Monday, October 18, 2010

International "Uproar" over Jerusalem Building

International Uproar Over Jerusalem Building Approvals

Of course. Remember, this whole thing - almost everything we observe in the Middle East comes down to the destruction of Israel and in the process, gaining control of Jerusalem. This scenario is also highly prophetic according to the prophet Zechariah:

France, Russia and the U.S. are calling on Israel to freeze construction in all areas of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority for its hoped-for state.

The French Foreign Ministry expressed “deep disappointment” Saturday over a municipal decision to move ahead with the sale of 240 plots of land in the neighborhoods of Ramot and Pisgat Ze'ev. Both neighborhoods are located on the northern edge of the capital.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero expressed concern that the approval of the tenders would damage chances of renewing direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “France calls on the Israeli government to reconsider the decision,” he said.

Valero's statement echoed a similar statement made Friday by U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, who said the Obama administration was “disappointed by the announcement of new tenders... It is contrary to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties.”

Russia also stated its displeasure over Jerusalem's decision to move ahead with plans to build more housing for its residents.

No concerns over the missiles coming into Israel from Gaza?
No outcry over Syrian shipment of chemical missiles to Hezbollah?
No condemnation over Ahmadinejad's recent calls for the destruction of Israel?

No? Nothing?

Zechariah saw this day coming. God will judge these nations - that too, is clear. After the epic battle of Gog-MaGog, there won't be much left of those groups in the Middle East who so passionately hate Israel and pray to Allah for its destruction.

And after this epic battle, the doors will be open to a peace covenant. Unfortunately, that "deal" will be confirmed by the antichrist. And we know the rest of that story (hint: Revelation 6-18).


hartdawg said...

hey, i gotta question and i`d like your thoughts on, its on on prophecy but i`d like your opinion, i have a non-christian friend (19yrs old) who makes no pretense about not being a christian. he,s up for me taking him to a church. here`s the thing, the church tho theologically sound is very seeker-sensitive, its the only one he`ll go to and furthermore one reason he goes is cuz there are hot girls. do i still take him and see it as at least he`s going and hears something and pray for God to do something?

Scott said...

Well, if thats the only place he'll go - its far far better than nothing. People come to Christ in so many ways - even if its for the girls :)
Who knows what message might be taken to heart - at least with this church the Word is being put before him (well, hopefully anyway) - and maybe he'll meet a Christian girl who can take him to the cross. Of course. ultimately, only Jesus can do it.

So I'd take him and pray about it - as you are doing.

hartdawg said...

ya...its kinda what i thought. even tho i`m adamently against seeker-sensitive churches at least a foot would be in the door.