Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Headlines

Vilnai: Israel Cannot Remain Silent In Face Of Escalation

Israel cannot remain silent in the face of continued rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i said Saturday morning.

Vilnai visited the afflicted areas of Sderot and Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council, as rockets continued to rain down in the region leaving one man moderately-to-severely injured Saturday morning in the Sderot area. Two other residents suffered shock in the Palestinian attack, and a factory sustained some damage.

The minister also paid a visit to the IDF's Gaza Division for an operational review of recent events. "We hold Hamas fully responsible for everything that happens in the Gaza Belt," Vilani said during the visit. "Israel is working, and will continue to work with a heavy hand against those terrorists that want to escalate the situation in the region."

Palestinians have fired twenty rockets from Gaza intosouthern Israel since midnight on Friday, police said. Fifteen of those landed in the Lachish region, and five in the Negev. The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted five of the rockets.

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza continued on Friday evening to violate a ‘ceasefire’ that was declared on Wednesday and fired rockets into southern Israel.

Three rockets were fired from Gaza shortly before 11:00 p.m. local time. Two of them exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council and the third exploded in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

The IAF responded to the latest attacks and struck the terrorist squad immediately after it launched the rockets. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that a hit was identified.

It was the IAF’s second airstrike on Friday after IAF aircraft targeted a terrorist squadthat was preparing to fire a rocket at Israel from central Gaza on Friday afternoon.

To ambush the Turkish Air Force F-4 Super Phantom Friday June 22, over Latakia, Syria used Russian-made self-propelled medium range anti-air Buk-M2 missiles (NATO codenamed SA-11) recently supplied by Moscow. The SA-11 can down aircraft flying at altitudes up to 14 kilometers and Mach 3 speed.

This would be the first instance in the 15-month Syrian uprising of an advanced Russian-supplied weapon hitting the military target of a NATO member. Hence the comment from Washington by US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland who said: “We’ve seen the reports… We have obviously been in contact with our Turkish ally…. To my knowledge, they haven’t raised this at NATO at this point.”

President Abdullah Gul spoke out more strongly: “It is impossible to ignore our fighter jet being shot down by Syria,” he said after Damascus admitted to shooting down the plane, claiming its air defenses acted according to standard procedure before realizing it was a Turkish air force jet. Both are searching for the two missing pilots.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan admitted Saturday that the jet was shot down over the Mediterranean around 13 kilometers west of the Syrian port of Latakia. He did not explain what a Turkish bomber fighter was doing over Syrian territorial waters, but the suggestion, which Western military sources have confirmed, was that Turkish military jets have lately been carrying out almost daily reconnaissance flights over the Syrian coast. Moscow and Damascus apparently decided it was time to stop the missions which among other things spied on the Russian arms supplies transiting Russian bases at the Syrian ports of Tartus and Latakia.

Russia's foreign minister said on Friday that Iran should not face threats over its nuclear program and that a quick settlement of the standoff over it isn't realistic.

The Associated Press quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as having said the latest round of talks in Moscow this week between six world powers and Iran has been “quite useful,” even though there was no breakthrough. He said talks must continue without “any artificial deadlines or ultimatums.”

High-level nuclear talks in Russia between Iran and six world powers were suspended this week, but experts from both sides will meet next month to see if there is enough common ground for new negotiations.

AP noted that Russia's President Vladimir Putin is expected to face a strong Israeli demand to take a tougher line on Iran when he visits the Jewish state next week, but Lavrov's statement signaled that Moscow will likely respond to Israeli calls for stronger action with its usual advice to be patient and continue talks.

(This one comes from Caroline Glick)

You have to hand it to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. They know how to play power politics. They know how to acquire power. And they know how to use power.

Last Friday, the day before voters by most accounts elected the Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsy to serve as Egypt’s next president, The Wall Street Journal published a riveting account by Charles Levinson and Matt Bradley of how the Brotherhood outmaneuvered the secular revolutionaries to take control of the country’s political space.

The Brotherhood kept a very low profile in the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square in January and February 2011 that led to the overthrow of then-president Hosni Mubarak

The Brotherhood’s absence from Tahrir Square at that time is what enabled Westerners to fall in love with the Egyptian revolution.

Those demonstrations led to the impression, widespread in the US, that Mubarak’s successors would be secular Facebook democrats.

THE DIFFERENCE between the Brotherhood and the secularists is a fundamental one. The Brotherhood has always had a vision of the Egypt it wants to create. It has always used all the tools at its disposal to advance the goal of creating an Islamic state in Egypt.

For their part, the secularists have no ideological unity and so share no common vision of a future Egypt. They just oppose the repression of the military.

By permitting the Brotherhood to participate in the elections for parliament and the presidency, the military signed the death warrant of its regime. The Brotherhood will rule Egypt. The only thing left to be determined is whether its takeover will happen quickly or slowly

The Egyptian military today is far weaker than the Turkish military was in 2002. And it has already been outmaneuvered by the Brotherhood. The only way for it to secure its hold onpower is through brute force. And the generals have already shown they are unwilling to use sufficient force to repress the Brotherhood.

