Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Answer

Palestinian official: PA will never recognize Israel as Jewish state

Doesn't that say it all?

We now have the answer to Netanyahu's request that the PA simply recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" in order to proceed with the peace talks. And that answer is a resounding "NO".

What is the point of continuing so-called peace talks in the face of this predictable development? How do you make "peace" when one side refuses to recognize your very existence?

It is looking more and more like the aftermath of "Gog-MaGog" will be the ONLY way a peace deal is forged in the Middle East - following the epic destruction of the Islamic groups surrounding Israel and their subsequent weakened state - not to mention the hand of God being revealed during this process.

Quotes from this article as found in Haaretz:

The Palestinian Authority will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, senior Palestinian officials said on Tuesday, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed to freeze settlement construction in exchange for that condition.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that demand could never be accepted, while his colleague Nabil Sha'ath added that the government in Ramallah would not tolerate a partial construction freeze and that the moratorium must also be applied in East Jerusalem.

This is an interesting development. Although prophecy watchers have known about this for years, it is now exposed for the world to see.

In my opinion, we Christians will not be on earth long enough to see a peace deal "confirmed". Although we may see such a covenant agreed/signed (doubtful but possible) - we won't be around to see whatever confirmation process is involved. I have always speculated that confirmation can only be achieved by having "peace-keeping" military forces in the region, but perhaps there are other factors involved in the confirming of the covenant, over and beyond the simple agreement/signing aspect.

These developments seem to confirm that speculation.


hartdawg said...

the peace-loving PAs said NO!??! when did this happen? so we FINALLY got our answer, i was wondering what that would be. well i finally know. somewhat should alert our administration.

Scott said...

Another article to follow Hart - looks like the "peace talks" are officially over.