Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EU to deploy "Border Patrols"

As mentioned before, I have always felt that the covenant of Daniel 9:27, which is "confirmed" by the antichrist, will involve some kind of "peace-keeping" military forces in order to make the covenant hold. The basis for this is simply the fact that previous attempts at peace deals in the Middle East rapidly dissolved as violence ensued.

The only way to "confirm" any peace deal will be to have some kind of international border control forces in the region. This leads to the obvious conclusion that the antichrist will somehow preside over such forces. Combining that with the fact that the antichrist will arise from the revived Roman Empire (once it morphs into the 10 Kings phase) - then any time we see the EU begin to send "border patrols" into a region is highly interesting.

Now we see the beginnings of this process:

EU to deploy armed patrols at Greek-Turkish border

The EU is to deploy border patrols in Greece in a bid to stop the increasingly high numbers of irregular migrants crossing over from Turkey, days after Athens was criticised by the United Nations over its "appalling" conditions for detainees.

Following a request from the Greek government, the EU will deploy its Rapid Border Intervention Teams (Rabit-s) for the first time since their creation in 2007.

"Rapid Border Intervention Teams" ? This is a new one. Created in 2007? Deployed "for the first time"?

I believe this is highly significant. First of all, the EU very quietly formed these so-called "teams" - very much under the radar. That is interesting. Secondly, could these forces be called upon to keep border control over newly formed borders in Israel and a Palestinian state?

Drawn from the member states' "national reserve" put at the disposal of Frontex, the EU's border control agency, the Rabit-s are mandated to observe national and EU law and will be embedded with Greek border patrols.

The Rabit-s have authorisation to access Greek databases and "when necessary, use force." They are authorised to carry their service weapons and national uniform, but will wear a blue armband with the EU and Frontex logo.

Ms Malmstrom said that she expected "proper assistance to be given to all person crossing the border and that the request for international protection will be considered, in full compliance with EU and international standards."

It gets better. Now we see that the UN called for the use of these forces. Wow:

Last week, the United Nations also called on the EU to do more to lighten the migrant burden on Greece, which it said has "catastrophic" conditions for detainees.

In 2008, 50 percent of irregular migrants arrested in the EU were detained in Greek prisons, but in the first eight months of 2010 the figure rose to 90 percent, the UN said. The detention conditions, as described by UN's special investigator on torture and cruel treatment, are "inhuman and degrading ... appalling ... dysfunctional."

So now we have established a precedent for the UN calling upon the EU to provide border control in a questionable region.

This is a first and it is highly significant - not only on a symbolic basis, but on a practical basis.

Is this foreshadowing of the future?
Could the UN call upon EU peacekeeping forces in and around Israel?

This scenario seems highly likely. And if this DOES happen, we need to watch VERY CLOSELY who would lead such forces from the EU - or who would be responsible for making such an agreement. After all, this may be the mechanism of "confirming the covenant" as called for, by the antichrist in Daniel's prophecy.

More "road paving" for the prophetic future. If this exercise is successful, it will become a model for future border disputes - you can bet on that. And we know that the ultimate border dispute will be in Israel.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

Please read the following link.

Rev. Jacob Prasch of Ariel Ministries has written an open letter to the Baptist Mission in the U.K. which can be read at the ‘Moriel’ link.


As it also includes U.S. Christians, you may be glad to know about this situation?

I have sent my own email of protest to them, as others in the U.K. are doing. My protest is as follows:

Dear bro / sister

Re: Recent Alex Awad Article on 'Christians in Palestine'

I am writing to give my whole hearted support of Rev. Jacob Prasch regarding the incredibly inaccurate portrayal of the tragic Israel/Palestine situation.

To say I am shocked by the appalling misrepresentation of the truth, aided and abetted by the Baptist Mission, is as big an understatement that I can make. I feel sorrowful and grieved that Christians can take a part in perpetuating this wicked falsehood. It has been said that if a lie is repeated often enough, it will be believed to be the truth. This blatant; re-writing of the history of ‘Palestine’, is one such extremely venomous oft repeated lie.

A competent lady journalist set out to write about the ‘civil rights’ and general abuse of the so called ‘Palestinians’ who had allegedly be kicked out of ‘their’ ancient land by ‘invading Jews’. Her resulting research into official documents from the British mandate, grew from an article, into a book as this lady was staggered by the obvious deception being perpetrated by the PLO who made vain efforts to destroy what has become an exposure of their lies.

That book NEEDS to be read by all persons in the Baptist Mission and is readily available on line. “To understand the present, we need to understand the past”.

“From Time Immemorial – The Origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine by Joan Peters.

Harper and Rowe; Perennial Library; Harper Torchbooks.

ISBN 0-9636242-0-2

Respectfully; your sister in Christ Jesus

Susan Jakeway (Mrs).

Expected Imminently said...


I can't be sure, but I suspect this is what I wrote about a short while ago. This Rapid Deployment force has just been re-located to Innsworth Gloucester from its previous site in Germany.



Expected Imminently said...

No, I am wrong, they are part of NATO and called Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. ARRC;
not RABIT.

Maybe there is a link? They did have rabbits on the Ark; ‘praps they will allude to other creatures for other deployments e.g. Further Exploration for the Redeployment of Extra Terrestrials. FERET. ;)


Scott said...

Many thanks for those links - I'll go to those tonight - they sound quite interesting.

That was a potent letter - well done - I need to see those links for context, but I get the gist. Turning churches against Israel...I don't know how anybody who is reading the Bible can be "against" Israel in ANY way.
Before I started studying prophecy, I had no feelings towards Israel, good or bad. Israel just wasn't a factor in my mind at all. Now, understanding the Bible in far more depth with the added benefit of prophecy, it is SO EASY to see how God feels about Israel, and NOW - defending Israel certainly pleases God, and thats why we are here in the first place :)

Scott said...

Just read the article and the response - that response should be framed and read daily!

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

In case you are interested; JP is speaking on 'Deception in the Church'. He is a New Yorker but we have adopted him and are grateful for his outspoken stance.