The regime’s decision to outlaw the parliament and decree the military above the president was not a show of strength. It was a panicked act of desperation by a regime that knows its days are numbered.

The Muslim Brotherhood expects its anticipated presidential election win to be respected, its candidate Mohammed Morsi said on Friday.

AFP reported as that the comments were made as the group's supporters packed Cairo's Tahrir Square to pressure Egypt's ruling military.

Morsi said the Brotherhood wants neither “confrontation nor violence” as the country nervously awaits the official result of the divisive June 16-17 poll run-off.

Well, whaddya’ know: Yet again, overzealous environmentalists are calling for major countries to voluntarily roll back the layers of their prosperity because they believe doing so will be of great benefit to the planet’s general welfare (nevermind the planet’s peskyinhabitants, of course!). The munificent climate-change gurus at the United Nations conference this week apparently felt more dire measures than just subsidizing green energy or a global carbon tax deserved a spot on the docket:

United Nations officials refuse to allow observers to read the draft agenda for the Rio+20 conference on climate change, after an earlier draft called for the economic “contraction” in major countries.

“It seems the UN has taken the final pre-conference draft and classified it!” Lord Monckton, a climate skeptic with the Center for a Constructive Tomorrow reported in an email. “We were promised transparency. This is unacceptable.”

A proposal within an earlier draft agenda for the conference called for the “contraction and convergence for over- and under-consumers of natural resources"

I always find it singularly disturbing when self-important bureaucrats prescribe a reversal on economic growth when so many people in this world still live in poverty. Affordable energy and economic expansion are the recipe for lifting people out of poverty, and third-world countries without the wealth or means to worry about their environmental impact are oftentimes some of the worst environmental offenders.

I mean, sure, we could go back to the pre-industrial era: There was no manufactured air or water pollution, everyone’s food was organic and free range, the natural landscape was untouched, we weren’t harried by technology all the time, and we all got plenty of exercise… as we all toiled to meet our basic survival needs and lived beneath much more crushing rates of disease, poverty, and premature death. Yeah, that sounds like good times.

By the way, apparently the term “climate change” isn’t cool anymore. There’s so much science out there contradicting man-made climate change, too many people have come to think of the ostensible phenomenon as less-than-concrete. The greenies needed to update their terminology to stay hip: Global warming, to climate change, to…

In the face of this growing amount of new scientific evidence, environmentalists are not backing down, but changing their rhetoric.

One leader at a meeting related to the Rio +20 conference this week, noting that because conservatives reject the notion global warming, “We don’t use the term climate change anymore. It’s sustainable development.”

The EU's pre-summer-break summit looms large on next week's agenda, as the crisis, which wrecked Greece, threatens to engulf Italy and Spain.

The centerpiece of the event will be proposals drafted by the EU commission, the EU Council, the central bank and eurozone leaders on a future banking union and political Union.

Italy's Mario Monti warned that if EU leaders do not get it right, markets will wreak havoc on Madrid and Rome.

A recent €100 billion pledge to help Spanish banks did nothing to improve Spanish or Italian bond yields, which still trade at close to 7 percent.

Perhaps more importantly, we find this buried quote, but it's importance can't be underestimated:

On Monday, EU foreign ministers will debate the situation in Bosnia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

They will endorse a new action plan for how the European External Action Service can better protect human rights around the world.

I personally believe that the "European External Action Service", combined with the doctrine of RTP ("Responsibility To Protect") will ultimately be used in Israel to "confirm the covenant" of Daniel 9:27. We'll see.

And lastly, this article has nothing to do with prophecy but a very good read from Greg Laurie:


Marty said...

Hi All! I wanted to pass on this book info. The book is called Baptized by Blazing Fire there are 4 books you can actually read them online. These books are intense but I think is a good way to see how God will use his followers and how he trains us to strengthen our Faith in him. Although my faith is strong there are times when I doubt myself which I know we all do. I don't know what my limitations are, but I have been dealing with persecution and Yes it hurts, but by reading these books and kind words from other Christian friends I have re discovered how strong the Devil is and that I need to keep my eyes on Jesus Christ.. Just thought sharing with this great community of believers would possibly strenghthen your faith too with the obvious times that we are moving toward...

Your friend in Christ. Marty

Anonymous said...

Stocks appear to be HEADING UP
again in the new week. We will see.
going to just disappear. Far from
it. they will get WORSE.

Governments continue to have an
ENDLESS need to pacify bulls.
And yet, they add ON MORE DEBT.

What DOES THAT solve ??


Overall wave counts STILL very
bearish >>>>>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...



Since i KNOW that many on this BLOG
wonder for the answer to that...

maybe this will explain.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ally said...

So Turkey is convening NATO to discuss the aircraft shot down in international airspace. Well, there is rhe open door for mr. obummer to take action :( yeah, like its a bright idea to strike syria with the ruskies and china hanging out there.
Gotts question for you heavy prayer warriors, eso. mrs. C. Why when I pray reallt hard for someone, does satan kick my butt? What am I doing wrong? Within 24 hours of praying really hard for simeone, I ended up in the hospital at deaths door, literally. Im home now but on 2 heavy antibiotics and painkillers. I hate taking anykind of pharmaceuticals but there was no choice in this one. And trust me, I cried out to Jesus for hours for healing before my friends (who definately are not christians) came and physically carried me to their illegal car and risked all sorts of trouble to get me to the e.r. Those are good friends, arent they?
What gives here? Why is satan able to do this stuff to me? I dont think I have any secret sin or anything like that that could give him an opening.

