Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lebanon Transformed: A Hizbullah Nation

That is the title of a new article from Israel International News:

Lebanon Transformed: A Hizbullah Nation, Iranian Proxy

Of course, this is relatively old news to prophecy watchers but it is good that the truth is getting more and more publicity.

A new Hizbullah country seems to be developing in place of the sovereign nation of Lebanon, and its population is preparing for another war with Israel.

Hizbullah may be feeling particularly bold due to the impending arrival of its prime patron, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is set to arrive October 13 on his first state visit to the country since entering office in 2005.

A significant faction of Hizbullah-linked legislators plays a major role in the country’s parliament, with several ministers included in the cabinet as well. More to the point, Iran’s role in the Beirut government and the country’s infrastructure, through its links with Hizbullah, should not be underestimated.

Iranian money has financed reconstruction projects in Lebanon, including a set of multi-million dollar apartment complexes

A network of new roads honeycombing southern Lebanon and connecting Hizbullah-linked border villages with interior communities was also designed and paid for by Iran.

Hizbullah and the Lebanese Army have essentially merged into one seamless unit, with the Lebanese government asserting its support for Hizbullah’s right to bear arms, and the terrorist group asserting its right to “defend” Lebanon.

That leads up to the present situation, which includes Ahmadinejad's upcoming visit to Lebanon:

Now the Iranian president is coming to see the results of his investment – and his protégés are eager to please him

Ahmadinejad will tour several major Hizbullah installations, and will meet with the terrorist group’s chief, Hassan Nasrallah, as well as with all of Lebanon’s top officials, including the president, prime minister and parliamentary speaker.

The Iranian leader has also vowed to visit Lebanon’s border with Israel and hurl rocks at IDF soldiers from across the security fence, as a gesture of defiance towards the Jewish State.

Now the article moves on to review Hezbollah's influence in the region and the preparations for war:

Hizbullah Honeycombs the South:

The terrorist organization has infiltrated most, if not all, of the towns and villages in the southern region of the country, building a comprehensive, integrated network of weapons facilities and other military infrastructure.

Hizbullah has been digging tunnels, preparing communications infrastructure and making other preparations for war since the end of the previous conflict, according to an officer in the IDF Northern Command.

The group is placing its military positions, weapons and explosive charges next to schools and hospitals in order to maximize civilian casualties in any future conflict with Israel, thus creating a public relations nightmare for the Jewish State.

For years, Hizbullah has stockpiled mortars, missiles and other arms in the buildings of quiet villages nestled in the hills of southern Lebanon. The IDF is aware of the strategy and has marked the targets in anticipation of any future conflict.

NATO submarines spent months watching the Syrian coastline as ships smuggled weapons to the terrorist entity, including dozens of military vehicles and the high-powered Scud missiles, which can easily strike Tel Aviv from Beirut. Satellite images of one Hizbullah complex, located near the Syrian town of Adra, northwest of Damascus, allegedly revealed shelters, weapons and a fleet of trucks presumably ready to be used to transfer the ordnance.

They are armed and ready for war - there is no doubting that. Its only a matter of time.

Then, turning to the south, we see the following:

Terrorists Resume Kassam Attacks

Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza resumed rocket attacks on Israeli civilians Wednesday afternoon, firing two missiles. One of them struck the separation-security barrier and the second one landed in an open agricultural field.

More than 150 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israeli civilians since the beginning of 2010, and more than 440 rockets were fired at Israel since the end of Operation Cast Lead.

And next:

IAF Gaza Strikes Wound 4 Terrorists

Four terrorists were wounded in IAF air strikes before dawn Thursday morning as Israeli fighter jets attacked three targets in Gaza in retaliation for a Kassam rocket attack launched from the region Wednesday.

The F-16 warplanes fired missiles at a Hamas police station in northern Gaza City, a training camp for Hamas terrorists and an empty area south of the city, according to media sources.

The violence continues in the south, with the array of missile attacks, but somehow the northern border seems more ominous. Perhaps it is the vast array of weapons. Perhaps it is the relative quiet that has been seen on the northern border, yet the alliances with Syria and Iran, and the increasing rhetoric that is unnerving. One wonders if the missile strikes coming from Gaza are simply a diversion from the northern border. Perhaps it is Ezekiel's version of the Gog-MaGog battle which informs us that the attack comes from "the far north".

Either way, it is probably a good eye to keep one eye on the Gaza border and its ongoing missile strikes, but close observation of the northern border seems warranted as well. It will also be very interesting to watch any events which may occur during and after Ahmadinejad's visit which is now only a week away.

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hello :)
im not very familiar with this whole hizbula people group..why are they terrorist?I heard they were defending lebanon against israel or am i mistaken? or something about freeing jerusalem and helping palestinians go back home no?
that makes them the nice dudes no?
thx :)