Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small Pieces of the Puzzle?

Occasionally you run across stories that aren't dramatically striking, but somehow they strike you as interesting in the sense that they seem significant - but for no apparent reason. Maybe its because the story could be significant in the future - a future that you may not be part of. Maybe its just a feeling that comes from the Holy Spirit.

For whatever reason, this first story just seems very interesting, but I can't exactly say why. Is it because this could represent the seat of ultimate power in the future?

Ashton chooses 12-million-a-year EU headquarters

In addition to the two main EU buildings - the parliament building which was designed to look like the Tower of Babel, and the Council building which has the well-known large metallic sculpture of the "Woman on the Beast", we now have this building which will house the EU's new diplomatic service, also known as "The European External Action Service" [EEAS].

One could call it "The Foreign Policy" building. We just discussed the newly formed border control group, or Rabit-s, which will be sent to various places in order to control disputed or difficult to control borders link here. Now this:

"After consultations with member states, the European Parliament and the European Commission, the high representative/vice-president Catherine Ashton has decided that the European External Action Service should be housed in the so-called Axa/Triangle building as this proves to be the most cost-efficient and effective solution," her spokesman, Darren Ennis told this website on Wednesday (27 October).

The European External Action Service [EEAS] is to be formally launched on 1 December at a ceremony in the lobby of the Axa building, which is already home to the EU institutions' recruitment service, EPSO, and a handful of coffee and sandwich shops.

EUobserver understands that Ms Ashton aims to sign the contract in the coming weeks and to start moving in staff in early 2011 with a view to being fully installed by April.

EEAS secretary general, Pierre Vimont, will start work on the same day. Its budget and personnel chief, David O'Sullivan, will start on 15 November, but the pair will initially sit next to Ms Ashton's existing office on the 12th floor of the commission's headquarters, the Berlaymont building, across the road from the Axa bloc.

Perhaps this is unsettling because it formalizes the group who may ultimately be responsible for confirming a covenant in Israel and "securing" its borders. Perhaps this is unsettling because familiarity with prophecy gives us information on the horrors and bloodshed which will take place during the Tribulation and the draconian persecution of Christians and Jews. Will such decisions be made by this group from this location? Perhaps its unsettling because we are watching the growth of the end times Roman Empire, and we know exactly where it will lead - and it leads to a very dark place. Revelation 6-18 gives the full description of the nightmare known as the Tribulation.

Who knows.

Also of interest is yet another "rare" earthquake, or also known as an earthquake in a "diverse" place. We've already seen three unusual earthquakes in the heartland of America - and now this:

Rare earthquake in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta puzzles experts

It was a small earthquake, measuring just 3.1 on the Richter scale, but its location in the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has experts buzzing.

The Oct. 15 quake was centered 7 miles northwest of Lathrop, on Union Island. No faults are known to exist in that area, where earthquakes are rare.

"It was a surprise to us," said Jack Boatwright, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park who is studying the quake. "There's something down there that we don't know about."

The temblor could offer new insights on safety issues in the Delta, where concerns about flood protection and water quality during a major quake have been growing. It is also a reminder that many mysteries lurk below ground – even in California, a nucleus of earthquake research.

Again, neither of these stories are dramatic or even headlines worthy - perhaps they are just small pieces to the large prophetic puzzle. But sometimes the Holy Spirit whispers softly, and this may be one of those occasions.


Joe Agnello said...

Scott, here's another piece of the puzzle moving into place for you: . There is no doubt that Rome is getting stronger. Amazing.


Scott said...

Joe - thanks for the link --- I see this as yet another stepping stone. And what surprises me, is the fact that some Europeans still express surprise that they have lost their sovereignty. What did they expect after the Lisbon Treaty was signed?

Joe Agnello said...

It's the whole frog in the kettle thing - kind of happening here too. We know it can't be stopped because of God's Word, but it's amazing to watch so many people sit by completely unaware that the kettle is starting to boil, and then to be surprised when they finally see it.