROM the period. Big difference. Let's dissect Rev 3:10.

Jesus promiced that the church saints would be delivered FROM the hour:

"I will also keep thee FROM the hour of temptation (aka 'trial' aka Tribulation)

The promise is to keep the saints from the HOUR of trial, not just the trial itself.

This is a very very important distinction.

The word translated hour (hora) means "the time when something took place, is taking place or will take place".

Thus, Christ promiced to keep these church saints FROM THE TIME PERIOD characterized by the Trial in question.

As Showers states:

"If the Lord had meant that that He would would keep them from just the testing itself (rather than the time period itself) HE woudl have made that clear by omitting the words "the hour" and simply stating "I will keep you from the testing".

Also "From" in this passage (ek) in the expression "from the hour" carries the sense of separation from a person or thing. Thus, Christ promised to keep the church saints from the hour or time from the hour or time period of trials by SEPARATING them FROM it.

{note: Caps below are for readability and emphasis only}

Susan said...

Thank you for the encouragement Scott, in a world that is getter darker by the day. It certainly seems as if God is holding everything back until the "appointed time". Anything could blow - the world economy, the Middle East, even greater natural disasters, but God seems to be saying "not yet". It is hard "watching". I'm sure that many who experienced WWII felt like they were living in the tribulation - and that is the unknown here - how bad things will get before the Lord takes us out. I sure hope it is soon. It is especially distressing to see our once great nation collapse from within and it is also distressing to see people vote for evil leaders - without even knowing they are evil!

The rapture is our great hope and it will change everything - including the upcoming U.S. elections. Romney appears to currently be gaining ground on Obama but there is no way that Romney would be elected if the rapture were to happen. At any rate one can easily connect the dots with 4 more years of what we have now and the utter collapse of the U.S.

Politics aside, God has got this all figured out. I'll sure we'll be asking Jesus the particulars of how he orchestrated the end times after the fact. The waiting truly is the hardest part (but made somewhat easier when we chose to be about the Father's business).


P.S. I drive by a large cemetery daily on the way to take my kids to school. I want to be driving by there when the rapture takes place. It will be a "happening place"!

Scott said...

Hey Mato - remember my earlier guidelines to you?
They are still in effect my friend.

Susan said...

I hope my post didn't leave the impression that we really won't know the condition of the world when Jesus returns - I do believe that it will be as stated in the "days of Noah" which we certainly are in currently!

Anonymous said...

i believe the righteous will not in anyway suffer the wrath of God.
As noah was taken to the ark before the flood, lot taken out to zoar before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Likewise in the last days, all righteous will be taken out/from or up, but sure it is a safe place in clouds or in heaven, before God destroy the wicked.
Will that make me a pre trib? If pre trib teaches that 1 righteous will suffer the wrath of God, then No, i do not want to be a pre trib?
but If pre -trib teaches that all righteous will not suffer the wrath of God, then I will gladly declare i am a pre trib.

Scott said...

"...but pre-trib teaches that all righteous will not suffer the wrath of God, then I will gladly declare I am pre trib"

(footnote: assuming you are stating the church = righteous, and not playing games there)

Then YES - you finally get it!

Scott said...

Susan - I got that, and wholeheartedly agree re - days of Noah!

Scott said...

Look. You are free to believe what you want. If you want to believe in a pre-wrath view, you right ahead - its fine. Really.

But I'll say it one more time, and again, I'm closing this.

Your arguments are weak and not convincing. I have heard them all a thousand times and I'm still not convinced.

You have refused to engage in the array of scriptures, including imminency - and you continue to cling to a couple of narrow and far less germane scriptures.

We have all heard these points of view. I'll leave the above up there for your legacy.

But we're done with this endless circle.


Scott said...

On second thought, I'm going to agree with what I said the last time we went in this endless circle. No more. I'm done with this.

Anonymous said...

I see Mato is back. Frankly i could care less. There will come a TIME
when the waves are SET UP for a huge
crash and the end will come.

People like Mato somehow KNOW they
can take advantage of the BULL when
he is still dominant and say whatever
they want.

FINE !!!!

But remember this: ONCE the crash
hits, and it will, the game is over. At some point the rapture will hit and THE REAL TRUTH will
be there for all to see.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Scott, are u aware of this ??
just came out from another source !!!!

please go here >>>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Stephen - many thanks - headed there now

mary said...

Dutch Treat,
thanks for your help, and I totally agree with you. That is what stopped me from going any further with this person.Yes, I will be listening for futher promptings from the Holy Spirit.