Alice said...

Dear Sis Ally, I don't know the answers to your questions, but I WILL be lifting you in prayer to our Lord for His divine healing and protection!

SY said...

Hi Ally, sorry to hear what had happened to you. Pray, meditate on God's Word. 1 Peter 2:24, He bore our infirmities and sicknesses and by His stripes, you are healed! Claim it in Jesus name.

When we pray or do something for God, Satan is not happy. Sometimes these things happened. However, from a different perspective, it also means that you are an effective Christian and you are a threat to Satan and that is why he is trying to cause these things to happen to you so that you will lose faith and trust in God. Don't lose focus but claim His blood to protect you. If God is for me, who can be against me? Will keep you in prayer.

By the way, I had been a silent reader of this blog and enjoys everyone's posting. I learn so much from you folks. Yes. I am a watchman too. From another part of the world.

GG said...

Hi Ally~

Our message at church kind of fits what you are going through right now. It focus' on Acts 6. Speaking of the divisiveness between Stephen and those among him. Ironically, it fits many themes we have had going on here among us in the body of Christ on this forum and in our personal lives :)

Our Pastor reminded us that no-one is perfect and suffering is to be among us, especially those in the anointing of the HS. If Jesus, who was perfect, was persecuted by those whom he loved and witness to, are we to be above such happenings in these days? We who are full of sin and fall short of the glory of God? :)

He went on to remind us that we all must share in the pain and struggles together as well as the blessings and favor while we are here. For if our Lord and Savior who was without sin was attacked in so many ways, why should we use the people of the world for approval in the days that lie ahead, for they too will be capable of turning on one another. We shall work to not create a division no matter what attacks Satan may bring but focus on the value of God, Jesus and the HS and not the value of evil in all it's forms that may come against us. :)

I hope you can read that too and see what insights come to you. I found it quite enlightening on so many levels. The evil one may be attacking you because you pose a threat to him. I am not sure of your surroundings, but he may be upset that you may be a power witness in the midst of the people you are around. Hang in there, put on your armor of protection. I am praying for you.

God Bless!!


GG said...


PS...I meant to add this, we were also reminded that if our strength in Christ Jesus is strong, then the evil one will start bringing many, many areas of "emergencies" into our lives. He will do this to create stress, worry, confusion, distractions,anxieties and more so we will turn against one another too.

Hope this helps! Praise..Praise..Praise and give thanks no matter what is coming at you :)


Scott said...

Well-stated Sy - I agree (by the way, nice to see you:)

GG - as usual nails it as well. Particularly when reflecting on Jesus - who was perfect in every way, yet still endured the worst that mankind (and Satan for that matter) could dish out...Something to always remember IMO.

Ally said...

Sy and Alice-thanks so much! I don't always consider myself the greatesr Christian, but my trust and love for Jesus never waver! I may be baffled as to the "why" sometimes but I always figure I will know when I get to heaven!
I do stand on God's word! I was still standing on it while I was being dragged to the hospital lol!
Its nice to know that my prayer hurt the enemy! When any of us pray, that opens a door for God and his crew to do some serious action! I don't think anyone will be cheering louder than me when old lucifer gets rhrown into the lake of fire! He and I have some serious scores to settle.
Love you all! Jesus is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Stuff got posted while I was writing before so Thank you to Scott and GG too! I learned a long time ago when things are the worst, thats when you have to praise him! Of course, I still occasionally go thru the sniveling whiny phase first (uh oh, immaturity here!) Sometimes I do not like human suffering, mine or others! Don't worry, God will probably burn it out of me. Lol! I am so not looking forward to that-i expect that to happen somewhere between now and the Rapture! Yipes! Ow ow ow ow ow!
He knows whst he is doing! Doesn't mean I don't go kickn and screaming sometimes! And I also get a whupping to go along with it! Will I ever learn? Lol
Will he ever stop teaching me? Nope! Cuz he loves me!

Waterer said...

Dear Ally,

I am very sorry to hear of your suffering . It is our suffering too when we hear any of us are in trouble or temptation.
One thought I had in answer to your question ( and it may or may not be applicable to your situation)
Beware of any tendency to be a substitute in some one elses difficulty. In other words, Don't take it on yourself but always put it on the cross. Only Jesus can handle the distress of others. The enemy looks for this opening in our armor, when we try and be LIKE Jesus in a situation rather than only put their suffering on Him.
This happened with one of mt dearest friends in praying for her husbands infectious cough. She erroneously asked that the Lord would allow her to carry some of his pain.. In a few days she had a husky voice and was sick. SHe suddenly realized her error and asked Jesus to bear it, taking it from her. He did. We only and always take people to Him.That's all.
I pray you are healing. Your anticipation over His coming is good to read about and hope for..
in His love and ours