Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Headlines: EU Leaders "Plotting EU Superstate"

First up - a couple of more articles on the evolution of the EU:

Note the bolded quotes below:

Longtime austerity advocate and German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that she will consider France’s proposed “collective debt” solution — but only if the rest of the EU agrees to her ambitious demands.

“After falling short with her ‘fiscal compact’ on budget discipline, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pressing for much more ambitious measures, including a central authority to manage euro area finances, and major new powers for the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice,” Reuters reports.

“Until states agree to these steps and the unprecedented loss of sovereignty they involve, the officials say Berlin will refuse to consider other initiatives like…a ‘banking union’ with cross-border deposit guarantees,” Reuters report.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told a Senate session that Europe “needs to support those that are in difficulty.”

“It needs fiscal integration with a fiscal authority and banking integration, a banking union with Eurobonds [sic], a banking supervisor and a European guaranteed deposit fund,” he added.

European leaders are to hold a summit on June 28 on how to stop the 17-country eurozone from collapse, the AP reports. The European Commission and the ECB will likely discuss measures for creating a “banking union” that would oversee banks and “possibly offer bailouts directly, bypassing national governments.”

European leaders are edging closer to a federal union in response to the financial crisis engulfing the Continent.

In crisis talks yesterday, Britain and the US joined forces to urge Germany to create a central Brussels body that could assume sovereignty over individual countries’ budgets and fiscal policies.

Four EU leaders have been asked to draft proposals for a deeper eurozone fiscal union, to be presented to an EU summit at the end of this month.

They fear a core eurozone, led by Germany, would be in a powerful position to push whatever policies it wanted affecting the rest of the 27-member EU.

Up to ten chairmen of Commons select committees are understood to be preparing to call for a popular vote on Britain’s future place in the EU if a fiscal union goes ahead.

As mentioned earlier this week, it truly is amazing how casually a world governance is is now discussed in the media:

National sovereignty is under threat with the United Nations and its gun rules, the Law of the Sea Treaty and its worldwide taxes, Agenda 21, the Bilderbergers and the increasing strength of other global authorities.

What would America be like to be under a global government? What about human rights, and would the U.S. be demonized to set an example? Who sets standards for the environment, finance and education, and who can be delegated to make decisions? And does the concept of a nation-state still exist and still matter?

“In this there is an important lesson for the modern world: In a brutal time, we are lost when we don’t respond immediately to obvious threats as soon as they appear. The global governance movement is one of those threats. We ignore it at our peril.”

In the balance will be whether America of the future pledges allegiance to the “United States” or the “United Nations,” whether or not the flag has 50 stars representing 50 states and to whom to citizens apply to protect their rights, the conference promoters say.


Anonymous said...

As stated previously, i am NOT really concerned about any and ALL attempts to pacify bulls in the EU
and worldwide for that matter.

With that being said, the DOW is up over 200 going into the close. I will
update again on THUR, but it is very
clear WHAT is going on.

AS LONG AS BULLS continue dominant,
forget about the END coming anytime
soon. If bulls get this above 13,000 in the dow, it could be MONTHS before anything serious happens.

sad but true. HEY, I do not make
the market, I just follow it.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Ok, one more update,

DOW UP NEARLY 300 on the close...

that is NO joke.....

Will update again on thurs.....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

John said...

I love this blog, I read the updates almost daily, thankyou Scott for doin what ya do brother. Could someone here please help me understand the connection between the end of the age, aka the end of the age of grace, and the stock market either on an upward or downward swing? I have heard, and I believe that nothing else has to happen before that trumpet sounds and the uppertaker causes the Church to vanish into thin air. Thanks again, Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in The Lord Jesus!!!

Scott said...

There is no connection. We let Stephen post because he isn't baiting he really seems to see some connection. We love him and his presence here regardless. A great example of agreeing to disagree I suppose. He's also open with his agenda etc.

John said...

TnankYou Scott, I read your posts also Stephen, just trying to connect the dots here I suppose...If everyone agreed all the time on every point or even most points that would not be a healthy enviornment at all. Thanks again Scott and Stephen!!! Bless all Y'all.

Scott said...

Good point John. Bless you too, brother. See you soon at the Wedding Supper!